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Fundacion Aldeas de Paz

Aldeas de Paz operates various programs in the local community of Santa Barbara de Samana in the Dominican Republic whereby the focus is on young people in "at risk" situation or with special needs. ADP empowers young people by assisting them to develop their own potentials and provides volunteers with the information and resources to create transformative experiences in themselves and in the programs where they choose to focus their energy.

The following programs leave both the volunteers and beneficiaries with tools to drive change in their future and help some of them to become future community leaders: Youth, Care, Community & Nature Conservation, NGO Management & Administration, Medicine & Healthcare in a local hospital and MultiMedia Journalism where we defend children rights and raise public awareness about urgent issues.

We offer free Spanish classes.


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I arrived in Samana on the 16th October 2017. As soon as I got off the bus I was welcomed by my ‘buddy’ (A volunteer who introduces you to Samana for the first few days) and one of the coordinator’s. This friendly welcome helped me to settle into the Dominican Lifestyle which is drastically different from the United Kingdom. I was introduced to the NGO team who I would be working with for the 8 weeks and the other volunteers who were volunteering with the charity. I realised very quickly that the coordinators and volunteers were all extremely passionate about their work as they knew that this was having a direct impact on the children of the Special Needs school which the ADP run. I was assigned multiple tasks ranging from researching new agencies that promote the charity to translating text into English. This was a great chance to develop my team working skills, time management and skills working independently. I was given the opportunity to teach English to the Dominicans which I took
straight away. This was a great chance to assist with their personal development and wellbeing as it would help them get jobs in the booming tourism sector. I thoroughly enjoyed planning and presenting these lessons and watching their English progress I was never worried about being bored, there was always work to do and at the weekends we would go to a beach or to a local excursion. These were perfect to conclude a week of volunteering and gave me a chance to see more of the Dominican Culture and the countryside. In my 8 weeks here I have had the chance to work with disabled children, learn about veterinary, teach english, gain experience and help with the management of a small NGO, learnt (somewhat) how to dance the Dominican way, found out how to exit a hammock after multiple failed attempts and met a fantastic group of volunteers who I will be sure to see again sometime in the future. I couldn’t have asked for a better 8 weeks and I will be sure to miss the children, the volunteers and of course, the sun.

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I worked for 2 and a half Months in the NGO Management in Las Terrenas. I had
a lot of different tasks during my stay. For example, Managing the publishing of
Job offers on Listing Websites or translating texts for the Website and many
many more smaller tasks.
My highlight was a trip of all Volunteers to a rented Villa with a perfect view and
nice atmosphere. But it was just one of many beautiful trips we did together.
Aldeas de Paz is a very familial organization. It´s not too big and you get to know
every coordinator on site. The coordinators are really kind and take care about
every need the volunteers have.
The Dominican Republic is obviously a very hot place and you need to get used
to the climate for the first days. The most dominican People i met were really
friendly and always open for a conversation. I was really wondered about the
loud music, which is played at every corner every time. Sometimes it can get
annoying but most of the time it´s very enjoyable.
I can really recommend you to travel to Aldeas de Paz in the Dominican
Republic, because you will make a lot of experiences for your future. It is also a
good way to get out of your „normal“ life and get to know a different culture.

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During my stay at Aldeas de Paz I was involved in the NGO program and in the
Youth, Care and Community Program which focuses on the Mama Elba Especial
Escuela in Santa Barbara de Samaná. In the NGO Program, I completed a variety
of tasks from creating projects that should be launching in the coming months,
updated listings, and attended meetings. In the Mama Elba Especial Escuela, a
school for children with a wide range of disabilities and you truly wouldn’t know
it from their energy and excitement they show to be in school and interacting
with their peers and volunteers. While living in Samaná, I lived in one of the
Guesthouses and I immensely enjoyed the living situation as a whole and
wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Throughout my time at Aldeas de Paz, my
roommates had been from the UK, Germany, and Italy. Living in the
Guesthouse and meeting people from around the world is such an interesting
experience and easy to replicate but impossible to duplicate with the same
results as I have experienced during my time at Aldeas de Paz. You should try
though, it won't disappoint! On the weekends, you’re able to go wherever you
want to go and normally the volunteers will plan the weekend day trips and
anyone is invited to join! My favorite place to go while I have stayed here in
Samaná is Cayo Levantado, which is only a short boat trip away from the
harbor, it is paradise. If you’re interested in volunteering with Aldeas de Paz, or
even anywhere where you have never been, try to go with no expectations
because that will make your experience more enjoyable and it won’t hinder
your stay and you’ll find your experience far more enjoyable. I am going to miss
many things such as the kids at school, my walks into town, my housemates

whom we shared many nights on the terrace just talking together. It was an
incredible experience and it’s made possible not only by Aldeas de Paz but by
the individuals that volunteer and create that environment. I am happy with my
time and experiences that I have had here in the Dominican Republic and I
know I will be back again!

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I am not the average volunteer for Aldeas de Paz because I came to Samaná
with my husband and two children (ages 8 and 10). I am a nursing student
and ADP was one of the few organizations I could find through which I was
able to volunteer in a hospital without already being a fully trained
medical professional. During our 2.5-month stay, my husband worked at his
regular job (online from our apartment). Our kids had a local Dominican
nanny in the mornings and I home-schooled them in the afternoons.
Overall, we enjoyed our time in Samaná immensely! We loved exploring the
town and surrounding attractions, eating Dominican food, meeting the
friendly local people, and improving our Spanish. Manfred and Julia were
very responsive and helpful with any issues we had--whether small (the
electricity was out) or large (a brief hospital stay for my husband due to
Dengue Fever.)
I highly recommend ADP! It turned out to be a fun, safe place for our
family to be immersed in a different culture while I was able to volunteer
and gain valuable experience in the medical field.

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I had such a good time here in the Dominican
Republic. Mainly due to many nice people I met
and friends I made during my time with Aldeas de
Paz. They all amazed me by their incredible
heartwarming attitude and their heartwarming
attitude. My workplace at the hospital was really
interesting because I had the opportunity to work
with HIV patients and experience the medical
system of a developing country. The only
disadvantage was the fact that there was
sometimes not enough work for me and my
coworker because we did not have any
qualifications a nurse or a doctor would have had.
However, the people we worked with were very
supportive and willing to get in touch with us and
because of that I made some good friends in the
I also enjoyed the free time activities we did
together. There are so many things to do,
especially going to the beaches and the bars!
A huge thank you to the Fundation which gave me
the opportunity to be part of a great team and also

to my coordinators who treated us like friends and
supported us during tough times.

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