Alumni Spotlight: Brooks Desjardins

Why did you decide to study abroad with TEAN in Australia?

Brooks: There were a variety of reasons why I chose to study abroad at Bond University with TEAN. I chose to study at Bond University because it was the only school in Australia that started in January and ended in April. Bond University matched up with the American semester system so I could still get an internship at the right time in the summer. I chose to study through The Education Abroad Network because I had only heard great things about them from people in the past. They also offered beach housing which completely sold me on it. TEAN offered other activities like a pre-semester trip to Fiji and just seemed like it was of higher quality then other programs.

Meeting the locals during orientation

What do you think made this experience unique and special?

Brooks: There were so many things that made this experience unique and special. Going to the other side of the world and immersing myself into a culture that I have never experienced amazing. I got to live in paradise for four months. The people that I met made my experience. Not only did I meet a lot of cool Australians, but I also gained lifelong friendships all over the United States along the way. I can truly say studying abroad was the best time of my life.

There is an abundance of outdoor activities within an hour of Bond University

How did this experience impact your academic development?

Brooks: This experience impacted not only my personal growth, but my academic growth as well. I was in a few Business classes with people from all over the world. I really did start to develop a cultural understanding from them as our bond grew stronger. Personally, I learned a lot about myself. I went to Australia not knowing anyone. I learned to be social and rely on myself to have a great social experience and explore things that I have never seen or done before. This experience made me stronger as a person and will only help me better adapt to other things in the future.