Alumni Spotlight: Izabela Forys

Izabela Forys is 19 and from Birmingham. She is currently a physiotherapy student. She loves travelling and being Polish!

Izabela Forys - Zambia Volunteer

Morning: We would get up around 7am and help ourselves to toast and cereal before setting off on the project at around 7:45am. As I was on the medical project I would spend my morning either in clinics or on home based care in the community. When I was in the clinics I would be checking blood pressure, taking temperatures, weighing babies or helping out in the pharmacy.

If I was out on home based care we would be going round the communities with a caregiver and offer advice or some very basic medication, for example, pain killers or multivitamins. Once the morning was up we would be taken back to our backpacker’s accommodation for lunch.

Afternoon: After lunch we would head out on the community projects. There were a variety of afternoon projects so you would be somewhere different every day. You could be painting the inside of a school, doing some farming at a local farm, teaching at art club or taking part in reading club.

However, my favorite was family support where we would take books, balls, coloring books, skipping ropes and lots more to an empty piece of land and all of a sudden all of these young children would appear. They would always be smiling and would just want to play with you or read with you. Many of the children have no toys at home so this was their only chance to actually be children.

Riding an elephant

Evening: In the evenings we had our own free time to do whatever we liked, sometimes we would catch some rays before our evening meal or we would go out to a local bar for some drinks as a group. One of the evenings we went to see an African dance show which showed lots of different dances from all over Zambia. There was a bar at our backpacker’s so a lot of the time we would chill out, grab a drink and play cards or prepare for the following day of volunteering.

Highlights: I loved every second of my time in Livingstone and there were many highlights. It was amazing to see one of the natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls! Absolutely stunning!

I also got to walk with lions, ride an elephant and see one of the few white rhinos remaining in Zambia. I made friends for life, it is an experience I will never forget. I cannot wait to return to Livingstone this summer!