iXperience Accelerate Lisbon – Accredited 6-Week Courses + Internship

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Lisbon Pena Palace
Lisbon Pena Palace
Lisbon Belem Tower
Lisbon Belem Tower
iXperience Lisbon Sites
iXperience Lisbon Sites
iXperience Lisbon City Exploring
iXperience Lisbon City Exploring
iXperience Lisbon Class 2018
iXperience Lisbon Class 2018


iXperience Accelerate Lisbon is an intense 6-week career-acceleration, 6-credit program for ambitious students who wish to learn industry-relevant skills and boost their CVs with an impactful internship, all while exploring one of Europe's best-kept secrets.

iXperience Accelerate in Lisbon offers three course options:

Management Consulting
Data Science
Full Stack Coding

You'll hit the ground running with high-intensity classes that push you to learn in a boot-camp style environment. Courses blend foundation theory with practical skills. After two weeks of training, you'll be matched with a local company and tasked to work on one of their projects. This gives you a taste of professional life—as well as concrete deliverables you can add to your resume to show future employers. More than that, you’ll get to explore Lisbon, Portugal's’ capital city with a small town feel, along with a group of diverse students from around the world.

  • An immersive, for credit hands-on course, academically sponsored by the University of Virginia.
  • 160+ hours of class and support.
  • An international internship where you'll get the chance to use your newly acquired skills, add real value and boost your resume.
  • Incredible iX-designed excursions, designed to help you explore and soak up Lisbon's top attractions.
  • The opportunity to meet students from around the world and make new friends you'll keep for life.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Literally the greatest summer of my life

I went to Lisbon for iX Summer 2018 and it was honestly the greatest experience. It was my first time in Europe, I knew no one going into it, and I felt unprepared for what we would be learning. From the moment I arrived, however, the program directors made me feel very comfortable and at ease and the whole program went so smoothly. Our teacher was very thorough and genuinely cared about us learning the subject, not just getting some arbitrary grade. My internship was a great opportunity to learn about how data science is used in an actually company and I got along really well with all my co-workers. Our class got really close by the end of it and we all still keep in contact to this day. I got to spend the summer with passionate, like-minded college students from across the country and abroad in an incredible city while learning career-building skills. I cannot imagine a better study/intern abroad program.

Response from iXperience

Hi Ilana

It was so awesome to have you in our first Lisbon program! I'm so glad that you felt comfortable from the start and it's great to hear that you made friends that you're still in touch with. Love that you got a real feel for the application of Data Science in a company too. We hope to have you back with us soon :)


Yes, I recommend this program

The greatest four weeks of my life

Doing Ixperience in Lisbon was truly the greatest four weeks of my life. You are surrounded by brilliant, career-driven students who constantly challenge one another in the classroom and then exploring Lisbon in summer together in between makes all the hard work worth it.

The course I took (management consulting) is intense and fast-paced but I was so surprised at the quality of work I produced when put under pressure to deliver daily deadlines. I found I kept up with the pace with help of my very skilled and enthusiastic teaching assistant, who constantly motivated the class. Now that I am back home, this course has instilled a new drive to kick-start my career upon graduation and I can't wait to apply my new skill-set in the workplace.

Most nights there was something epic planned by the IX team - whether it be a unique traditional Portuguese dinner, a sunset cruise, a classy rooftop bar event or even dancing lessons - this was motivation enough to complete my homework efficiently and join in on the fun. Not to mention - on weekends the team took us on excursions such as: Learning to surf, rock jumping and canoeing, castle tours and wine tasting and of course day trips to the magnificent Portuguese beaches.

Discovering and embracing Lisbon with Ixperience was incredible and the friends I made on the course are surely friends for life. My only regret is that I didn't stay for the four week internship because I really got attached to the place and all the people.


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iXperience is a for-credit summer abroad program, designed to develop the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for a rapidly changing career landscape. With campuses in three beautiful cities around the world (Cape Town, Lisbon, Berlin), iX...