Islamic Culture in Palestine Internship Program

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The Islamic Culture in Palestine program introduces interns to the Islamic culture and its foundational beliefs, as well as introducing them to its cultural aspects present in today's Palestinian society.

Through the Islamic Culture in Palestine program, participants will identify the traditional Islamic elements playing out of religion, language, history and social values. Likewise, they will be introduced to the Islamic law by means of excursions and meetings with clerics, judges and lawyers working within the Islamic Courts in Hebron City. Interns will also become acquainted with the Sharia rules and its influence in Palestine's society.

  • The program includes three aspects: theoretical, practical, and linguistic and social aspects.
  • A guide who speaks fluent English will be assigned to you.
  • Field trips to mosques, as well as Islamic Sharia courts in the city.
  • Visits to historical sites, including a visit to a refugee camp in Hebron.
  • Three hours per week of Palestinian spoken Arabic language lessons.

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