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Aug 23, 2019
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In Kerala, improve your CV and future job opportunities by addressing economic and gender disparities in India through community development projects. These include; supporting workshops that encourage men and boys to talk about gender issues, assisting with the improvement of girls literacy skills, contributing to the English language skills of local youth, and assisting children and adults in self-care WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) routines.

GVI measures all impact against the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and has a strict Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy in place to ensure ethical best practices.

In your free time, take a boat cruise along Kerala’s beautifully scenic backwaters, made up of a network of rivers, lagoons, and lakes. With palm-lined jungle greenery, and an ever-changing horizon, it is a peaceful and inspiring sight to behold.

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Program Highlights

  • Develop cross-cultural skills and become a global citizen with a greater perspective and understanding of social and environmental issues around the world.
  • Gain practical skills in health education, conducting workshops for economic growth, and teaching. You will learn how to facilitate and create lesson plans, while also having the opportunity to start learning a different language.
  • Contribute directly to the 17 UN SDGs, and learn about volunteering ethically and sustainably.
  • Meet people from around the world with various cultural backgrounds, and connect with local community members.
  • Develop skills in your chosen career path, and improve your future job opportunities with hands-on experience.

Popular Programs

Interns leading a group of children in exercises in India

Through ethical best practices, and GVI’s Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy, you can provide valuable assistance to local teachers and educational programs. These programs include the development of resources for classes, and life-skills based, health awareness education initiatives that encourage youth development. This is also an opportunity to take language classes, explore the Keralan backwaters, meet other international participants and develop cross-cultural skills.


Наши ученые разрабатывали Сусталайф 4 года. Перед нами стояла задача — разработать препарат такого уровня, который максимально усвоится организмом и, следовательно, будет максимально эффективным. И мы нашли решение — разработали препарат в виде капсул в активной среде.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Program for Personal Growth and Incredible Fun

In the summer of 2016 I spent six weeks with GVI working in Kerala, India. We had three different service projects: teaching computer skills to women's self-help groups, working at a relief settlement, and teaching a gender equality class to middle school aged children. Each of these projects taught me something different, presented new challenges, and helped me to see the beauty of the place that I was in. This program helped me to escape my comfort zone, showed me that I love working with people and taught me a lot about responsible community engagement. GVI itself is an incredible program. They really emphasize sustainable community development by asking and providing what the community needs and wants. The different projects change with each group that comes in, so if you participate in this program you probably won't do the exact same thing as I did!
The program also provides plenty of opportunity for personal learning - through discussions of culture, history, and language - and personal and group reflection. The accommodations, food, and excursions were incredible and really make the trip an unforgettable experience. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to broaden their cultural and personal horizons.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
The most nerve racking thing on this trip was the first couple volunteering days when we didn't really know what to expect, yet had to communicate with the participants in our projects without being able to speak the same language, especially at the relief settlement. We quickly had to learn to use non-verbal communication to understand and effectively volunteer with the people. This was outside of my comfort zone because it meant we had to really let go of our inhibitions; however, it ended up becoming one of the biggest growth experiences for me on the trip.
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Response from GVI

Hey Lucy, thanks for your great review! I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your time with us as much as you did. Your hard work and efforts have certainly impacted this project in a meaningful way. Please do keep on spreading your love for GVI. And obviously, we would love to see you back on base soon!

Yes, I recommend this program

Kerala India GVI Program

I was only a participant for 2 weeks but in those 2 weeks I was able to experience and accomplish so much. I instantly fell in love with the culture of India and felt so at home on the GVI base. Participating in the construction program really allowed me to feel fulfilled and ready to do more, even though it was hard work, seeing the finished project and knowing that it would be sustained by the local community, made all the pain, exhaustion and sweat worth it. The worst part of this experience is actually when it comes time to leave, I definitely did not want to and I miss all the volunteers I was able to meet and share life with for 2 weeks. The upside is now I have even more opportunities to continue volunteering with GVI and know that I will always be welcomed back to Kerala.

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Response from GVI

Hey Marnie, thanks for your review! I'm thrilled to hear you had such a positive experience with us and enjoyed your time on base as much as you did. We'd love to have you back on base sometime soon!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Amazing Adventure

As someone who has not done this type of adventure before, I was quite hesitant to sign up. My concerns were quickly put to rest by the amazing staff team here. I have felt safe my entire trip and the local area is spectacular. The project cites are amazing and I feel as if as well as having a good time I have made a difference during my time here.Teaching each day is hard work, but seeing the students starting to grasp the concepts we were teaching was very rewarding. This opportunity has allowed me to grow and has changed some of my perspectives. This has been an adventure I will always remember.

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Response from GVI

Hey Cassandra, thanks for your review! I'm thrilled to hear you had such a positive experience with us and enjoyed your time on base as much as you did. We'd love to have you back on base sometime soon!

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