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At Aldeas de Paz, we are committed to affordability and financial transparency with our open book policy. Our minimum contribution starts at just €155 per week (after the second week). This inclusive package covers Spanish language classes, comfortable accommodation in fully equipped guesthouse apartments, a dedicated program donation, personal welcome service, airport pick-up, bus transfer, bus fare, and a free transfer to your placement location.

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Apr 17, 2024
Nov 20, 2018
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About Program

Immerse yourself in the reality of healthcare in a developing country with this unique opportunity. Gain invaluable hands-on experience alongside medical professionals and volunteers in hospitals or neighborhood health clinics. Witness the contrast between Western medical practices and the challenges faced in modernization. This exposure may reveal untreated medical conditions at advanced stages. Take part in diverse experiences across hospital/clinic departments, including emergency, pediatric, maternity (for female volunteers), diabetes, HIV prevention, and nursing. Expand your perspective on healthcare while shouldering responsibilities. Combine this medical program with other projects for a comprehensive experience.

Holidays - Christmas Holidays from December 16 until January 06, 2025.

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Program Highlights

  • Volunteers may choose to teach English to the doctors, provided that there is a sufficient number of doctors interested
  • Prepare and, if necessary, distribute medications (infusion, pills, ...)
  • Observing, shadowing and assisting doctors and nurses during their work
  • Participating in patient care: comforting patients and assisting with examinations
  • Stocking up on materials and preparing or reprocessing

Program Impact

We extend a warm welcome to students and professionals from diverse backgrounds, including pre-university students aspiring for a medical career. Medical volunteers should demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm, and adaptability. Specialized skills enable engagement in more focused activities. B1 Spanish skills are necessary, and advanced proficiency unlocks further opportunities. Complimentary Spanish lessons are provided to enrich the experience of our valued volunteers and interns. The program is open to elective students, medical students with available holiday time, pre-university students, and individuals pursuing specialized medical courses. Kindly bring easy-to-clean scrubs and closed shoes for clinic work, as they are mandatory.

Note: Medical experience and understanding of staff instructions are required for direct patient assistance. Inexperienced volunteers can observe and help with small tasks. Longer stays offer more learning opportunities. Experienced individuals like medical students can assist and work independently on some tasks. Graduated medical students or nurses can work independently after proper instruction.

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This Dentistry observation and experience opportunity is designed for current professionals and aspiring dentists. You'll gain hands-on work experience in a local hospital-based dental clinic or neighborhood health clinic, witnessing the contrast between Western dentistry practice and the realities of dentistry in a developing country. Your involvement level will depend on your professional and Spanish language skills, motivation, and willingness to engage.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A unique experience

To all future volunteers around the world:
After 15 months spending with Aldeas de Paz, my stay comes to an end.So it's an occasion for sharing my experience, point of view and recommendation.

My place abroad was Las Terrenas on the peninsula Samaná in the Dominican Republic. I worked mainly in the cities public hospital.
It' been a long time. 1 year and 3 months is an extensive period spend abroad for a volunteer service, but for all that everyday was worthwhile.

Conception of time in the Dominican Republic is different to the ones a foreign person is used to. Schedules do not work out flawlessly nor appointments will always take place at the exact planned day and hour.
Gradually the progress is made.

Hence you, as a future volunteer should have in mind: the longer the stay the better!

You can not rapid start work in the Dominican Republic from day one on, neither will you see a terrific change and colossal impact during your stay.
This can be arduous to an arriving volunteer filled with creative urges, ideas, motivation and expectations.

During your stay you will face challenges. Nevertheless you will grow with each and learn about yourself and others. By and by you will master a new language, meet various people from around the world, exchange and put things into perspective and experience.
Which I had the great opportunity to.
Likewise myself, the organisation was growing and still is.

Aldeas de Paz is a sprouting and forthcoming NGO.
I am more than thankful for the opportunity of being a part of this Fundacion.
It is a chance of expansion of your own horizon - and for both sides for though the dissimilar living environments and - maxims plus savoir - vivre can fertilise one another.

Exceptional thanks to Vito, Coordinator of Las Terrenas, more of a friend, for always being amiable, available and keen.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable Adventure

During my time in Santa Barbara de Samaná, I worked as a hospital volunteer, school volunteer at Mama Elba, as well as initiated my own project at the school Mama Elba. Although it was a short 5 weeks, I learned so much during my stay. Along with really experiencing the difference of healthcare that is found in Dominican Republic, as well as for the first time experiencing what it is like to teach, I learned a lot about myself and the culture of the Dominican Republic. Aldeas de Paz, more specifically Sebastian, did an amazing job making sure my trip went as smoothly as possible from the time before arrival all the way until the end. I really appreciated his support with everything and admired how hard he worked trying to make sure the foundation was running smoothly for all volunteers involved.

My time in the Dominican Republic, is truly indescribable. The food, the people, the music and the tranquility of the town really causes you to fall in love with the country. Creating the special connections I did with some of the hospital staff, my host family, and the students of the school really tied me to Samaná and has made my Dominican adventure unforgettable. The town is easy to grow accustomed to and to really meet and enjoy the company of the community members and local population. I would recommend either hospital placement or school placement because not only will you learn a lot about Dominican life, but the students and patients you see will teach you lessons in life and patience that no other job or university class will. Thank you so much Aldeas de Paz for an amazing time in Samaná, but I can assure you that I will be coming back soon.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A great long-term voluntary service within the scope of the Medicine & Healthcare project

I had the chance to work in the public hospital ”Dr. Leopoldo Pou“ in Santa Barbara de Samaná for one year. Sent by the German Red Cross I helped out in different areas of the hospital where they needed help. That gave me a great opportunity to see how the medical system works in the Dominican Republic. I helped out for six months in the laboratory doing administrative work and helping improve procedures and the workflow. Then I had the chance to help for a few months with the digitalization of the patients' records at the HIV Station, to assist and observe a pediatrician and to assist the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room.
While the services of the doctors and surgeons from the United States took part three times while I was here, act as a translater for them and assist in surgery. That was a great opportunity and one of the highlights of my voluntary service.
There were not just surgical services for humans but also for animals where I could participate in several times by assisting in the recovery station after the animals came out of surgery.
Beside my work in the public hospital (mostly in the morning), I gave first aid classes to tourist guides, members of the Dominican Red Cross, disabled children, vounteers and teachers in the Mamá Elba School. I also gave a computer class once a week and English classes twice a week to the community.
Regarding the organization itself, I really liked how our coordinator Sebastian supported us with everything. He was always there for us and motivated and willing to help.
I really had a great year here with Aldeas de Paz! I learned a lot of things, not just of medical nature. I would say that this year in the Dominican Republic helped me become more open-minded, more mature, able to integrate myself in another culture and able to live without having access to everything I am used to. It was a great enrichment for my personality.
That is why I can warmly recommend doing a long-term voluntary service at Aldeas de Paz in the Dominican Republic.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Having the opportunity to stay in a foreign country for such a long time was great luck for me

I spent nearly 12 months in Samaná working in the medicine and healthcare program. Because I stayed here such a long time I got to experience various workplaces. At first I helped at the HIV station of the local public hospital “Dr. Leopoldo Pou” and I gained an insight of how HIV treatment is organized. In the afternoons I started to accompany a dentist in the beginning in the local hospital and later in a private practice. During the second half of my volunteer service I worked in the private clinic “Los cubanos”. My work was very varied. Most of the time I supported the medical staff as far as I could. Sometimes I was even allowed to assist during a wound treatment or I translated for the doctors when a foreign patient came.
Having the opportunity to stay in a foreign country for such a long time was great luck for me. Even now I do not have the feeling that I fully understand the Dominican culture but I definitely learned a lot here. Not just about the Dominican Republic, I was also able to improve my Spanish and I gained a few medical experiences. Already these benefits would have made the year unforgettable. But in addition the Dominican Republic offers a beautiful nature. It starts with the view of the Samaná Bay right in front of our apartments. Around the Samaná peninsula are furthermore various paradisiac beaches and at some point it became a luxury problem having to decide to which beach to go on the weekends.
All in all I am really happy that I volunteered here and grateful for the opportunity. The advantage of being a volunteer with Aldeas de Paz is that you can profit from numerous contacts which could help you for instance if you want to initiate a new project. Moreover our coordinators in Samaná were always available for our problems and very supportive. And last but not least you can profit from other volunteers! In the last 12 months I met very interesting and friendly people who broadened my horizon and with who I made a few unforgettable experience. And what else could you wish for than an interesting country, beautiful nature and amazing people?

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Yes, I recommend this program

A year full of experience

My name is Leonard Bargfeld and I was working in a public clinic, with Aldeas De Paz, for one year. In Las Terrenas I was living in a flat with another volunteer which was perfectly fine for two persons. Even though powerouts appear time by time, welcoming colleagues, dream beaches and perfect weather indemnify such situations.
Getting used to the Dominican culture was at first not easy for me. Norms and values are not the same as in western countries, resulting of different circumstances.
I had a couple of problems to deal with. However, I learned that a problem is there to be solved. Comparing cultures is not the solution. After some time I realised that no culture is better or worse than another, there is just a difference and if you understand that, it will become easier to deal with all the things you normally could not deal with.
I’m grateful that I met so many people from all over the world, which were interested to broaden their horizons, like me. Additionally I gained a lot of experience, which is the most valuable thing to take back home.
The project in the UNAP Clinic in Las Terrenas was really interesting, the doctors and nurses were really welcoming, even though we had some communication problems in the beginning. During my year not only my Spanish developed but my knowledge about medicine and the health system too.
As you are able to discover the whole country I would recommend a stay of at least two month.
The organisation is still developing and tries to implement lots of projects. Everyone is really committed and passionate about their work.
I gained a whole variety of experience and I want to give a special thanks to: Vito (coordinator Las Terrenas). He is a hard working coordinator and helps out whenever help is needed. Vito tries to improve the organisation every day.
My friends and I had a wonderful time with him and I ́m really grateful that I had this opportunity in my life.
Thank you Aldeas De Paz!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Think/Act like a Dominican

My name is Ümmühan and I’m 22 years old. I participated in a medical project from the organization Aldeas de Paz in the Dominic Republic. I worked in a clinic, which is called CLINICA ESPECIALIZADA INTERNACIONAL in Las Terrenas for 6 weeks. I’m currently doing an apprenticeship in the 3th semester as a nurse in Germany. I thought it would be difficult to change the way I work in the hospital because of the have different guidelines in both countries. For example: In Germany we have to use disinfection solutions after each contact with patients. But that doesn’t exist in the clinic, so you have to wash your hands with soup after each contact with patients. The nurses showed me everything in the first few days. After that it was easy for me to work, I gave injections, prepared medicine etc. I didn’t only learn the work in the hospital, I learned to think and act like a Dominican. And I liked that. The whole personnel of the clinic were like a family to me. They cared about me every single day. It was a good feeling. I can only recommend being a part of this Project. I got a lot of experience and I improved my Spanish skills as well. These were the goals, that I reached. I want to thank the clinic, Aldeas de Paz, the director and the coordinator, ¡Gracias por todo!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My amazing adventure in Las Terrenas

My name is Caroline Neite. I worked with the organization Aldeas de Paz in Las Terrenas for six
weeks. I worked there as a volunteer in a private hospital because I participated in a medical
project. In Germany I am currently doing an apprenticeship as a nurse, so I can to study medicine afterward, therefore I saw the project as a great opportunity to improve my medical knowledge and to get more working experience in the professional field. What I can say after six weeks in the hospital is that I really learned and saw more things, which I did not learn or see in Germany before. It started with measuring blood pressure and later I was allowed to give intramuscular and intravenous injections. In addition to that I could assist in small operations, most of the time caused by accidents with “motoconchos“. When I had questions the Doctors and nurses always helped me a lot. That’s the reason why I have learned so many things about the effects from medicine and of course I could improve my Spanish a lot in speaking with the staff. My highlights definitely were to see bigger operations like a c- sektion or an ablation from an uterus. Of course the standards are a little bit different in comparison to Germany but the clinic is very modern and the methods they are using in the hospital are working very well.

About the organization I can say, that they always had time to help me when I had something I
wanted to speak about. Additionally I really enjoyed the time with the other volunteers and that
we all had our apartments in the same house. Every week on Monday we had a group meeting to speak about everything that is going good or bad. I liked that kind of exchange with the group and I would work with the organization again anytime. But not only the people I worked together with are really friendly, also the Dominican people are really openhearted and try to help whenever they can. I am sure that I will come back to Las Terrenas one day. Thanks for the great time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Gain valuable experience in the medical field

I am not the average volunteer for Aldeas de Paz because I came to Samaná
with my husband and two children (ages 8 and 10). I am a nursing student
and ADP was one of the few organizations I could find through which I was
able to volunteer in a hospital without already being a fully trained
medical professional. During our 2.5-month stay, my husband worked at his
regular job (online from our apartment). Our kids had a local Dominican
nanny in the mornings and I home-schooled them in the afternoons.
Overall, we enjoyed our time in Samaná immensely! We loved exploring the
town and surrounding attractions, eating Dominican food, meeting the
friendly local people, and improving our Spanish. Manfred and Julia were
very responsive and helpful with any issues we had--whether small (the
electricity was out) or large (a brief hospital stay for my husband due to
Dengue Fever.)
I highly recommend ADP! It turned out to be a fun, safe place for our
family to be immersed in a different culture while I was able to volunteer
and gain valuable experience in the medical field.

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