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Notice: the tuition fee consists of a customized internship, housing, professional networking, and more. Each internship is unpaid due to foreign countries' regulations. AIP offers 3 types of internship packages designed to fulfill the needs of all our program participants. Placement Package, the most basic package, includes customized internship placement, visa assistance, and 24/7 emergency assistance. Standard Package is an upgraded version of the Placement Package but includes a fully furnished accommodation, transportation cards, SIM card, airport pickup, and language courses. Signature Package includes every benefit from the Standard Package, monthly trips to explore your host country, gym membership and access to networking events.
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Jan 27, 2021
Dec 08, 2021
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South Korea is truly a unique and dynamic country that boasts gorgeous rural landscapes, and a one of a kind culture. Korea is renowned for being one of the top technology hubs across the globe and is revolutionizing the industry. The Information Technology industry is well established in South Korea; other popular industries include Arts & Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and PR & Marketing.

If you are interested in expanding your global network and receiving invaluable experience in your field of choice, you can trust AIP. We are dedicated in making this experience as pleasant as possible, whilst providing you the internship of your design.

Our Korea internship program offers:
- Customized internship placement
- 24/7 emergency assistance & support
- Visa arrangement assistance
- Airport pick-up on arrival
- Furnished accommodation
- Transportation cards
- SIM card
- Korean language course
- Exclusive networking events
- Certificate of achievement from your host company

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Program Highlights

  • Customized Internship
  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Visa Assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Social Activities & Trips

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9.55 Rating
based on 44 reviews
  • 9-10 rating 95.45%
  • 7-8 rating 0%
  • 5-6 rating 2.27%
  • 3-4 rating 2.27%
  • 1-2 rating 0%
  • Growth 9.7
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Seoul was beautiful!

All I can say is, I highly recommend using AIP if you are trying to find an internship in South Korea! Their service was great, they kept on communication with me and updated me with my placement process. They answered any questions or concerns I had.

I was trying to find an internship to be part of my degree and I got placed in a company where I learnt so much! The supervisor was helpful, and I definitely learnt new skills to use for my degree.

South Korea itself was absolutely beautiful! I loved visiting new places and Korean cuisine is my favorite so I was so happy to be able to try authentic Korean food! Because of the experience I had, I will definitely come back to travel to Korea again.

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No, I don't recommend this program

There are better programs

I used AIP to come to Korea. The internship experience was great, but that is definitely not thanks to aip. One of the interns I met used ISA to come to Korea, and not only was it $2,000 cheaper, her accommodation was much nicer and the program manager living in Korea was much more helpful to her. They went out for lunch together multiple times and her package even included free trips by ISA (like visiting the sky tower).

In comparison: my housing was much smaller (again her program was $2,000 cheaper), the manager living in Korea was not of great help to me and her attitude towards Korea was very negative (she said she hated the language here and wish she didn’t understand it). Lastly I had trouble at the airport upon arriving and was actually stuck there for 3 hours because AIP did not give me anyone’s korean contact number. And the check in time to my accommodation was wrong by 4 hours- I had to wait in a cafe alone for almost the whole day because of this. (side note: the manager living in Korea dropped me off at the cafe and left immediately, fully knowing I couldn’t speak any Korean at the time so I didn’t know how to order)

Final thoughts: the internship itself was great and I met a lot of people, but that is not thanks to AIP. If you want a cheaper and better quality program I recommend going to ISA or a different internship program

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No, I don't recommend this program

AIP-Agency was a disappointment, internship company was great

I have to say that overall I was very disappointed with AIP.
In the beginning, the agency seemed very competent, the registration worked perfectly and my supervisor took a lot of time for me during the consultation and answered all my questions. After I decided to find an internship in Korea through AIP, I transferred the deposit and immediately received notification that they were looking for suitable positions now.
I waited and waited.... and nothing. After asking several times whether there is a problem with my CV I finally got an appointment to talk to a potential company - but this appointment was never confirmed to me and on the day itself I didn't get any notification. The notification came one day later with the message that the interview could not be perceived by the company. I wanted to fly in April and it was the end of February now (I had registered at the end of December) and I still had not had a single interview.
After putting more pressure on my supervisor, I finally had an interview - and this company was great!
After the interview, it was clear to me that I wanted to go there, and luckily the company wanted me as well. So my supervisor and I discussed the process and when I could fly.
But for my documents, which I needed for the visa, I had to write several emails and I wrote directly to my future boss in between because I didn't get any news from AIP.
AIP already seemed very disorganized at this point, which was confirmed during my stay in Korea. When I arrived there, I let them know that I had arrived and was now sitting in my quarantine hotel for the next two weeks... I hoped that I would get some introduction to the Korean work-life or something... but again nothing. I got a reply to my email saying that I shall get back to them if I had any questions. That was the last time I heard anything from AIP while I was in Korea for those three months...
Finally, after my return to Germany, I got a mail asking me to rate them. That is what I am doing now.
In my opinion, AIP makes a thoroughly competent impression with their website and their possibilities throughout Asia. Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed. I perceived the company as very disorganized. You pay a lot of money, so I think more help should be definitely included and expected.
Especially in comparison to other companies, I think AIP performs poorly. A friend of mine came to Korea with Korea GapYear and was supported by them at all times and was even asked several times how she liked the internship and if there were any problems. (so a clear recommendation to Korea GapYear at this point).

I was lucky that my internship place was great and I got along very well with my boss. Therefore, despite the chaos in advance, my time in Korea was a success personally as well as professionally. Unfortunately, AIP had nothing to do with the success except for establishing contact with my internship company.

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Yes, I recommend this program

It was a unique experience

I was very worried I would not get the chance to go to South Korea and complete my internship because of the pandemic. However, things ended up working out and I didn't miss the opportunity to experience the culture of South Korea and interact with so many different people. I am glad I extended my internship to 2 months. I really got a lot out of it. The company I interned at taught me a lot about the import/export industry and how things are changing because of the pandemic. This internship will definitely benefit me in my future career. Thank you very much!

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Yes, I recommend this program

A meaningful internship

Anybody who is looking for a meaningful internship experience I advise to use AIP’s service. Very reliable, transparent and so far most affordable on the market. My internship was not just meaningful in terms of getting practical experience but also in terms of finding what I am really passionate about. Now I am planning to go back home and start a business with a person I’ve met during the internship program this year. Thank you AIP for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will never forget it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Want to go back!

I was definitely scared at first to be going to South Korea by myself because it was the first time I have travelled by myself in my life, and it was also during the pandemic. But, AIP helped me throughout the whole process and dealt with my concerns and worries when I was in South Korea. They gave 24/7 support for me when I needed it, they answered questions that I had any concerns about as well. The overall team was just amazing and helpful!

The internship itself was an experience! I managed to learn some Korean through working in a local Korean company, I made new friends and learnt so much about the culture that it makes me want to go back to Korea and live there! I already miss the country and will definitely be going back to travel when the pandemic is better!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you for the opportunity

Using an internship service provider in order to search for internship placement was not something new to me, but I’ve been fascinated by how smooth and understandable the process was with AIP, especially during pandemics. My supervisor was very helpful and transparent during the whole process. Any issues I’ve been facing during the internship were faced and addressed immediately with the best possible solution. The internship I applied for was supposed to be in China, however, since the visa restrictions were against it AIP assisted me with a very attractive opportunity in South Korea, the country I’ve never thought I would be interested in and more than that I decided to stay here after the internship was over. Truly appreciate the cooperation from AIP’s side and transparency in dealing with issues.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic internship in South Korea!

I have finished an internship in South Korea 2 weeks ago and I felt that it was an amazing experience for me! I have applied with AIP and got an offer from the company which matched with my request the best and the interview went so well and my internship coordinator assisted me with everything so fast. When the internship agreement was completed, my visa process began right after. My internship coordinator provided me the visa assistance which was so helpful even though there was more difficult and complicated due to the pandemic, I finally received a visa on time and flied to South Korea as planned! When I arrived in Seoul and stayed on the quarantine place, I have worked remotely with the company and to let me have a good introduction before I go to the office. My supervisor was so nice and kind, she guided me with all the details I had to know such as informed me detailly the daily tasks, introduced me to people in the company and they were so warm, and she also advised me of the place nearby where I could try the delicious Korean food! I was really enjoy working there and I was wish to work in Seoul after I graduate. I found that their lifestyle and their food were so attractive in which I was so happy in everyday I spent my time there. In terms of my role or job descriptions, it did teach me a lot of how I can be proficient in that field. Also, the responsibility that everybody had on their own tasks, I was so impressive with people in the company. They worked hard and they knew the way to relax as well, I love the balance that I have seen from people there and I wish to do that as well. I would also say that there were some obstacles in the beginning in which I was so new and young, however, every time I made some mistakes, my supervisor was always kind to me. She did not blame any, but instead she asked me and taught me the correct way to do that. People in other departments were also kind to me and they said that they were so happy to have international interns in the company in which they were able to practice some basic English conversation with me and I was so happy to talk to them 😊 Time flies so fast, at the moment I finished the internship and stays at my home already. I would like to say thank you to everything that leads me to this experience, I am so sure that I will go to Seoul again. I do not know that I will get a job there or not, but I am so in love with their culture and food. Seoul is the place that everybody should go once in their life and I would recommend it to my friends and others who would like to have an internship there as well!

12 people found this review helpful.

Questions & Answers

Due to visa restrictions in many countries, we suggest you are 18 or older. We also have gap year students applying to our program, however, the job scope in your internship would be more limited compared to university students or graduates.

It is possible to get some reimbursements. However, we are not able to guarantee any form of compensation. All applicants must be open to accepting unpaid internships before applying to the program. You can find more details on our pricing on this link https://internsinasia.com/packages-fees/