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Experience Italy with the award winning Global Experiences internships in Florence. Interns in Florence can take advantage of all the beautiful history around them, as well as enhance their resume to reflect newly acquired skills in an international workplace. In Florence, Global Experiences interns will develop their language skills in Italian and gain a global perspective while enjoying all that Tuscany has to offer.

Global Experiences allows its participants to understand their careers of choice with internships that are specifically matched with one-on-one consultation. Florence is full of opportunities in fashion, event planning, journalism, marketing, business administration, and other exciting fields. Global Experiences offers support and years of experience to make your internship in Florence unforgettable.

  • Personalized Attention: We work with you on a personal level to understand your career interests and internship goals. Starting from the first phone call to the end of your internship, we offer you individualized support to give you all the resources you
  • Immersion Language Classes: For the first few weeks of the program you will take part in immersion-style Italian courses to help jumpstart your internship experience in Florence
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your professional documents, prepare you for an interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Local Staff and Social Events: Our Location Coordinator lives in Florence year-round and provide interns with an insider's glimpse of the city. The Location Coordinator is there to provide 24/7 emergency support and host all of the interns
  • Guaranteed Internship: That means not having to worry about your future plans for the summer, fall, or spring or the quality of the internship. With an internship with Global Experiences we will work on your behalf to find a high-quality internship

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Hi Mandie! There are plenty of Advertising and Marketing internships available in Florence. I myself did a marketing internship abroad there for a Tuscan wine touring company, and my roommate did her Advertising internship with a student travel company. My placement was very English friendly and was a great opportunity to learn Italian as well. Your options (and English friendly placement...
Hi Danielle! Many of our GE interns and alumni have graduated college before going on their internships abroad. In Florence, Italy and many of our other global cities, you can be visa eligible to intern abroad without needing to be a current student. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator
Hi Grace! Airfare is not included in your program tuition. Janissa had great advice to book early and look for the cheapest and shortest flight. We have a partnership with STA Travel, who can offer student discounts and deposit options. Hope that this helps! - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator
Hi Coty! Many of our GE interns and alumni have graduated college before going on their internships abroad. In Florence, Italy and many of our other global cities, you can be visa eligible to intern abroad without needing to be a current student. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator


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  • Housing 9.6
  • Safety 9.8
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Great Program in an Awesome City

My experience in Florence through Global Experiences was great. I had never left the country before this trip and was a bit nervous as expected. GE was really helpful in not only preparing me, but in placing me with my employer and providing on-the-ground assistance. I was matched with a student travel agency where I was a communications intern. GE was great with preparing me for my interview. I got to experience real life office environment, the flow of communication between employees, overcoming challenging tasks and the overall camaraderie of a workplace. Aside from all of this was the intimidating language barrier and cultural differences. I definitely came back to the states more confident in my abilities. Another cool thing about GE were the trips included in the program cost. We saw some beautiful regions of Italy. I also made some great friends from the housing GE provided. We all spent a lot of time together in class, exploring the city and museums , checking out nightlife, the awesome culinary scene and just relaxing after work. I really had an unforgettable experience in Florence.

How can this program be improved?
It took a while for me to get placed with my employer once I arrived in Europe. The match was fine, it was just a bit of a waiting game.
Yes, I recommend
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Fun,Challenging, Exciting and Life Changing

When I first became part of GE's 3-month internship program in Florence, I was not sure what to expect. Of course I was excited, scared and unsure of my future.... however, when I arrived I knew I chose the right path. My apartment was right in the center of town with roommates from around the world (who were all in the same boat as I was). My internship was so great that I even returned and worked for the company a few years later. Who would have thought I could do event planning overseas! Before heading to Florence I never would have expected to call a foreign country home. Don't miss this chance. With the support of the GE staff you can have a fun stress free experience you will not regret!

Yes, I recommend


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