Internships in Scotland

Internships in Scotland


Bound by the Atlantic Ocean, the North and Irish Seas and by more than 790 islands, Scotland is a paradise for those who treasure the outdoors, filled with sweeping landscapes and abundant with Roman ruins and Medieval churches. From the revered Scottish Highlands to the rolling farms, Scotland's countryside tells the story of a people who transitioned from paganism to Christianity to industrialization. While the past is always present in Scotland, the country today is a thriving economic and cultural hub presenting numerous opportunities for professional development in areas including medicine and science, the arts, business, and education, and is home to the prestigious University of St. Andrews founded in 1413.

Top Industries

Exploring the Sciences and Business: Edinburgh is an ideal place to study social sciences, including government, and business, and was designated by UNESCO as a "City of Literature." Panrimo is a Michigan-based organization that offered internships dedicated to cultivating skills in these areas and offers in-depth study focused on marketing, public relations, history, library science, and health care, to name a few. Panrimo offers eight- to 12-week internships during the summer or full spring or fall semesters and applicants can customize their internships. International Internships, based in Florida offers university and international students the chance to earn credit while studying overseas. Eight- to 12-week programs in a wide variety of subjects from communications and international studies to environmental science and government.

Developing Your Green Thumb - Horticulture: For individuals looking specifically for a summer internship, Adelante Abroad offers six-week internship research programs in Edinburgh. There are opportunities to study veterinary medicine, horticulture, agriculture business, marketing and economics, and nutrition science. For the true botany lover, Aeldante offers a horticulture/historic landscape internship in nearby Pitlochry, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, where students learn botanical design, study flora biology and the history of gardening.

Culture and Teeing Up: Many internships offer participants cultural immersion excursions, including visits to the famed Edinburgh Castle and literary pub tours--after all the man who brought the world Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Castle should not be missed—built nearly 1,000 years ago, it is formidable fortress that was used to protect the city from the British.

Planning Your Trip

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Scotland offers internship opportunities throughout the year, and there are a variety of international and Scottish companies based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, making Scotland a great country for students pursuing internships in a variety of fields. For students interested in outdoor activities and botanical studies, which are popular in Scotland given its incredible landscape and biodiversity, the summer may be a better time to intern, since the fall and winter seasons can be quite cold.

Work and Labor Laws in Scotland

When exploring programs candidates for internships need to familiarize themselves with the program's visa policies if they wish to work overseas. For example, with International Internships, applicants from the United States must apply for BUNAC's Intern in Britain program to obtain visa sponsorship. If you're not clear on visa requirements, be sure to contact a program advisor and ask.

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Internship Programs in Scotland

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