Internship in Malta - Amazing professional experience abroad

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Malta is the perfect place to do an internship abroad : sunny island, influenced by the UK, English speaking country, considered as tax heaven it is the perfect place for companies to make business and for you to get an incredible professional experience.

Just tell us about the internship of your dreams : Business management internship, finance / accounting, international trade, import/export, Marketing internship, Human resources, recruitment, sales, business development, Event organization, IT, design, web/app development etc.
Then, we will take care of everything for your : organization of the interviews, coaching before the interviews, signature of your internship agreement, booking of your accommodation, organization of afterwork, activities, dinners etc.

  • Quality internship (forget about being the student who makes coffee all day)
  • Take it easy! We take care of everything for your : CV review, interviews, agreement, accommodation etc.
  • Our agents are professional recruiters but they are also super friendly and always there to answer all your questions

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