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- 120 Hour TEFL Qualification
- 5 months’ practical teaching experience
- Orientation in major Chinese city & full support throughout
- Accommodation and weekday meals
- Group Size: 100+
- Mandarin lessons
- 2,000RMB (US$260 / £200) monthly living allowance
- 2,500RMB (US$320 / £250) completion bonus

What's Included
Accommodation Some Activities Airport Transfers Some Meals Wifi
Dec 19, 2019
Mar 29, 2014
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About Program

From tasty cuisine and colorful festivals to ancient temples and the Great Wall, China has an abundance of culture to immerse yourself in. When you join the China TEFL Internship, you’ll join a huge network of TEFL teachers going to teach in China. You’ll be fully TEFL trained before you go so you feel totally prepared by the time you touchdown in China. You’ll get the perfect chance to put all your TEFL skills to the test as well as learn all about Chinese customs, the language, history and a whole lot more during the time in this incredible country.

There are amazing teaching placements located across China giving you a great base to see as much of this country as possible. And with a generous living allowance during your stay, you’ve got the perfect excuse to get out there and explore it! There’s no danger of you getting bored – so why not visit the Terracotta Warriors, climb the mountains of Huangshan or take a cruise up the Huangpu River in Shanghai!

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How does the TEFL Internship work?

When you book your internship program through i-to-i you'll get the best of both worlds; first class TEFL training and an established in-country support team. As soon as you arrive in China, the in-country team will be there to greet you and help you get settled in to your host country. You'll then be taken to meet the other teachers, see the local sights and begin your TEFL training.

You'll not only get chance to see the sights of a major Chinese city through a 1 week orientation, you'll also get an epic 4.5 months of hands-on teaching experience, an allowance of 2000RMB (US$260 / £200) per month, a 2500RMB (US$320 / £250) bonus upon contract completion and the opportunity to go keep on traveling after you've finished your internship.

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  • Housing 8.2
  • Safety 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life in China

Coming to China would be without a doubt a challenge, but with the internship a lot of these challenges are manageable. Being placed with people means that you will experience these difficulties together and of course make life long friends and experience the good times! This is what made the internship appealing to me. I was going to be placed with other interns and I would have my accommodation waiting for me. If I didn't have these things, coming to China would have been a whole different story. Also five months is not long at all-time flies in China. It was such a new experience for me that it was good to only commit to something for five months rather than twelve in-case I really did not like it. I am so much more open minded now. I would advise anybody to just go for it, don't be scared to go alone and just be ready to experience some amazing and crazy times! Teaching can be tiring and difficult sometimes but it is a rewarding job. I was placed with high school students and it can be difficult. Sixteen year olds all over the world still tend to have their 'bad days' lets say!. I was also placed in a somewhat rural area with no foreigners which was difficult at first to find places to go/things to do. However, it made it more fun in ways-my placement partner and I ended up having the best Chinese and South Korean friends. I would advise people to come to China who are in any way open minded or willing to experience a new culture. Go for it!

What would you improve about this program?
Apartment wasn't clean. I feel it should be left clean for new teachers for obviously hygiene purposes and it's a little rude to welcome new people into a dirty apartment in any culture I think!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Jinan

I have really enjoyed teaching TEFL in China. I teach high school (15-18 years old) and I've loved every lesson. I have been a teacher in the UK for some time, but have never had the job satisfaction quite like I feel here. The staff at the school are some of the nicest people I've met and the local people have all been very welcoming and made me feel at home. I have naturally had some minor issues, but with the help of the staff at Love TEFL I have resolved any problems quickly and to my satisfaction.

What would you improve about this program?
I don't have any complaints about Love TEFL. They are a very personable and effective service who genuinely care about the teachers on their programme.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Work hard, play hard, enjoy China!

From the beginning of the whole LoveTefl process I have been impressed by the obvious passion, knowledge and dedication of the team, after some unavoidable problems their hard work secured a placement and just 5 months later I'm now sitting in my spacious, furnished apartment in China writing this review.
Living and working in China isn't easy, but who wants that? It's hard work... the language barrier, the food, the traffic and sheer volume of people is something to get used to, but when you have it is immensely enjoyable and satisfying.
Teaching a foreign language to pre school children is very challenging, and sometimes it doesn't all go to plan, but with effort, enthusiasm and perseverance it is well worth it. The School is a bright, happy energetic place with caring and helpful teachers and good facilities for the teacher and student. Teaching materials are good but a touch of creativity and imagination from yourself can make them even better. The best thing about the job and the whole experience are obviously the children, they laugh, jump, sing, shout and..wet themselves sometimes, but at the end of the day or week or month when they can speak a little bit of a new language, it's all worth it.
Outside of school you have China to enjoy, at first the sheer volume of people, the crazy food (chicken head kebab anyone?) and the scale of the place might be a bit daunting, but with a bit of patience and an open mind it's yours to enjoy. I just got back from the Great Wall on the weekend, ever thought of doing that? Well if your adventurous, open minded, hard working and don't mind if things don't run like clockwork then you could be here doing all of this and more. Apply now!

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Yes, I recommend this program

This Is China...

Ni Hao! As my boss Rich always says "This Is China" - meaning pretty much anything can happen, anytime, anywhere, any place and to anybody! You have to prepare for the unexpected. Nothing is as easy as 1-2-3 here. You've really got to be able to adapt to change quicker than you can say abracadabra! Regardless of all of the ups and downs and mishaps China is AWESOME! I love it! LoveTEFL have done an amazing job with our placement in Inner Mongolia. Yes I said it Inner Mongolia. Where's that you say? China or Mongolia? It's China alright but with a heavy Mongolian influence. It's the best of both worlds. Everything is so different and there's two languages everywhere you go. The dialect and accent are far different from the Mandarin of Beijing and even more so from the Cantonese of the South. Hohhot! Hūhéhàotè, Huhehot or even Huhhot as many people call it something different everyday is a fast paced, exciting city that has countless restaurants and Korean BBQ's that are to die for. There's high class shopping centres right down to back street markets. Prices are dead cheap. A 40-minute taxi can cost as little as 30 RMB and that's £3! WOW! Two people can eat 5 different dishes and have some amazing Chinese tea for only £2.30 each. Nowhere in England can you get it as cheap as that. And there's leftovers to take home. Our school is fantastic and the children are generally lovely. We only work weekends and two classes on evening during the week! Amazing or what? 10 classes a day on Saturday and Sunday are a killer, but the partying on Sunday night more than makes up for it all. Baijui is another killer! It's the Tequila of Hohhot but 10 times worse! Prepare your throat to be burned to death and your head to be seriously banging in the morning! Well I have to go teach...Zaijian!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The perfect package

The I to I program has changed my life. In the UK, I had no prospects and no opportunities because of the dire state of the economy, so I decided to review my options. The I to I teaching program popped up and I was immediately enticed.
The staff were very professional and helpful, my placement was excellent (I worked in a Kindergarten teaching the cutest kids!) and I have met countless amazing people. The initial two week training period was a mixture of in depth lessons, culture classes (including Tai Chi and calligraphy) and all out fun with organised tours, meals and social events. I definitely got more than my money's worth!
I now plan to stay in China long term, and this life changing experience I owe to I to I.

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