• Spain
    • Bilbao
1 to 52 weeks

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Language Level
Immersion Level
Intensive Standard
DELE (Spanish)
Specialized Courses
Business Specific Purposes Teaching
Class Size
Private Lessons Small Class (1-7) Medium Class (8-15)
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Apartment Host Family
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Price Details
Prices vary, starting at 145$
1-52 weeks
Primarily small classes (1-7 students per group)
We offer both standard and intensive courses.

All students will receive a textbook which uses a communicative approach to ensure you progress rapidly.
Teaching hours vary depending on the course. Though our most popular courses are 20 hours a week, students can choose to do 23, 26 or 30 hours as well.
What's Included
Activities Classes Visa Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare Airport Transfers Some Park Fees SIM cards
May 01, 2024
Nov 09, 2020
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About Program

Looking for an unforgettable trip to Spain that will improve your Spanish and expand your resume? Look no further: the Instituto Hemingway’s courses are designed to immerse you in Spanish language and culture. You, the learner, are at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a wide range of courses at all levels and for all ages to fit your specific aims, be it learning more about this wonderful country, progressing your Spanish, or preparing and taking an Official DELE exam with us.

With us you don´t need to be worried about dealing with accommodation and visa subjects on your own, we will be there to help!

Our highly qualified teachers will quickly help you find your feet, working with you throughout your stay with us to get the most out of every minute of your course. After lessons are done for the day, kick back with your new friends as you explore our city with our much-loved daily program of cultural activities.

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Program Highlights

  • Bilbao is a city that’s off the beaten tourist trail, so it’s the perfect place to truly practice your Spanish in day-to-day situations. Why not explore some of the many other cities in Spain while you’re here, thanks to Bilbao’s great transport networks!
  • Join us for our free cultural activities including trips, wine tastings, salsa lessons, cooking workshops and tapas tours.
  • We have a range of accommodations available, including with a Host Family, in Shared Apartments or in Private Accommodation.
  • Our courses start every Monday all year round! We cover all levels, from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficient). At the end of your course you'll receive a certificate which states the level of Spanish you’ve acquired.
  • Our experienced and accredited in-house lawyer who specializes in Study Abroad programs helps handle the VISA process with no hidden costs, to make your arrival in Spain a breeze.

Popular Programs

Permaculture in Spain

Teaching is highly interactive and our course is tailored to your level of Spanish, from beginner to advanced.In the afternoons you will take part in agricultural initiatives. You don't have to be an expert to have a great impact on the conservation and positive management of our natural environments.The initiative seeks to reconnect volunteers with the environment and the earth by reclaiming lost values in modern society, like day-to-day work, patience, perseverance and care.

DELE/SIELE Exam Preparation

Working towards your DELE exam? We can help: as an accredited DELE exam centre, we know the best ways to prepare you for your exam. The course offers DELE preparation alongside general Spanish classes - you’ll be dreaming in Spanish by the end! If you don’t have much time, we’ll help your Spanish improve in leaps and bounds with our SIELE preparation course. As the first certified digital Spanish exam with international recognition, SIELE is a quick and easy way to highlight your Spanish skills.

Spanish Course for Spanish Teachers

If you’re a Spanish language teacher looking to brush up on current methods for teaching Spanish as a second language (ELE), this is the course for you! Covering both foreign language acquisition and specific classroom techniques, we aim to supply you with the latest advice on how best to teach Spanish. Our classes also explore Spanish culture and history. You’ll leave with a wide range of knowledge and resources, including the Instituto Cervantes’ curriculum, to inspire your teaching.

Spanish Course for Children

Searching for a fun and educational trip for your child? Our courses for 6-12 year olds will be perfect for them. We aim to playfully introduce children to Spanish without making them feel they have to sit in school. In four 45 minutes classes per day, your child will learn to communicate in Spanish, play language games, sing Spanish songs, do handicrafts, listen to Spanish music and role play everyday situations. We provide accommodation for your family so you can enjoy Bilbao while they learn.

Spanish Course for Seniors

We know many people aged 50+ are looking for much more than just learning Spanish or improving their skills. That’s why our courses for seniors, at all language levels, have cultural activities tailored to your individual interests - be it tasting the delicacies of Spanish cuisine, exploring Bilbao or discovering the secrets of Spanish culture. With no more than 10 people per class, our teachers can dedicate more time to each individual student, incorporating your needs into the class content.

Live and Learn Spanish with an Instituto Hemingway Teacher

What better way to learn Spanish than to live with your own private Spanish teacher! This program is the most effective way to develop your language skills in a short space of time whilst being fully immersed in Spanish culture. You’ll get 10-20 private lessons per week in your teacher’s own home. Please note some teachers take more than one student, but we don't place two students of the same nationality or language in the same homestay unless requested. Contact us directly to learn more.

Student School and University Trips with Instituto Hemingway

Are you a teacher seeking a flexible educational school trip or university program for your students? Our subject-specific academic travel programs, customised to fit your requirements, are just what you need! We combine intensive Spanish studies with enjoyable afternoon activities, ensuring students gain in-depth insights into the Spanish way of life and practise their Spanish. Thanks to our high-quality professional service, many schools return regularly to relive their experiences with us.

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  • Housing 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

5 stars to preparation of DELE exams

I couldn't be happier with Instituto Hemingway service! I always wanted learn Spanish and visit Spain, but I never thought I would get to do both at the same time. I filled in the application to go to Northern for 6 months and Instituto Hemingway staff was helpful throughout the whole process. They helped me find a great sharedhouse, the classes at Instituto Hemingway school were great and I even had time to learn how to cook an original paella! I had looked at other companies that offer similar services, but this one beats them all without contest, because of the great cultural free options they give you and because it's free! I will definitely use their service again, I prepared for DELE exams level a2 and I passed it without any problems at all. In fact I took later on B2 and I also passed it. Thank you for everything!

What would you improve about this program?
It is actually perfect. I can not think of anything that you can improve more.
I will let you knwo if I come up with something.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Gem of a Spanish School!

I cannot recommend Instituto Hemingway Spanish School enough! I spent several months taking group lessons with a couple of different instructors. Both were excellent at teaching and had terrific, warm personalities. With their help, my skills improved dramatically in a relatively short period of time.

I arrived at the school knowing only a few words of Spanish. I took 4-hour lessons per day Monday to Friday. This concentrated learning approach was extremely beneficial for me, and the school's location in historic Casco Viejo made it ideal for immediately applying what I'd learned in the neighborhood's array of shops and restaurants.

My time there was an absolute highlight of my extended stay in Spain.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
One of my favorite parts about learning Spanish at this school was the opportunity to go out into the neighborhood with my instructor and practice talking about what was actually happening all around us. It was a great way to feel connected to the area's daily life. I would advise future travelers to ask for this same opportunity, when appropriate for the course they're taking.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Time-money total value

Problably the best time and classes I have completed in years.

I was very eager to learn Spanish when I began lessons and I had a great experience. I feel as though I learnt a lot very quickly and was able to start understanding and replying in Spanish during my time there. Carlos was a brilliant teacher and I would definitely recommend her to everyone. I have learnt more than enough in my two weeks of lessons to converse in Spanish and I hope to continue learning when I return home.

All of the staff and employee are great and really care about the individual person attending these classes. my recommendation would be to take individual classes if you are serious about learning.
This is a great country with great people.
Great time!!!!!!

What would you improve about this program?
Make sure you pay these great teachers what they are worth or you will not have them!!!!
People make a program like this great!!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

I am fluent in Spanish now

Instituto Hemingway is a fantastic school, with a very personal service. Jose checks up on students regularly, the teachers are fun and kind. They adapt to baseline level appropriately and follow a comprehensive curriculum. They are also very adaptable to timetables and are able to teach remotely on skype. They ensure that Spanish culture and geography are also learnt to give context to the language and make it fun. I cannot recommend this school enough.They have cultural activities for senior students too.

What was your funniest moment?
Choosing Instituto Hemingway is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My Spanish improved immensely and I found a home away from home.

My experience with Instituto Hemingway is multidimensional. I’ve taken group and independent classes both in person and online and had the pleasure of working with 2 different teachers. Though I planned on living in Spain for 1 month, I love my Spanish host family so much I decided to quarantine with them for the foreseeable future. Today is my 16 week anniversary.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic experience for my children

Studying abroad in Bilbao was one of the most enlightening experiences in my life and for my children. The city has such charm and history and there is always more to explore. You are in the heart of spanish culture, and although one of the main tourist attractions is in Bilbao you would never know how touristy the city really is. The businesses and people do not accustom to the touristy, English lifestyle, but will speak English with you if you need. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the spanish culture and learn all that you can. It is great that the city is smaller because you can walk anywhere in a short matter of time- anywhere in the city, to getting lost up in the mountains and hills behind Bilbao. The staff of Instituto Hemingway were fantastic. They are all so nice and will do anything to ensure you have the best experience. Overall this studying with this program in Bilbao was the best decision I have ever made and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a true spanish experience

What would you improve about this program?
I would have liked to have more Spanish classes every week.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved this Spanish course for Seniors!

Instituto Hemingway staff was so knowledgeable and helpful during the entire program abroad, phenomenal experience that I would definitely do again if I had the opportunity. Our professors were so sweet and ensured that we had meaningful discussions

All of the places that we visited during our excursions were spectacular and unique in their own way and I really loved being able to know that we were visiting small villages and other excursions we took part in.I don't think my core values have changed. I still want our students to push themselves, and discover their limits, and fully engage with the people and environment here

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you are not an outdoorsy person, then don't fear! I was not very active prior to this trip but I had so much fun being able to go hiking, swimming or just sightseeing around Spain, I did ziplining twice as well as bungee jumping and scuba diving (:
105 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best School trip to Spain ever

I can’t say enough good things about this trip! The country and all the sites we visited were amazing but what really brought the whole experience together was the tour director. I was really impressed by his knowledge and willingness to accommodate everyone to the best of his abilities. I came with 30 students. I have been on tours before and enjoyed them but I have never had a tour director that took such a personal interest in the group. There was a really good balance of scheduled time versus free time and everything was very well timed and organized. I would definitely do another tour, especially if I could get the same tour director!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
With such a dedicated culinary culture – and so spicy a one at that! – it’s considered the height of bad form to ask for ketchup to go with a Spaniards carefully prepared dishes.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best way to learn and practice at the same time!"

Loved the school! Classes and teachers are great. My Spanish has improved a lot, and I'm now able to keep a conversation, asking for directions, understanding people... I even went to a Movie Theater and watched a movie in Spanish without subtitles! The School is located right in the center of the city, easily accessible by bus, car or walking. Frequently they organize events or/ and lovely excursions nearby. That way I had the opportunity to visit the city and knowing about restaurants, coffee shops, bars and meeting other people. I enjoyed the time I spent at the Instituto Hemingway Spanish School. That's why I highly recommend this experience.

This school is perfect from both points of view: the theoretical and the practical way to learn a language. There are different classes for different levels, and the activities and rides around the city let you practice what you study in class. I think I learnt more Spanish by hanging around the city with Carmen and Carmela than just studying from any book. I'll always remember this wonderful stay in Bilbao.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Between Spain’s siesta culture and a wonderfully lively nightlife, meal times there are much later than most immigrants would no doubt be used to.
Enjoying Spanish tapas in the sun.
Lunch is pretty religiously eaten at around 3 PM, just after clocking off for the day, while dinner normally takes place between 9 and 10 at night.
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Questions & Answers

Thanks but in our opinion and experience this program is better for non-single mothers or fathers.

Pleaes let me know your citizenship and reasons to come to Spain.

Not at all. This program is totally flexible in terms of dates to join us but also time to stay (2 weeks minimum) and degrees required. We will give you training upon arrival and in that sense no degrees required either.