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Edinburgh. Not only Scotland's capital, but also one of the most famous and historically important seats of education, science and innovation locally and beyond. Studying there is a chance of a lifetime, and now Perinorth will give you the chance to meet it and make a change not only in your CV, but to the world as well.

Committed to be part of the solution, Perinorth hopes to bring a positive change to the world with one of its programs in the chemistry, geology, environment and many other fields, and all students enrolling into one of its internships will be able to participate with one of its research facilities, all of them in the forefront of many academic fields.

In exchange of their participation, Perinorth grants accomodation, a private tutor, guidance and cultural activities to make this the best and most comfortable experience abroad!

Take the leap and make the chance in Edinburgh, where you'll live an incredible experience, both academically and culturally.

Program Highlights
  • Explore Edinburgh, a historical center of education, particularly in the fields of medicine, Scots law, literature, philosophy, the sciences and engineering, and discover one of the United Kingdom's largest cities!
  • Be the change with one of our internships: Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Climate Change, Ecology, Geology, Marine Sciences, Physics and Sustainability Sciences!
  • Partake in excursions around the city and get immersed with some of the most beautiful Scottish landmarks, such as the Edinburgh Castle!
  • Meet like-minded people and bring a positive change into the world with your participation.

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