Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Internship

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict program is an informative program that provides education and was created to inform you about one of the most complicated conflicts in recent history. The program is designed to give you a better understanding of the conflict and provide you with actual experience from the ground.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict program is an optimal opportunity to learn for those who have basic knowledge of the conflict in Palestine; those who have heard about the conflict, but they don’t know what is really going on in reality. This program will make you more aware about the situation in Palestine, you will be able to experience daily Palestinian life, face the checkpoints yourself and meet members of the community who have many stories to tell and give an insight to the conflict and how they see the future.

  • This program focuses on three aspects: Theoretical, Practical, Linguistic and Social
  • Your guide will speak fluent English.
  • You will meet conflict experts and professors in history and politics, as well as officials from governmental and non-governmental institutions who work in this feild.
  • All participants will receive three hours of Palestinian spoken Arabic language lessons per week.
  • You will meet with the Palestinian people who live in areas within the city of Hebron that are under Israeli control named “H1”

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Yes, I recommend this program

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and Human Rights Internship!

My name is Jasmine and I am Italian, but I live in London and I am studying International Relations. My studies specialise in the Middle East and U.S. relations with Israel and the Middle East, so I was very motivated to come to Hebron to learn more about Israeli human rights abuses and how the occupation is affecting Palestinians.

I also wanted to learn more about the Israel-Palestinian conflict as well as human rights issues in Palestine from my own perspective. Hebron in particular, is a very important city to understand more about the conflict as Hebron is completely divided into two part: H1 and H2. H1 being controlled by the Palestinians and H2 being controlled by the Israelis.

In your own time, I would recommend visiting H2 to see what life is like inside an Israeli settlement. It is a very eerie environment, filled with a disproportionate amount of heavily armed soldiers for the settlers and you can use your time there to learn about life for the remaining Palestinians living in H2 and how they deal with harassment from the Israelis.

So far I have visited NGOs, refugee camps, universities and Palestinians living in H1 who shared their stories about living under the occupation and allowed us to ask more questions. The stories shared were incredibly moving and showed the resilience of the Palestinians, yet it was difficult to understand how Israeli human rights abuses can continue unchecked.

People in Palestine are laid back and enjoy spending their time connecting with one another. It is not uncommon for a shop owner to see you walk past and invite you into his store for tea or coffee. From when I arrived in Hebron trying to find the Centre, to looking for the nearest ATM or trying to travel to other Palestinian cities - people were always quick to help.

Do not let the media discourage you from visiting Hebron or other Palestinian cities. Generally, Palestinians are very generous and welcoming people, especially to tourists. The cities in Palestine are full of life and always safe to visit.

What would you improve about this program?
There should be more time available when visiting refugee camps, to have the opportunity to speak to more people and to do so in smaller groups to make the experience more intimate.
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