Global Health Experiential Education in South Africa

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Experience the diversity and multiculturalism of the rainbow nation, South Africa. Witness South Africa’s healthcare system firsthand and work along medical professionals that administer care to those affected by HIV/AIDS through CFHI’s programs:

Healthcare Challenges: Experience first-hand the daily challenges South Africa faces with its recently created healthcare system, where participants will work alongside local healthcare personnel in public district hospitals providing care for the underserved.
HIV/AIDS and Healthcare: Join local healthcare teams at various sites in Durban, providing comprehensive care for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Adding to the cultural language immersion, participants located in the Cape Town area will live with local families in the Cape Flats area and may also organize weekend trips. Additionally, participants staying in Durban, will live with local homestay families and learn more about the vibrant Zulu culture.

  • This program offers students a unique educational experience as they follow patients through their treatments and observe the entire healthcare team during the program month.
  • Participants will get an opportunity to understand how the health care system has dealt with a public health crisis that has fundamentally altered the state's social and economic fabric.
  • CFHI's program in Cape Town, South Africa offers students a unique opportunity to observe alongside healthcare professionals in an idyllic setting surrounded by Table Mountain in one of South Africa's most beautiful cities.
  • CFHI's rotations are designed to offer you clinical experience relevant to your level of medical education, much like what you would experience during a rotation in the United States.
  • Information sessions that highlight the health care system in that country, common cases you will encounter and other site-specific information.

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  • Growth 9.5
  • Support 7.5
  • Fun 5.5
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 8
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Fell in love with South Africa

The best part of this experience was the ability to communicate with people since English is a required language for people who attended school there . The country and its people welcomed us with open hearts and open arms and it changed me so much as a person. I am even considering grad school in South Africa. It's interesting that the people I met in Cape Town were more welcoming, accepting, and treated me so much more kindly than the people that were in the program. Still, I would not take back any of it because I made life-long friendships and connections that I will always cherish.

How can this program be improved?
Variety in the people involved in the program. For example, there were 10 people from the same school and I was the only one from a different school. I felt very left out most of the time and not included. More people from different schools would have been a much better scenario.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Healthcare Challenges South Africa

Enjoyed my time in Cape Town. The program was well organized with plenty of opportunities to explore my medical interests. The program coordinators were always accessible and eager to get you acclimated. The housing was colder than I'm accustomed to but there's a lack of indoor heating and it was winter at the time. It felt like fall so still not much of a complaint. I worked at Red Cross war memorial children's hospital and found the experience amazing. Great doctors, access to seminars, tutorials, and plenty of patients. The only true negative is the safety in Cape Town. Although I never encountered a problem, I have heard stories of people being robbed so I kept my guard up. Other than that, a great all around program that also teaches you a great deal about South African history and culture.

Yes, I recommend this program

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