Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Couture

Natalie Couture is 21 years old from South Hadley, MA and currently studies Hospitality and Event Management. She studied at Bond University in the fall of 2012. She enjoys rowing, the beach, and trying new foods.

TEAN Australia student with kangaroo

Why did you decide to study abroad with TEAN?

Natalie: I chose to study abroad through TEAN after first seeing them at my school's study abroad fair. After comparing almost every catalog, TEAN had the most detailed list that described everything I would be able experience during my semester abroad. I could already envision myself there! With all the information and resources provided before I even left the United States, I knew I would be in good hands when I arrived in Australia.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Natalie: My study abroad experience was unique and special because of where I lived and the people I got to share my apartment with. TEAN offers off-campus beach housing only a short bus ride from Bond University. From sharing my apartment with others in the program, I found lifelong friends and found it easy to become accustomed to the Australian lifestyle. Nothing planned for the day? Walk to the beach and watch the surfers (both experienced or those in a beginner class), sit on your balcony and watch whales breech in the distance, or take a random bus and explore wherever you end up. Every day was a new opportunity for adventure and exploration of the local area and beyond.

Bungee Jumping in Gold Coast

How has this experience impacted your future?

Natalie: Being abroad helped me grow as a person most definitely. I am now an extremely independent person and know how to sustain myself on my own. I am more open and social when it comes to meeting new people or when encountering unfamiliar situations. I am studying hospitality with the hopes I can some day have a profession where I help others travel and gain experiences such as the ones I got while abroad.