Internships in Los Angeles, United States

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Internship Programs in Los Angeles

Internships in Los Angeles, United States


Los Angeles may be known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World” but this city has a lot more to offer than music, television, and filmmaking. When looking for an internship in Los Angeles, you’ll find a multitude of opportunities ranging from finance to fashion in one of the most exciting cities!

Here you will gain not only professional skills but also a unique cultural experience. LA boasts more museums than any other city in America, live music and entertainment on every street, and urban art that teaches history and celebrates cultural diversity. For anyone looking to work in Los Angeles, you’re guaranteed to find the right industry and cultural attraction!

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Preparing Your Search

Although it may be tempting to dive right into internship hunting, it’s important that you first understand your own interests and skill set and research potential fields. Furthermore, start early! Take the time to consider what you’re curious about, what you value the most in a job, and your strongest traits. These will help guide you towards exploring suitable industries in Los Angeles! Knowing about certain sectors and employers will also help your internship hunt. Begin by researching popular jobs and fields in LA, reading about specific employers and their culture, and reaching out to people in the industry for an informational interview. After some research, conducting a search for internships in Los Angeles will be much more targeted!

Top Industries


Fashion is a strong industry in Los Angeles and it has it all: textiles, apparel, manufacturing, and wholesale. Its success is driven by geography, appeal of casual clothing, speed to market, and favorable cost economics. There is also a growth in designers, brands, and popularity of LA-based apparel. Additionally, the Fashion District adds support by functioning as the center of the apparel industry in Los Angeles. Many clothing companies operate in the Fashion District, including American Apparel. LA is increasingly seen as a fashion capital and is bursting with opportunity! Interns can work directly in showrooms, assist with design samples, write or edit for fashion magazines, or work in merchandising. Be prepared for a fast paced and dynamic environment. If you find yourself up to date on the latest trends and are eager to express your creativity, break into the fashion world with an internship in Los Angeles!


With its long Hollywood history in film and television, Los Angeles has almost become interchangeable with entertainment. The city has an incredible cultural impact and houses many of the most historic studios including Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Columbia, and NBCUniversal. Whether you’re interested in digital media or film development, there are plenty of hands on experiences in entertainment. Interns have the chance to network with industry professionals, attend events and premieres, and assist in production. With such fun opportunities, interning in entertainment will be an exciting way to gain experience.


Los Angeles is a major banking and finance hub. Although the financial industry is highly competitive, there are many firms offering internships in LA to get one’s foot in the door. More than one hundred foreign and domestic banks, financial law firms, and investment banks have operations running in downtown. Within these firms are various duties and projects interns can get involved with including financial reporting, auditing, data entry, and portfolio management. Interns may also work directly with clients. A finance internship is guaranteed to provide an active role in applying classroom knowledge in real world situations. At the end, you’ll be able to make sound financial decisions!


Marketing is often associated with promotions and sales. However, it encompasses a wide range of activities that goes beyond just advertising. This includes forming competitive strategies, pricing, building a brand, and even distribution. Before searching for marketing positions, it’d be worthwhile to learn what functions in marketing you want to be involved in and also the corresponding marketing frameworks and concepts. With a wide variety in activities, there are plenty of opportunities in marketing in Los Angeles to help broaden your experience. Currently, many companies are looking to improve their social media presence to keep up with competitors. Knowing how to properly leverage the power of social media is very important in the role of a marketing intern!


Santa Monica

This beachfront city is a haven for shopping and restaurants as well as tons of activities. One of its most popular attractions is the Santa Monica Pier where you can ride a Ferris wheel, play games, and enjoy a meal! In addition, the Third Street Promenade is just up the street from the Pier for some great outdoor shopping and live music. You can also rent bikes and ride along a 26-mile bike path that stretches to other beaches from Santa Monica.


Start discovering the entertainment capital of the world with Hollywood Boulevard! Along this street are many of LA’s prominent theaters, restaurants, and museums. For a more relaxed experience, drive up to Mount Lee and take a hike to the Hollywood Sign through the Hollyridge Trail.

Downtown LA

In between the hustle and bustle, Downtown LA has a lot to offer: food, historic buildings, art, a thriving nightlife, and more. If you’re not sure what to have for lunch, this area has got you covered! Visit the Grand Central Market for fresh produce, meat, and street food of many countries. Wander down a few blocks and check out Walt Disney Concert Hall’s incredible architecture or Grand Park to catch a breathtaking view Los Angeles’s City Hall. And if it happens to be a Thursday night, swing by MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) for free admission to the city’s latest art exhibitions!

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