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That’s Mandarin is China’s leading Chinese Language School delivering quality lessons to 3000+ students each year.

Study Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai, online or at your location.

Why choose us?
We offer only the best Chinese lessons for you with a unique and innovative approach to language learning.

We developed our own innovative teaching methods (Link Word and Story Telling) and learning platform (Mandarin Café) to help students learn faster, better and smarter.

When you join That’s Mandarin, you’re joining more than a school. You’ll be part of a community that supports and encourage each other to learn and explore the various aspects of China.


23rd Floor, Universal Mansion Building,
No.172 Yuyuan Road
Jing'an Qu
Shanghai Shi, 200040


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My daughter and I have been learning at That's Mandarin Beijing for almost half a year, and we feel very much satisfied with the school.

Teachers are all very professional; they're not only patient enough to let us talk as much as we want to, but also careful enough to point out grammatical and/or pronunciation errors as soon as they find ones in our Chinese.

The school provide us with a high tech teaching material both online and on a smart phone application, which is so convenient that we are able to review lessons anywhere anytime. Easy access to the class material as such is really helpful especially for those who are not full-time students like me.

I also appreciate the kind assistance of administration staffs. They're always taking care of us and give us a prompt reply when we ask them to reschedule our appointment.

I'd like to thank them all and I hope our Chinese would be better soon with the great help of That's Mandarin!


Yes, I recommend this program
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If you’re a beginner or if you’ve already started learning chinese, this program will only help. The teachers are very performant and thanks to them my experience with them was very productive!
The classes have break in between so you can easily stay concentrated the whole day. I didn’t quite like the food, but the other people seemed to appreciate it. In any case, there is a lot of delicious food shop in the area so it isn’t a problem, you can just go buy food outside.
So yes, the location was also very good !

Yes, I recommend this program
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Going to That's Mandarin Summer Camp was a decision I will not regret. It was my first experience abroad without my family, and the first time I went to an summer camp. Despite the fact that there were not too many students, it really was an amazing experience, I really liked everything here. The teachers were very nice, and the program very chill. For instance if we could chose whether or not to go out for food, or to order, we could ask to go to certain places and it would be taken to consideration... But that did not mean that we only rested without learning. The lessons were very intense and we learned a lot in each on of them. Not only did it improve my vocabulary, but the dialogues we had with the teachers and the other students helped me a lot with the sentence structures, the pronunciation of words... I really liked how there was a balance between learning the actual language and learning about the culture and visiting places. This year I had chosen to participate to the program in which we had excursions ( museums, Forbidden city...) or cultural activities (such as painting masks, writing poems, making dumplings...) every morning, then 3 lessons in the afternoon, instead of the one in which we have 6 lessons a day and only participate to the excursions on the weekends. I strongly recommend this one if it is your first time to China because it allows you to discover a little bit more the city of Beijing. In other words, if you are thinking about coming here, don't hesitate I believe you won't regret it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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In my opinion, That's Mandarin Summer Camp is a very effective and fun way to learn Mandarin not only because the environnment encourages you to speak and understand Mandarin, but because of the intensive yet fun classes. Personally, I found the school housing to be very accomodating from the building itself, to the people in it. Not only does this summer camp allow you to largely improve your Mandarin skills, but it also helps you get accustomed to the Chinese culture by offering trips to famous sights around China and also taking students to do everyday things such as taking the subway and asking for things in Mandarin. This camp is also very aware and accomodating to any issues a student may have and are always here to tend to your needs. I was personally so surprised as to how much Mandarin I would learn in so little time!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I had so much fun at this summer camp. I am 16 and started studying Chinese a year and a half ago, but before coming here I wasn't really able to use grammar properly. All my lessons have helped me improve so much, in only two weeks I think that my speaking, listening and writing have improved, especially my listening as the teachers try to speak Chinese as much as they can. We went on a lot of cool trips, for example to the Great Wall and the Art District in Beijing. We also went out often for food which was always really good. Our teachers have all been really kind and supportive, and the small classes are perfect as it means you are always involved in the lessons. Living at the school was such a good choice, because I got to know my friends at teachers really well.

I really recommend this camp to anyone who is studying or thinking of studying Chinese. I was only here for two weeks, and would definitely stay for longer if could. Beijing is a really cool city, and it was great to feel so independent.

Yes, I recommend this program


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