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Since 1962, BUNAC have enabled hundreds of thousands of young people to go out and explore the world through global Work Abroad, Intern and Volunteering experiences.

All BUNAC programs include step-by-step support. Spend six months interning in London on our popular Intern in Britain, or 2 years working and living it up in down under in New Zealand - whatever you choose to do, we're passionate about getting you there. With year-round departures there's no better time to become a BUNACer, get outside, gain invaluable experience for your resume and meet friends for life.

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Secure your internship in London this fall!

Are you ready to make tracks in your career overseas? Now is the time to sort out your internship placement in London, England this Fall 2019. BUNAC are the UK's only Tier 5 visa sponsor who have a great team of placement managers. Plus, if you refer a friend to our Intern in Britain program, you'll get $100 of STA Travel vouchers! London, we're ready for you.


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I was so lucky to be able to use this program to experience life in Canada for 18 months! I worked with Lubka Jacobs to coordinate my visa, who was incredibly responsive and helpful every time I reached out to her. After traveling for 3 months throughout 4 different provinces, I chose to work in Montreal for the unique & fascinating culture. I had originally planned to live in Vancouver because of the incredible scenery, but ended up choosing Montreal after falling in love with the romantic architecture, the young & urban vibe, and the fact that almost everyone in the city is bilingual!

Don't let people tell you you can't live in Montreal without speaking French! There is a thriving Anglophone community here and there are plenty of job opportunities for both English-only and bilingual speakers. I worked as an English/Spanish bilingual debt collector, an En/Sp bilingual travel agent for a start up app, and an engineering technical drawer for an architectural lighting company during my time in Montreal. The work I did here improved my Spanish immensely and also allowed me to gain experience towards my career.

I was able to live a very urban lifestyle right downtown and took the Metro to get around the city (I rarely even took Uber because the Metro system is so easy and efficient!). I took French classes for a couple months et maintenant je peux parler, lire, et écrire un peu français :) Montreal is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and I have had the pleasure of working with people from all over the world: Ghana, Iraq, Mexico, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, China, Venezuela, the UK, Cameroon, the Philippines, France, Nigeria, Russia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guinea, and the list goes on - as well as from all over the US and Canada! Due to the incredible diversity, Montreal is a Foodie's dream city; you will never run out of new restaurants and cafes to try and you will never tire of poutine avec viande fumée! Montreal is in a great location so during my time living here I've also been able to easily visit New York, Maine, & Vermont. A note on the weather: I am from Georgia, so I'd never experienced real winters prior to living in Canada, and I loved it! Winter was beautiful and so much fun; even when it's freezing there are always people out and about skiing, ice skating, etc. If you're looking for a North American experience with a European twist that you cannot find anywhere else, come check out la belle province.

How can this program be improved?
The program itself was great - they provided a lot of support and were always sending out job boards, social events, etc. The only improvement would be to offer more support in Montreal & the province of Quebec - there is no SWAP/BUNAC presence here as far as I know and most of the jobs and events on offer were in Toronto or Vancouver.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My position was unique as I was seeking to finish my final internship in order to complete my Master's in Social Work at Florida State University in Vancouver, Canada. I worked with Lubka Jacobs at BUNAC, who provided me excellent advice and recommendations in getting my work visa for Canada. She and all the staff I dealt with are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The help documentation that they provide is very user friendly and to the point.

BUNACs prices are better than the other similar service providers and having this opportunity led me to getting a job in clinical counselling after finishing my internship!

There are lots of opportunities for jobs in Vancouver. My one recommendation would be to start looking for jobs and making connections before you arrive so that you are able to maximize your time in Canada upon arrival.

How can this program be improved?
I found it to be beyond expectations. No trouble what so ever. To keep it this way, keep Lubka on the BUNAC team! She was so responsive and really knows her stuff!
Yes, I recommend this program
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This experience was a dream for me. Because it is nearly impossible to have an internship experience in UK and especially in London. The words are not enough to describe London. London is one of the most imporant centres in the World in terms of work environment and the city's atmosphere. It is a leading city in the world. Since the beginning of my internship, I met with many people from different countries. The atmosphere is fantastic and it is even more cosmopolitan than any city in the world. The work environment contributes me in terms of discipline, vision and work experience. It is a great programme for everyone, because it has professional experience, a wonderful London experience, strong network and future opportunities.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The BUNAC was extremely helpful in providing expert advice on my intern in Britain programmed! I cannot give them enough praise, the Arizona team made it very easy to help me out throughout the entire Visa process, I think I called them everyday with questions! The London team really helped me out once I arrived and provided the assistance I needed throughout the internship. I would highly recommend BUNAC as they allow recent graduates the opportunity to come to the UK to gain international work experience which has been invaluable to me and a fantastic experience.

Thank you BUNAC!

How can this program be improved?
If a company has bad reviews, mention it to your applicants before hand to ensure they end up in the best possible internship and share any reviews about companies you are previously aware of.
Yes, I recommend this program

After graduating from college in the states, i wanted to travel to the United Kingdom to experience agriculture and learn ways that it is performed on a global scale. the farm that i worked on was leading the country in technology, and science on how to make milk safe and efficiently. The only problem i found after receiving the opportunity was figuring out how to get over to the country and work-study legally. Bunac was great in making that happen. I talked to a woman named Rebecca, which got me all figured out on my side, as well as my boss David.

Working in England on a farm, producing milk and learning different culture was truly extraordinary. i met up with a bunch of people in what was called a young farmers club which was exactly what was stated in the title. A bunch of young farmers. David runs a very impressive farm, which i would recommend the experience to anyone that was interesting in progressive agriculture.

Yes, I recommend this program


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