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Singapore is well known for being one of the top business hubs in Asia. This has drawn businesses and entrepreneurs across all industries to experience what The Lion City has to offer. Top industries to pursue in Singapore are Finance, Information Technology, Business Development, and Hospitality.

AIP will make the process of finding your ideal internship in Singapore that much easier. Our experienced internship placement team and a network of partner companies are guaranteed to accommodate your requirements and specifications. Your internship in Singapore will build a strong foundation for your future career.

  • Customized Internship
  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Visa Assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Social Activities & Trips

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  • Growth 9
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 9.7
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Swiss in Singapore

I wanted to look into interning abroad as I had been stuck in an entry level job that wasn’t really motivational for me. I had graduated a few months back and wanted to get out of the rut I had found myself stuck in. I did 4 month at a digital marketing internship in Singapore, the people in my host company were lovely and while 4 months is actually pretty short I was actually learning something for once!

SIngapore itself is a lovely city and there is so much to visit and see there. I think I got a really good insight into life there be it eating in food courts or hanging out in the Botanical Gardens - which are really stunning btw. My only travel regret is I did not manage my own finances properly and I could not travel to Japan which I would have loved to have done.

One of the nice things about the accommodation is that the interns are all living close by which made it easier to meet in our free time and make new friends. I met some really nice people through this program and that is one of the things that I really took away with me from this experience.

Overall I really loved the Singapore program and have zero regrets doing it, Singapore is a brilliant city and the host company was fantastic, I am so grateful I am in a position that allows such adventure.

I think it’s worth mentioning that being being open to everything thrown your way will make your time abroad so much more enjoyable. If other interns invite you to a pool party, go! If AIP organises a trip in the city, go! And just being easy going in general. Inevitably the language barrier will make life more difficult than it would at home, just deal! It’s normal. I tried to follow this and while I didn’t succeed all the time I never regretted it when I did! Overall an amazing experience with AIP!

How can this program be improved?
I found it hard to get out of my comfort zone the first month, it would be good if AIP could organised something that really forces it's participants to immerse themselves into the culture of whatever country they might be moving to.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Finance internship in Singapore with AIP

Singapore is one of the most brilliant and developed countries that I have ever visited, I have previously done an internship in London I very much prefer the atmosphere of Singapore. One of the best things about Singapore for me is it’s global reputation in the financial industry which I’m really hoping makes my CV look more polished. Finance runs in the family dating back to both of my Grandparents (Farfar and Farmor), especially my granddad who worked as an accountant and my parents who actually met working in the same bank. I never saw myself in any other field other than finance since I was very young. The main financial hubs in Europe are London and Zürich, I have already completed an internship in London and wanted some experience outside of Europe on my CV. Asia’s two financial hubs are Hong Kong and Singapore, I was unable to go to Hong Kong as I was not eligible for a visa longer than 90 days but I was eligible for a longer visa in Singapore! In Singapore I was part of a father-and-son founded Financial SME, amazingly they both used to work in J.P. Morgan Chase and a few years ago they decided to start their own business that will reduce the cost and issues of international bank transactions, they were also such nice guys to work with! With PayPal and other payment Gateways being very accessible over the internet, and with cryptocurrency in its boom period but my internship host company had a completely new way of looking at these sectors! I really believe that I learned a lot during my internship and that the experience I received over the 5 months was invaluable. Of course with learning and valuable experience comes a heavy workload and stress which wasn’t the best at the time but I was glad for is as soon as the clock striked 5 and I could go home. I am very grateful to AIP for my time spent in Singapore, particularly the help with the housing and arrival and of course a big thank you to my employers that took such good care of me in their office.

How can this program be improved?
While I did get some great information about the visa during and after the initial interview it would be nice to somehow check eligibility before application so that people can be as fully informed as possible.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My Gradation present to myself!

It’s been about a month since my internship in Singapore and I have to say I’m heartbroken to be back in the UK right now. For as long as I can remember I have been a cautious person, the most ‘out-there’ thing I’ve done is go to the States to study for 6 months, I had a great time there but it wasn’t exactly exotic. I resolved to adventure to Singapore because it’s in Asia, where I have never been to before, and because it’s super different to anywhere I’ve travelled to. It’s also a major help that most Singaporeans speak near fluent English even though Mandarin is the original language. I felt really good about AIP’s administration, I had an initial interview with a really nice girl who’s name started with M , forget her name now, I hope she doesn’t see this! During the interview I was asked questions relating to my expectations and previous experiences in the industry Finance, not the most thrilling fied I know but it led me to both the States and Singapore so I’m not complaining right now! A few short weeks later with my Working Holiday Pass applied for and being interviewed by a Singaporean FinTech company I was beginning to dawn on me that I was going to live in Asia! Thankfully I was accepted by them and packed my bags another few short weeks later. I brought a Chinese phrase book to read on the plan but barely used a single word, I didn’t realise before that many (most) Singaporeans will speak English to foreigners even if they are asked a question in Chinese. It really wasn’t the biggest deal because I wanted to come to Singapore to see something new but not necessarily to learn another language. I had a great time in Singapore, I really enjoyed the heat, which is something I’m sorely missing right now. The actual internship itself was really great, there were a few Singaporean interns there too which I became friendly with. Singapore is a tiny country so I had completely explored the country in a couple of weeks, not to say that Singapore isn’t a thrilling country, there are always events and activities being held! I had an amazing time and I can’t wait until the day that I can return. I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit such a splendid part of the world!

How can this program be improved?
I cannot speak for the housing myself so it was hard fro me to rate but another one of the interns near me said that their housing that was organised through AIP was quite a small studio which would be fine for a lot of people but I can see how some might prefer something a bit more spacious.
Yes, I recommend this program

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