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After securing an internship in the UK, BUNAC will provide the required sponsorship for the Tier 5 Work Visa, and detailed visa instructions with the option to utilize our Visa Agent. Our dedicated team will be there to assist every step of the way. BUNAC also has options for tours, accommodation, SIM cards and international insurance.
What's Included
Some Activities SIM cards
What's Included (Extra)

Certificate of Sponsorship
Evaluation of your internship offer
Guidance with Temporary Worker GAE visa application
Vetting of host
Support with all the essentials, from sourcing accommodation to travel insurance
Regular check-ins with our UK BUNAC team + monthly London social events

What's Not Included
Accommodation Airfare Transportation Travel Insurance Visa
What's Not Included (Extra)

Employer pre-site visit (if required)
Certificate of Sponsorship priority processing (optional)
Changes to Certificate of Sponsorship after issue

Apr 11, 2023
Mar 16, 2018
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About Program

Multicultural, diverse and a total powerhouse when it comes to business – working in the UK will add serious gravitas to your resume. Attracting talent from across the globe in every sector from technology to the arts, you’ll learn from leading professionals in your field, grow your connections and develop a bunch of vital soft skills. All while living in one of the most exciting and forward-thinking places in the world. Now, if that’s not your British cup of tea – we're not sure what is!

New for 2023: We've introduced the BUNAC Job Hub – a brand new platform connecting talented students & graduates from around the world to pre-vetted employers based in the UK. With an ever-growing database of internships in the UK along with a range of helpful tools and resources, BUNAC Job Hub is the go-to platform to assist in finding the right opportunity! Take this opportunity to gain international experience & enhance your resume!

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  • For full-time students or recent graduates
  • BUNAC is the largest A-rated Tier 5 visa sponsor. With our sponsorship, BUNAC works alongside the Home Office to allow you to legally intern in either England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
  • Tier 5 Sponsorship for all nationalities
  • BUNAC provides the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) & Temporary Work Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) visa help
  • BUNAC’s COVID Booking Promise - 100% money back if you can’t travel due to COVID –19 restrictions. T&Cs apply.

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  • Growth 4.85
  • Support 4.6
  • Fun 4.45
  • Housing 4.3
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Dream Programme

This experience was a dream for me. Because it is nearly impossible to have an internship experience in UK and especially in London. The words are not enough to describe London. London is one of the most imporant centres in the World in terms of work environment and the city's atmosphere. It is a leading city in the world. Since the beginning of my internship, I met with many people from different countries. The atmosphere is fantastic and it is even more cosmopolitan than any city in the world. The work environment contributes me in terms of discipline, vision and work experience. It is a great programme for everyone, because it has professional experience, a wonderful London experience, strong network and future opportunities.

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Yes, I recommend this program

USA Sales and Marketing Intern

The BUNAC was extremely helpful in providing expert advice on my intern in Britain programmed! I cannot give them enough praise, the Arizona team made it very easy to help me out throughout the entire Visa process, I think I called them everyday with questions! The London team really helped me out once I arrived and provided the assistance I needed throughout the internship. I would highly recommend BUNAC as they allow recent graduates the opportunity to come to the UK to gain international work experience which has been invaluable to me and a fantastic experience.

Thank you BUNAC!

What would you improve about this program?
If a company has bad reviews, mention it to your applicants before hand to ensure they end up in the best possible internship and share any reviews about companies you are previously aware of.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Grosvenor farm internship

After graduating from college in the states, i wanted to travel to the United Kingdom to experience agriculture and learn ways that it is performed on a global scale. the farm that i worked on was leading the country in technology, and science on how to make milk safe and efficiently. The only problem i found after receiving the opportunity was figuring out how to get over to the country and work-study legally. Bunac was great in making that happen. I talked to a woman named Rebecca, which got me all figured out on my side, as well as my boss David.

Working in England on a farm, producing milk and learning different culture was truly extraordinary. i met up with a bunch of people in what was called a young farmers club which was exactly what was stated in the title. A bunch of young farmers. David runs a very impressive farm, which i would recommend the experience to anyone that was interesting in progressive agriculture.

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Yes, I recommend this program

BUNAC helped changed my life!

I was fortunate enough to receive BUNAC's scholarship in 2016. I was immediately thrilled at the potential of interning in Britain because I had studied there just the year before as part of a study abroad program, and I had been actively seeking opportunities to return.

I received the scholarship around August 2016 and then I had to decide if I would search for the placement company on my own or use one of their partner placement companies. I decided to independently seek a placement which took much longer than I anticipated but it ultimately worked out better than I could have imagined. Once securing placement, the BUNAC team was incredibly supportive through the Visa process and the weeks leading up to my UK arrival. I will admit that the idea of moving overseas again without the support of a full school system (as I had the year before) did make me nervous at first, but the BUNAC team was very responsive to e-mails and even facilitated a few phone calls when I requested them to clarify many details.

I ended up in London for a company that I had interned at before while in the US. I was in London from March through June of this year (2017) and had the time of my life. I made incredible friends in and outside of work and the city itself was absolutely overflowing with exciting things to do and see. Upon arriving, I reached out to the BUNAC team to notify them of my arrival and smooth transition and they were very excited for me. I was even able to meet the people who made this experience possible for me when we met at a pub local to their office in the city.

I write this review one month after my return and I am preparing to return to London as the company has agreed to hire me as a full time employee in London. This was all made possible with the support of BUNAC's scholarship and the phenomenal team that were willing to work with me in my aspirations. Thank you so so much for the opportunity. I would definitely recommend reaching out and making the most out of your experience.

What would you improve about this program?
If possible (I'm not sure how many program folks there are at a time) it would be cool to have regular meet ups for the BUNAC interns to hear what everyone is doing. I know when I first went out there, I was eager to meet people and did want to meet other foreigners who were going through a similar experience. Could be nice to have a meet up every few months.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Interning in London

My experience thus far with BUNAC has been very good! They helped me prepare for my internship abroad very easily, and I felt even over-prepared. Requirements and deadlines were made very clear, and it was always easy to find the information that I needed. Getting all of my documents together and sent out was easy with all the instruction they provided, and I got my Visa in plenty of time. Very pleased.

What would you improve about this program?
My company is not the best. I think they have gotten bad reviews before, so I'm not sure why they're still an option.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Launched My Career

I owe a lot to the BUNAC program. I had always wanted to work in Venture Capital, and when I found the opportunity to intern for 6 months with one of London's best early stage venture capital firms, Seedcamp, I jumped at the opportunity. The only issue was the visa process - the firm I wanted to work with had never sponsored a visa before and were unsure if they could.

Luckily, I found the team at BUNAC - and they quite literally saved the day. They helped me with my applications, paperwork, best practices and made the process a breeze.

They made sure I was ready with everything I needed (housing, insurance, bank accounts, medical needs) in order to hit the ground running at my internship.

Without the BUNAC program, I never would have made it to London, or gotten a chance to kick start my career at Seedcamp and furthermore receive my job offer from another venture capital firm following my internship.

The BUNAC team made sure I felt like I was at home in London, they even brought me this surprise goody bag on Thanksgiving filled with all kinds of stuff I would be missing.

I highly recommend going with the BUNAC program for anyone that has an interest in landing an internship in the UK - it was an absolutely amazing experience.

What would you improve about this program?
I would have liked a meetup with the other interns.

I just wish the program lasted longer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

BUNAC: Intern In Britain -- Go!

After studying abroad through my university, I knew I wanted to return to London as more than a tourist, but the options are limited (besides attempting to marry into British royalty, of course).

BUNAC provides the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to experience living and interning in the UK, and once I found them, it wasn't too long before I was back on UK soil.

Although you have to find your own internship, BUNAC offers plenty of advice and can point you to resources to help. Once I had found mine, they were incredibly quick about turning my paperwork around and giving me the tools to apply for my visa.

During my time with BUNAC, I interned for a start-up company in London and was able to have some real influence on how the company worked. Now, the company is thriving and has gone from one small office to three larger ones and is becoming a well-known name across the UK. To say that I was a part of it has been a huge achievement and great point of discussion for future job interviews.

While I was with BUNAC, I was informed regularly about events and outings for BUNAC interns. They give you plenty of freedom: you find your internship, decide where you want to live, etc, but I also found they were always responsive and active in your experience if you needed guidance.

I would recommend BUNAC: Intern in Britain to anyone wanting a more immersive experience in the UK than just a few weeks as a tourist, or for those who have studied abroad in the UK and are looking for a way to return and intern.

64 people found this review helpful.

Questions & Answers

Hi! Thank you for your interest in our Intern in Britain program. You are able to apply up to 3 months before you wish to depart for the UK. The application process can take up to 8 weeks so we always suggest applying with us once you have an internship secured!

The age limit is 18 I think. The students must have completed at least one semester of college so high school students cannot apply for this visa.

Thanks Carly. Our most up to date costs can be found here: https://www.bunac.org/usa/intern-abroad/professional/britai… The program fee is currently $755. Participants will also need to purchase their visa (£230, paid direct to the UK Government), insurance and their flight to/from the UK.