Staff Spotlight: Lee Carlin

The Intern Group Co-Founder and London Program Director


Lee Carlin is a native Londoner and a co-founder of The Intern Group. His primary focus is on the London programme, but he is also committed to growing the company across new destinations and markets. Prior to the creation of The Intern Group, Lee worked in a variety of positions that included 3 years spent in the city and also a place on the Graduate Scheme at L'Oreal. He graduated from University College London in 2006 with a BA in History. Upon graduation, he undertook several internships and traveled around the world - experiences that impacted his professional and personal outlook. In his spare time he enjoys sport, food and travel!

What makes interning in London a unique experience for international interns?

Lee: The Intern Group London programme is designed to provide a fully comprehensive experience that delivers professional and personal development to each intern. Living and working in a new city is fraught with difficulties and our service is designed to break down the traditional barriers associated with this process. We are able to source great internship opportunities for our participants and ensure that they are able to connect with opportunities and companies that are relevant to them. Once their placement is confirmed, we are on hand to make sure that each intern settles into London and working life.

Our package includes airport pick-up, central London accommodation, an induction with a member of staff, a fully functional travel card and 24/7 support and assistance. This is a unique service that facilitates a seamless transition into London life - something that helps each intern to hit the ground running in their placement.

As well as gaining professional experience within their internship, we want each participant to take away lasting memories and friendships from our programme. All of our interns are housed within close proximity of each other and we want to foster a sense of community that will create friendships with people from all across the world. Our mission is to provide a 'Live like a Londoner' experience that helps people to get a sense of the 'real' London and can gain an authentic representation of what this great city has to offer!

What can you tell us about the workplace culture in London, England?

Lee: The working culture in London differs from each sector and even from company to company. Only when you are in London, can you truly appreciate just how big the city is and the vast array of opportunities that exist here. London has a thriving creative sector and we work with a variety of PR agencies, film studios, creative companies and tech start-ups. Here you will find a dynamic working environment, full of ideas and creativity. London is also home to some of the world's largest corporate entities and is still seen as a hub of world finance and business.

Within the corporate sector we tend to work with mid-sized and boutique firms that offer the intern a more hands-on and practical internship. Every company and NGO that we work with in London are committed to developing the intern and offer a challenging and productive experience. Every company will place a degree of responsibility on each intern and provide them with projects that they can really get their teeth into.

What are some extra-curricular activities students enjoy while interning in London?

Lee: The internship is the primary component of the Intern London programme. However, our programme is also designed to be both fun and interactive for it's participants. We provide structured events that include a West End Theatre Night, a unique London tour, afternoon tea at a London hotel and also various meals, trips and group activities. This is a chance to discover some of the best kept secrets that London has to offer. Our strong sense of community brings together people from all around the world and creates lasting friendships and networks Every intern will get an authentic experience of London and also interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering this program?

Lee: My one bit of advice for anyone considering this programme would be to be flexible and open to new experiences. There will be a lot to take in and those who really throw themselves head first into the programme are the ones who get the most out of it on a professional and personal level!