Jiwa Damai: Educational Retreat in Bali

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Welcome at Jiwa Damai Bali
Welcome at Jiwa Damai Bali
Happy planting at Jiwa Damai Bali
Happy planting at Jiwa Damai Bali
Meditation area at Jiwa Damai Bali
Meditation area at Jiwa Damai Bali


Jiwa Damai was created as a unique place for students from all over the world to study what they are passionate about. Whether it's permaculture, yoga, holistic medicine, psychology, marketing or business management, we want to encourage students to use our retreat center as their personal classroom. Students are invited to create their own internship programs under the guidance of international experts in their fields.

"I recommend this place to everyone who want to learn more about permaculture and sustainable living. Who is ready to transform, get inspired and immerse into Balinese culture. I had so much fun and gained so much knowledge! I couldn’t wish for a better place for my internship." Jana

"The special thing about Jiwa Damai internship is that you can choose on what you would like to work. Could be permaculture projects in the garden or a personal life shift/career shift. And you still have the daily supervision and support." Marie

  • Unique setting at Jiwa Damai's agro-permaculture center in the heart of Bali. 4 hectares of lush vegetation in a tranquil environment that you can use for your research.
  • Ability to create your own program. Whatever you want to study, we will help you craft your research to where you can utilize all of the available resources to both your benefit and ours.
  • Daily yoga and meditation courses are offered to interns at no additional costs. Depending on the number of interns, guests and volunteers this could mean private yoga and meditation instruction.
  • You have the chance to build personal relationships with the Balinese staff and other volunteers and interns from all over the world.
  • Our location in the middle of Bali makes it easy and affordable to travel around the island on your off days and really experience what life in Bali is like.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship at Jiwa Damai

During my six weeks long internship at Jiwa Damai I was focusing on psychological self- exploration to deepen personal growth and self-development. My project included a five dimensional approach: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and nutrition. Through tools such as heart-meditation, yoga , running and garden work to get in touch with the earth, I was able to explore and experience myself in new ways. I received excellent guidance and supervision throughout the whole time of my internship from Dr. Margret Rueffler, a transpersonal psychologist. I am greatly satisfied with my internship. I didn't expect such deep personal growth to take place and I feel that this internship has been a great opportunity to expand my horizon and will be a huge benefit for my future.

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing! It was great!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Internship I've ever done

I spent 6 weeks at Jiwa Damai doing an internship program I need for my studies in physical geography to the University in Germany.
It was a very strong experience - from developing my project and applying it in the permaculture garden to all the other aspects I learned about: All in all it was quite an important experience and a learning on many different levels: climate, local culture, tropical environment, permaculture, working with people from Bali, England, America very mixed up. Another benefit that Jiwa Damai offers: yoga in the morning and heart meditation in the evening. It kept me fit during the time of the internship and stabilised/supported my mind by adapting and processing that which had confronted me. All of this learning was in addition to the skills I gained in relation to the hospitality industry.
Margret and Stephanie done great supervision and Made - the kitchen fairy cooked themoste delicious meals with our garden vegetables.