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Fast-paced and demanding, the ‘city that never sleeps’ is one of the most exciting and vibrant places to live and work in the world today. Internships are plentiful, and include paid and unpaid, full-time and part-time opportunities.

Just think of the potential thrills of working at Disney, Google, Bank of America or Goldman Sachs – or maybe Apple, Deloitte or NBC? Right at the center of the world’s cultural and business activities, those doing an internship in NYC know that it looks great on a résumé and tells prospective employers that they have valuable experience in a supremely challenging and rewarding work environment.

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Of all the cities in the US, NYC has a built environment of the highest quality, and features for example, the work of world-class architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Miles van der Rohe. As an architecture intern, you will be able to experience what it's like build architecture in a city where space is restricted and expensive.


Internships in the arts can include mesmerizing experiences in the worlds of design and fashion, film, photography, music, theater, television and video production. New York City has debuted many famous faces in the entertainment industries. Working in the arts in NYC is a great way to get your career started.


Film production here is legendary – think of the 2012 release The Amazing Spider-man, plus NYC is often used as a backdrop for computer and video games, such as Crysis 2 and Mortal Kombat. Also, many of the most famous actors, producers, and directors, reside in NYC. The media industry in NYC is always buzzing with many opportunities to advance your career.

Other great industries for internships include Engineering, Government, IT/Computer Technology, Journalism, Marketing, Medical, Science, and Sports.

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Financial wizards are likely to look to Wall Street institutions for opportunities; fashion design and retail enthusiasts might benefit from scrutinizing offers from Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue; fine art students can check out the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) or the International Center of Photography.

Cost of Living in NYC

Living in New York is not cheap and last summer an intern at CBS, writing about her experiences, revealed that in NYC the average rent was about $2,900 a month. Add to this, NYC storage, transport and food costs, a visit to the theater or the cost of buying a newspaper and a cup of coffee, and the budget needed soon mounts up. Part-time jobs can help and many people opt for weekend jobs at diners, stores or supermarkets.

Work and Labor Laws

You will find both paid and unpaid internships in the city. In order for an employer to offer an unpaid, internship, the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division has created a set of regulations that include valuable training experience. Be sure to review these regulations if your internship is unpaid.


Internships in New York City are much sought-after and successful applicants will be expected to work hard and deliver great value to their employer. Always arrive punctually at work and stay later if the workload demands it; check timetables for commuting carefully, remember to give up a seat to senior citizens, and use your cellphone very sparingly when on a train.


Although NYC is one of the most diverse cities in the world, almost everyone speaks English - especially in the work environment.


Networking is very important in the business culture of NYC. Many people will go out to lunch, dinner, or for drinks aimed at networking. One of the most phrases used in the city is "It's not what you know, it's who you know!"

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