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- A guaranteed professional internship in your preferred industry
- Immersive business workshop
- Career coaching and support
- Curated calendar of professional networking events
- Curated online courses and tools
- CV support
- Beyond Academy Certificate of Excellence
- Thriving local community
- Comprehensive 24/7 local support
- Orientation
- Welcome dinner
- Bi-Weekly community dinner
- Local events and day trips
- A bustling social calendar of exciting events
- Farewell dinner to celebrate program completion
- Visa support
- Airport transport on arrival
- Beyond welcome bag
- SIM card (on request)
- Accommodation (optional)
What's Not Included
Airfare Meals Travel Insurance
Sep 15, 2022
Dec 09, 2022
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About Program

Learn better. Travel further. Dream bigger.

While Seoul is forward thinking, fashion driven and big on tech, it remains greatly traditional. You’ll see modern design & architecture next to ancient temples. Seoul is voted the worlds most innovative economy. Its home to major global companies like Samsung, a concentration of disruptive start-ups and everything in between.

We’ll design your Seoul Internship Program so it has the perfect elements for your career success. From selecting the right internship for you from our network of host companies, to workshops and coaching that will give you the skills and insights to flourish during your internship and beyond. Our Seoul Program is available in 18 industries, with start dates every month, and durations from 1-6 months.

Vibrant culture, thriving business scene, plus a healthy helping of delicious Korean food. An Internship Seoul offers the perfect place for an internship you'll never forget.

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Program Highlights

  • A guaranteed professional internship in your chosen industry. Gain insights into local business practice and CV- boosting skills and experience.
  • A carefully designed career development program, including 1-to-1professional coaching, immersive business workshop, CV support, curated online courses, plus invites to exclusive networking events.
  • A bustling social calendar including day trip to Jeonju village, tour of Seoul's hidden alleys, Korean cooking class, biweekly dinners, and many more exciting events.
  • A thriving local community of fellow interns led by our local Community Team offering 24/7 support.
  • Welcome orientation, airport transport on arrival, local SIM, Beyond goodies bag, farewell dinner, and much more

Program Reviews

4.93 Rating
based on 14 reviews
  • 5 rating 92.86%
  • 4 rating 7.14%
  • 3 rating 0%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 0%
  • Growth 4.35
  • Support 5
  • Fun 4.95
  • Housing 4.45
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

A second home on the other side of the world

Coming to Seoul I had many prejudices in my head. But as soon as I arrived, my picture from Seoul totally changed. In the two months I was able to live in this interesting, beautifull city, I got to meet the most helpfull, kind and respectfull people. Ten million inhabitants sound like a lot, but due to an impressive infrastructure it doesn't feel like that. As an urban Geographer, I was fascinated by the many contrasts the city presents. Old temples and left overs of the city wall next to skyscrapers, modern XXL supermarkets next to local street markets. There is internet available for free everywere but if you should still get lost, the locals will help you as well to find the right way. It is a very interesting culture to experiance and totally different from everything I was used to.

  • welcoming people
  • good food
  • city is easy to adapt to
  • few people speek english
  • in the beginning its hard to find vegetarian food
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Yes, I recommend this program

Seoul- Beyond Academy

Coming to Seoul through this program was one of the best things I’ve done! It’s created so many new opportunities for me that I’ve never even considered. The program also provided so much support so even for those who aren’t comfortable going out on their own you still get so many chances to do anything and everything. I’ve made so many new friends through this experience and it has completely transformed the way I travel. Even with being in Seoul for such a short time it’s already been so great that many of the people through the program including myself are highly considering staying here.

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Ann Sofie
Yes, I recommend this program

Beyond Academy made me feel at home

Finding an internship and traveling abroad can often be a scary, lonely experience, especially if you're away for a long time. That is why I do not regret that I chose to do it with Beyond Academy (BA). The community they've created in Seoul is full of fun, support, and simply fantastic people. My beginning in Seoul wasn't easy, but BA made it feel so safe, and eventually, it became my second home. I was there for 4 months, and each month was filled with amazing experiences arranged by BA. What I think is worth highlighting is the fact that the program managers are always there to help you, from places to go in Seoul, to travel advice, to how to order food. I can highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to do an internship abroad!

  • Stable community
  • Seoul has everything
  • It is quite a different culture if you're not from Asia so do some research
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Yes, I recommend this program

Seoul Internship

I really enjoyed the internship program of Beyond Academy here in Seoul! It’s very well structured and the coordinators are very kind and helpful. Therefore it was very easy to adjust to the new country/city and make new friends with in the program. Trough the program I could make a lot of international friends. The events were very good to get closer to the city life and the Korean culture. In total I had a lot of fun and was able to make some amazing experience.

I can recommend it to everyone who is interested in gaining new experience and be part of the life in Seoul.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience in Seoul 2022!

I was so glad that Beyond Academy made me as comfortable as possible. Everything from them was organized well, and I got to my accommodation in one piece. Where I stayed was nice. I loved the location because I was only a minute from the station and everything around my accommodation was highly convenient.
No fault is going towards Beyond Academy, but I hoped to have more amenities at my accommodation. Alize, our coordinator, was so great! She helped us navigate the city and find our workplace, which was extremely helpful, and I made friends for life! Also, the events that Beyond Academy set up were scheduled every week, which was nice because there was always something to look forward to, and it helped all of us interns get closer! Our other coordinator, Sooyeon, was also fantastic at attending the events, making us feel like we were having a fun experience in Seoul! Honestly, this internship went much better than I expected, and as someone who has never traveled this far from home, I didn't know if I could do it. This program helped me step out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person! My chosen internship placement was great as well! I didn't have any issues, and I was also glad that I could get the whole experience of learning about K-Pop, and Korean culture and having fun every day! I am proud to be a Beyonder, and hopefully, soon, I'll return to Seoul because it is the best place I have ever traveled to thus far!

  • Made friends for life through the program
  • Felt Safe and fully supported
  • Event activities were great every week
  • Accommodation could've been better
  • I think having events right after work can be a bit stressful
  • Maybe had a few extra days in the beginning to settle in
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Yes, I recommend this program

Living in Seoul

I would recommend the program to others who are thinking of interning in Korea.
The two coordinators based in Seoul are always supportive and amazing, and they helped me from the very beginning of the process, responding to all of my questions. The events and trips organized are a fun way to spend the weekends together with the other interns. I've met really kind people through the program and the company I was interning for.
The accomodation is in a really great location near to shops and the subway station.
It's a fantastic experience to grow as an individual, make new friends, network, and immerse yourself in a new culture.

  • Making new friends
  • Boosting confidence
  • Networking
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Yes, I recommend this program

Beyond Academy

The program itself was very enjoyable and the community was very good. Some confusion in the housing occured but not to the point it detracted from my time here. My company was nearby to my residence and transport was very convenient for me (Seoul). Having said that I'm a pretty self reliant person, so I haven't needed to directly get much help from BA itself, and I can't speak to that experience. However, as a first step after college, I think the experience was worth it and would recommend it.

  • Good people
  • Variety of places to go
  • Good events
  • Visa stuff was up to the participants
  • Housing was a bit confusing at first
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Yes, I recommend this program

The community is what differentiates this program

I had a great experience with Beyond Academy. There’s nothing like having someone on the ground in Seoul who can help identify the companies that are open to English-speaking interns. It’s not easy to do. But what really shines about Beyond Academy is the community. The community managers make sure you never feel alone. They welcome you with open arms and fill your social calendar with fun, culturally-rich activities that you can share with other interns. And they’re always there when you need support or if you just want to hang out. We’re still friends to this day!

The cherry on top: my internship turned into a remote part-time job while I finish school; I seriously don’t have any complaints! The program may be on the pricy side, but it was well worth it for me. Would 100% recommend if you can swing it.

  • Very safe country, but also super fun
  • Strong and welcoming community
  • Placed in a role where I could contribute and show my value
  • Expensive
  • Unpaid - but it turned into a paid job for me
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Questions & Answers

Hi Jessica! We do offer accommodation as part of our overseas internship programme, which you can select as an add-on option when you apply.

Hi Faraz! Thanks for your question. Beyond Academy here. Although we partner with many companies who offer paid roles, some of our internships can be unpaid. We always try our best to encourage payments, but this is ultimately decided by your internship company and we cannot guarantee on their behalf. In general, we advise that you only apply to the programme if you're potentially comfortable with...