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Founded by English educators in 2001, Footprints Recruiting recruits native English speaking teachers and places them in safe, reputable English institutes and government programs worldwide.

We match clients with the best teachers for their programs, and we pride ourselves in our selection process. We support our teachers with the application, visa process, and interviews for free. In addition, we provide access to mentorship programs and stand by our teachers for their entire contract. We recruit for hundreds of diverse teaching opportunities and ensure that our teachers are placed in the best suited positions.

Whether you are looking for growth opportunities, a new adventure or taking your career on a field trip, Footprints Recruiting is here to assist you for free.

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35 years old
University of the Witwatersrand



I must admit making this BIG decision which I know will be life changing not just for me, but my family too got me thinking over time. But after I applied with Footprints "I was pleased with all the communication that I received from them since my application form. Even though I was anxious and frustrated at times due to having to wait, wait and wait. At the time I didnt underatnd that it was no reflection on Footprints as they were awaiting feedback from ADEC, but now I understand.

Keeping me in the loop and ensuring that I remain positive is what gave me hope to leave. Now that I am here, I am so happy. I have been placed in a lovey villa, got a stunning school and thoroughly enjoying my experience being in the UAE.

Making the decision to come here has been one of the best for me. Even though my children are finding in difficult in their private, we as a family have been making this trip memorable and worthwhile."


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30 years old
Staffordshire University

3 years and counting!


Recently I started my 3rd contract with EPIK! My original plan was to stay for 1 year but that has turned into 3. Needless to say things have been pretty good here! EPIK is a good company to work for, but I have seen a little bit of a decline in new EPIK recruits lately, part of the reason is the Korean Public Education system are beginning to cut down on the amount of TEFL Public school teachers in Jeju and other regions, so I have seen many EPIK teachers take the leap to private academy's that seem to offer better housing and benefits. For me I prefer big classes over smaller private ones (I like the chaos of having 30 kids in a class haha) so I am content at the moment! I do feel however that after my current contract has finished I will be moving on to another country to teach and the first place I will start my search is with Footprints! From start to finish you guys helped me all the way to Korea! Without Footprints watching over me, this whole adventure would have been ever more scary. Your help with the application and visa process was invaluable! Not only that but once I arrived at the EPIK orientation in Seoul I was lucky enough to meet other Footprint recruits. It was also great that while in Korea footprint linked us with other recruits who had already been here for some time. Your continued support has been greatly appreciated!

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29 years old
Steilacoom, WA

Great experience with Footprints


My experience with Footprints was great. They provided ample resources and assistance in navigating the complicated application process. Even after I arrived in South Korea, they were there to help me get on my way. I think the best compliment I can give is that the recruitment process was so smooth, the details of it practically disappeared. Everything was easy and straightforward.

Teaching abroad was unlike anything I've ever done in my life. To attempt to describe it in fewer than tens of thousands of words would not be doing the experience justice, so I will say this instead: if you have the opportunity and the means to go aboard, do it. At least once in your life. I may never live aboard again, but I will always be glad that I did. I learned things about myself and about the world that I couldn't have imagined learning before I left, and I'm sure you'll feel the same if you teach aboard.

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