• South Korea
    • Seoul
    • Gwangju
    • Busan
52+ weeks
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Middle School Pre-School

Program Details

  • Bachelors Degree
Job Type
Teacher Exchange
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Middle School Pre-School
Weekly Classroom Hours


Salary / Benefits
Salary: 2100000 to 2700000 KRW | South Korean Won per Month
Flights: Reimbursed (Sometimes Provided Up Front)
Housing: Provided
Health Insurance: Provided
Severance: 1 Month's salary at end of contract
Price Details
Our programs are always Free!
What's Included
Accommodation Airfare Travel Insurance Visa
What's Not Included
Activities Airport Transfers Meals SIM cards Transportation
Nov 25, 2019
Jun 16, 2016
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About Program

Around since 2001, Footprints is one of the longest-running recruiters working in Korea. With several former teachers on staff, we are among the most experienced agencies in South Korea - for both public and private school jobs.

We do not recruit for just any school though. Footprints only partners with a small number of reputable organizations that we know we can trust. We have great options for you to work with schools in locations all around the country, but we aim for quality over quantity!

Applying for a visa for Korea will take time and patience, and Footprints knows like no other how to turn this seemingly daunting process into smooth sailing.

Seasoned teacher? Fresh out of college and looking for your first overseas teaching experience? Either way, we can help you find the position you are looking for. Take your career on a field trip! Apply today!

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Program Highlights

  • Footprints partners works with a select number of private schools who have a proven, positive track record with past teachers!
  • Competitive salaries with housing and airfare reimbursement always included!
  • Teachers can live well and save up to half their salary, or travel, or pay down student loans, or... who knows?
  • Enjoy the unique language, culture, and cuisine of Korea!
  • Add professional experience to your resume while earning a professional salary!

Program Reviews

4.72 Rating
based on 18 reviews
  • 5 rating 77.78%
  • 4 rating 16.67%
  • 3 rating 5.56%
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  • Benefits 4.9
  • Support 4.5
  • Fun 4.75
  • Facilities 4.75
  • Safety 4.75
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Yes, I recommend this program

3 years and counting!

Recently I started my 3rd contract with EPIK! My original plan was to stay for 1 year but that has turned into 3. Needless to say things have been pretty good here! EPIK is a good company to work for, but I have seen a little bit of a decline in new EPIK recruits lately, part of the reason is the Korean Public Education system are beginning to cut down on the amount of TEFL Public school teachers in Jeju and other regions, so I have seen many EPIK teachers take the leap to private academy's that seem to offer better housing and benefits. For me I prefer big classes over smaller private ones (I like the chaos of having 30 kids in a class haha) so I am content at the moment! I do feel however that after my current contract has finished I will be moving on to another country to teach and the first place I will start my search is with Footprints! From start to finish you guys helped me all the way to Korea! Without Footprints watching over me, this whole adventure would have been ever more scary. Your help with the application and visa process was invaluable! Not only that but once I arrived at the EPIK orientation in Seoul I was lucky enough to meet other Footprint recruits. It was also great that while in Korea footprint linked us with other recruits who had already been here for some time. Your continued support has been greatly appreciated!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience with Footprints

My experience with Footprints was great. They provided ample resources and assistance in navigating the complicated application process. Even after I arrived in South Korea, they were there to help me get on my way. I think the best compliment I can give is that the recruitment process was so smooth, the details of it practically disappeared. Everything was easy and straightforward.

Teaching abroad was unlike anything I've ever done in my life. To attempt to describe it in fewer than tens of thousands of words would not be doing the experience justice, so I will say this instead: if you have the opportunity and the means to go aboard, do it. At least once in your life. I may never live aboard again, but I will always be glad that I did. I learned things about myself and about the world that I couldn't have imagined learning before I left, and I'm sure you'll feel the same if you teach aboard.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My splendid Footprints experience

I went to South Korea in 2013, so it was a while ago, but I still remember to this day that I had such a pleasant experience working with Footprints Recruiting. The whole application process went really smoothly and I've since recommended Footprints to many friends who wanted to go teach abroad.

The team I worked with was very helpful before my departure as well as during my time in Korea. Their professionalism were reassuring, they had excellent knowledge of the whole process to answer all of my questions and I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. The information brochures/booklets supplied by Footprints with regards to forms and visas were also very thorough and they were wonderful guidelines to ensure that one complete all application forms thoroughly.

I taught at a Hagwon in Wonju, Gangwon-do. It was a small setup with only 2 foreign teachers, but our director looked after us really well. The work environment and housing was all up to standard and we had nothing to complain about. You read of so many people on the internet who've had bad experiences at Hagwons, so it's good to know that Footprints screens their schools properly.

Working abroad is such a great experience and Footprints is a free and reliable service to help you through the process. They will make sure that your work abroad experience is a stress free and memorable one!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Seoul via EPIK

"I had an amazing experience, teaching English in Seoul for 2 years. The preparation and application process was made far easier thanks to Footprints. Considering the application process is lengthy and pretty complicated, it was made far more simple, being guided through, step by step (especially as some of the documents are expensive to obtain, and I wouldn’t want to make any mistakes!!)

As for teaching in Korea, it was brilliant! I’d taught around Europe previously but this was a really different experience. The teaching itself was straight forward, some of the easiest lessons I’d prepared actually. The staff were friendly and helpful and I got a great reception from the students too. Korea was fascinating but utterly mad in many ways, I loved it! I learnt a vast amount and grew in myself as a result- I couldn’t have asked for a better teaching experience overseas."

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Yes, I recommend this program

Helpful and friendly

It was a few years ago, but I remember Footprints being extremely helpful in assisting me with my application and looking over everything to make sure I was good to go. The step-by-step process they led me through before I finally applied definitely took a lot of stress off of me as far as time management and making sure I had everything ready to send to EPIK. Also, everyone I spoke on the phone with (I'm sorry I don't remember names this far on) was really friendly and pleasant to speak with.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Footprints helped me get to Korea

From the beginning of the teaching application, and all the way up to landing your job and afterwards as well, Footprints has always been most professional with me. They have people you can directly talk to, that will indeed help you. Going with this recruiting agency, as opposed to chancing it on your own, will definitely give you an easier peace of mind in the life-changing process of becoming an English teacher overseas. I have been working in Korea for the last three years as an elementary school English teacher, and it's all in debt to them for helping me get here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommended!

I am so glad that I decided to apply to EPiK through Footprints. They made the whole process much, much easier and gave me the peace of mind to know that I was sending a completed, error-free application to the hiring staff at EPiK! They also put me in touch with The Arrival Store, which was a great way to ensure that some essential items like bedsheets and towels would be at my school when I arrived at my placement!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Excellent Decision

So far, I'm having a great experience teaching in a public school in South Korea.

First the bad:
Although a bit of the information provided in Footprints' Word documents were out of date (for example, Gangwon province no longer has 5 weeks of vacation; now it has only 4 weeks, like everywhere else). In addition, I noticed that many other recruiters had provided care packages and other support upon arrival at the airport, which is a really nice idea.

And now the good:
Otherwise, it was really great working with Footprints. The guides for filling out forms and getting hold of documents were incredibly helpful, as was the feedback during the interview process

Korea is a really amazing place, and I wish more North Americans knew about it as a tourist destination, or even just as an interesting country. Every weekend, I see a new place, learn a new activity, have a new adventure, and during the week I have a very stimulating experience teaching high school in the north of South Korea.

It seems my placement is a bit different from most of the other August 2014 EPIK intakes (English Program in Korea - the public school English program). Most people I met are teaching middle/elementary school, have smaller classes and fewer coteachers than I do, and sometimes need to work on weekends, which I do not. However, there are as many upsides as there are downs to my different situation, and I'm really happy with my decision to do this, and pleased with my choice of Footprints to help me through it.

What would you improve about this program?
As I mentioned, keeping the documents up to date, providing some sort of care/welcome on arrival, and some continuing support once actually in the country are my suggestions.
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