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Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures is a travel company with a bite!

Our team are all experienced and passionate, with two of our project staff currently studying for their PhD and a third planning to. Our business model utilizes revenue generated from voluntourism to establish self-sustaining conservation and community projects. The projects contribute to the local economy through services rendered. The Perhentian project in 2016 led 7 hours of school clubs per week each week, converted 3t of organic waste into compost and contributed 30% of volunteer fees which was RM95,678 directly into the Perhentian village economy, while another 40% was used for other project expenses. We are working with the marine parks in Perhentian to co-manage the islands and set up a fully equipped research station.

We manage over 25 school and university expeditions and service trips each year for universities, grammar schools and international school students throughout Malaysia and Indonesia.


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I had the best couple of weeks at the project on the Perhentian Islands in July/August 2016. I had an amazing time, as well as learning so much about turtle conservation, as well as the environment in general which certainly lead to many lifestyle changes afterwards.
I'd never seen turtles before, and as they're my favourite animals, this was such a special experience. You get to see many turtles in their natural environment; feeding, nesting and babies heading to the sea for their first swim.
Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who was thinking about going

Yes, I recommend
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1. treks
2. Batek,
3. Spotting animals & pug marks (saw tiger marks on 2 different treks)
4. bushcraft (blowdarts, lean-tos, bamboo cooking)
5. teaching English (3 X Batek & 1X Meraph village)
6.night markets
7. caving (one with waterfalls & climbing inside the best)
8. night drives (4 leopard cats, 2 x palm civets, 1 owl)
9. river swims
10. getting to know people on the project, local Malay, & Batek
11. Malay dinners

Suggestions for future volunteers:
1. use the local Cap Gajah rubber shoes for treks (best for muddy tracks, river crossing & easy access to remove leeches) 2. pack less (1 pair shorts, 1 short sleeve shirt, 3 pair underwear, 3 pair socks, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair light but tough pants, swimwear, hat, sandals, sunglasses, strong bug repellent, 2 X 750 ml water bottles)
3. buy a SIM card with data for your smart phone,
4. Learn all you can when you're hear by reading (culture & lang of Malay & Batek, local wildlife, Malaysian history), asking questions, and talking to everyone you can.

I do hope to return one day, maybe not to Meraph, but definitely to another Ecoteer Malaysia project. You are doing important work and I have enjoyed my stay here in Merapoh and the time in 2012 in Perhentian at the Cmmty Proj there. Keep up the good work!

How can this program be improved?
1. Sort out the trash & recycling (I helped to clear out a massive heap of recyclables during my stay & identified several sources of info in the village about trash pick up -- stores with dumpsters, villagers collecting glass)
2. Keep up the improvement projects on the roof (it has a lot of potential if you get more shade trees & some sort of shelter from wind/rain/sun, possible rain water harvesting)
3. Don't require your interns to regularly drive 12 hrs round-trip to drop folks at other projects (this is not a good use of their time & its a morale killer)
4. Buy some cheap solar chargers to reduce electricity costs & night vision goggles to make night drives more enjoyable
5. Consider doing night treks as these are offered by local adventure companies and will likely be more fruitful than drives
6. Engage more regularly with local Malay villagers. I and several other interns & volunteers were surprised how many villagers did not know anything about Ecoteer or the house. Maybe hold some local info sessions thru the mosque or just do regular walks thru the village talking to folks.
7. Better record keeping & hand-over of admin duties when people leave. I was told several times that I owed 5000RM after I paid GoOverseas & the Ecoteer person took several days just to confirm that I had indeed paid. Also, the Know Before You Go Guide & email contacts for the program were not updated properly. I booked in Aug 2016 and when I tried to reconnect in March/Apr 2017 it took me several weeks to find the right people to talk to about the project.
Yes, I recommend
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The trip is funny.I met about 10 persons from different countries.Through communications,I know some cultures and customs of their country.During the program,we done some meaningful works together,like teaching kids English, cleaning beaches,playing games with kids,learning how to make doughnuts,visiting the Local etc.Besides,you can enjoy beautiful scenery.The people there are kind and friendly.Trust me,you gonna love it.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe organize more activities .
Yes, I recommend

I spent a fantastic three weeks with the Merapoh and Perhentian Island teams. It was towards the end of my 7 month backpacking journey and it was a great break from the constant travelling I'd been doing.
The projects were a good mix of work, fun and relaxation; with the heat and after some of the strenuous surveys and trekking, the empty hours in the afternoon were a welcome reprieve.
The staff and interns were all fantastic people; all knowledgeable and passionate about the work that they are doing, and keen for you too enjoy it as much as they are. They are always helpful and open to any question you might have. The projects are very social environments, inclusive of everyone present; especially on the Perhentian Island where you will no doubt get to know the people from the other projects too.
The experience has inspired to get more involved in conservation and hopefully participate as an intern/staff one day myself.

How can this program be improved?
I would have appreciated a little more information regarding daily schedule before I arrived and a little more detail about the activities we were performing. Although, everything was pretty well explained by the staff and interns when we arrived.
Yes, I recommend
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I had a really great week at Ecoteer House. It is a really unique experience, living in the village and being able to learn about the culture. I really enjoyed Malay dinner where we went to a local's house and ate with them and their family. Although I was the first and only volunteer, all of the interns were really friendly and welcoming so I still had a really fun time. The islands are absolutely stunning, the corals were beautiful and I saw 3 turtles! The accommodation was nice, particularly because o had volunteer house to myself, and the food was always really yummy. It is a very chilled project and a lot of the time I spent just relaxing.

How can this program be improved?
I was disappointed there was no teaching involved at all. I felt that although the reason, that the headmaster needed to approve the plans, was valid, the plans could have been sent in advance to prevent this happening. This disappointed me as this is what the project is marketed to be focused on. I also felt, because of this it was overpriced as essentially I was just getting food, accommodation and snorkelling when I had signed up for a teaching project. I didn't really feel like I made any impact. The one snorkel briefing that we did was a surprise so I didn't feel prepared to get involved and speak to the tourists. Still all this in mind I still had a really lovely week and a great experience so I am glad I did it and would still recommend the project to others, maybe arriving in mid season is a better option!
Yes, I recommend


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