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You may have heard of a place called, oh I don't know, China. Ever thought of getting in on the action? Now you can! Based in two major cities, Beijing and Shanghai, our Company is your entry into the Middle Kingdom through study programs, volunteer opportunities and, most of all, internships. Thinking of interning at a bank? How about a law firm or an IT company? Perhaps you're more artistically inclined or seek experience at an NGO? At Get into China, we'll find something that's right for you.

We also know our stuff: We've been at it since 2007 and have established a network of over 2000 partners in almost any field imaginable. Most of all, our placements are in China's two most dynamic and global cities: Beijing and Shanghai.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Working experience is necessary

A degree from university is important, working experience is necessary, but more important is that you have some working experience abroad. I got known foreign culture, business styles and learned a new way of communication. That′s a big benefit for your career, but also for yourself.

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Yes, I recommend this program

To experience China in an unforgettable way

Gi2c was great, I would not have been able to survive there on my own over so the service and overall helpfulness allowed me to experience China in an unforgettable way. I learned so many invaluable things at my placement and made great lifelong friends. The insight and work ethic I gained through my time in the company will stick with me as I go about my everyday life.

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Yes, I recommend this program

It’s a real good deal to do this kind of job.

When I was looking for internship, it was very good that Gi2C was online. There were cheaper and they just have good reviews. I had an internship in the company “Web Presence” in China. It was brilliant. I really liked this job. I guess, just actual, experience in a real work place, it’s nothing at all like you go to university and not even more close to it. It’s a real good deal to do this kind of job.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Just go!

Their assistance was very good. I felt safe...The support has been really good. On my first day of work, Gi2C helped me get to my workplace, which is really helpful for people who don’t know the area very well.
I like my placement. I’ve learned about dealing with the press and meeting deadlines. In school, I studied journalism and broadcasting and was used to having homework deadlines, but having real deadlines for work is very different. You have real performance guidelines and a supervisor who is checking the quality of your work. It’s been great real world experience.

My advice is to be adventurous. Just go. Learn about new cities and places.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My intern life in Beijing

As an MBA graduate, I was looking for an opportunity in finance and investments. Gi2C placed me with a Beijing-based venture capitalist in order to understand investment opportunities and learn about the sector. In the end, my duties were not what I expected from such a position, because there was more networking and dealing with people face-to-face. This proved to be a revealing and invaluable experience, forever changing my vision of business and finance. This was the type of experience one could only live in China, and which can not exist in the Western world due to our social and cultural structure.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts is from Chicago, California. She interned at Kong & Allan in Shanghai. She enjoys Chinese food, making friends and taking photos.

Day in the Life of Sarah Roberts - Intern in Shanghai

Highlights: The highlight of my trip from a professional standpoint would definitely be having the opportunity to work in an office setting and gain knowledge of the supply chain consulting industry. It is a massive industry with many opportunities, I am hoping that this experience will lead to future opportunities.

Overall, the highlight of my trip was having the opportunity to live and work in a city as fast-paced and exciting as Shanghai. I believe that Shanghai is becoming one of the world’s great cities, as it has so much to offer! The nightlife is incredible, dining options are endless, and I love how the architecture is a mix of traditional Chinese and colonial-style European. I miss spending evenings at coffee shops in the French Concession, watching all the activity up and down the tree-lined streets. If possible, I would love to return to Shanghai some day.

Morning: In the morning, Shanghai is quite busy and crowded. After getting up and taking a quick shower, the first thing I did on my way to work is to grab a breakfast at a local street kiosk. Then I would get into a crowded subway and arrive half-sleepy to work.

Afternoon: At my office, things got pretty hectic after lunch time. As an intern, my daily tasks would vary from day to day, however on a ‘typical’ day I would review and update spreadsheets with information from our suppliers. Many businesses want to know about the upstream and downstream value-added flow of materials, and it was my responsibility to research and calculate some of this information.

Evening: After a busy day at work, I would always love to take a walk along the riverside, enjoying the moist air and the incredible scenery of Shanghai’s Pudong skyline. As a city, Shanghai is always always alive and awake, so things stay open till pretty late. Sometimes I would join other interns from Get in2 China, and we would go for dinner or out to one of Shanghai’s many amazing bars and clubs.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Scott Singerman

Scott Singerman is a Cleveland, Ohio native with a terrible affliction for world travel. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Accounting and Professional Writing. Days after graduating he hopped a plane bound for Beijing and placed himself right in the center of the chaos, confusion, and excitement that is modern China. Currently, Scott is back in America, living a slightly nomadic life filled with time spent visiting Universities, taking photos, and eating an unreasonable amount of Chipotle. He plans on returning to China at the beginning of 2013 to work full-time at Gi2C Group's Shanghai office.

What position do you hold at Gi2C Group? What has your career path been like so far?

I'm the Public Relations Director at Gi2C Group. I am also responsible for the majority of our North American recruitment. At a young age I developed a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. Throughout high-school and university, I worked for a number of young, energetic, and enthusiastic small businesses. While at university I participated in a student exchange program with Singapore Management University. Studying in Singapore completely changed my global outlook. It sparked my interest in Asia's diverse business and cultural landscape.

Five days after graduating with a BSBA in Accounting and Professional Writing from The Ohio State University, I boarded a plane bound for Beijing, China. I spent my first six months in China working as an education consultant at an international kindergarten before joining the team at Gi2C Group.

What are the core principles Gi2C Group strives to achieve?

Safety and Support: Let's be clear, living and working in China is challenging. However, as with many life experiences, the most challenging can also be the most rewarding. At Gi2C Group, our goal is to put our interns in the position to succeed. This starts with providing a safe and supportive environment.

Opportunity and Understanding: We feel that China is ripe with career opportunities for motivated young people and we want to help others understand why. As the second largest economy in an increasingly interconnected and global world, China should be considered a premiere destination for students and graduates to gain valuable work experience. As many former interns have told us, an internship is what you make of it. Gi2C Group encourages all of our interns to approach their opportunity with a diligent enthusiasm and willingness to learn. This willingness to learn must go beyond what happens during work hours, it includes a desire to learn the language, interact with the locals, and appreciate the many cultural differences that make China such an interesting country.

Personal and Professional Development: Living and working in China will change you as a person, and it will change you for the better. Our internship program has been the catalyst that has opened doors to employment opportunities and professional development for hundreds of former interns. As more and more companies make moves to enter the Chinese market, the CV value of an internship in China continues to grow. An internship in China should be viewed as a personal and professional investment.

What separates Gi2C Group from other internship providers?

Affordability: Our placement fees are lower than almost all of our competitors. Flexibility: Whether you want a one-month or twelve-month internship, we got you covered. Have us arrange accommodation or arrive and arrange it yourself. High-rise or home-stay - it's up to you. Our flexible start dates also help make things easier for interested applicants. Individual Focus: From the beginning of the placement process, our experienced internship experts work closely with each applicant, taking into account interests, abilities, qualifications, and needs of partner companies when determining a suitable placement.

What does the future hold for Gi2C Group?

More collaboration with more great companies and awesome individuals. We have been blessed with the opportunity to host hundreds of incredibly motivated and inspiring young people; our program feeds off of their energy and enthusiasm.

We recently opened our first office in Shanghai, and that move was the result of years spent building personal and professional contacts - developing opportunities for interns. Shanghai is such a remarkable city with so many opportunities and I anticipate us having a huge year there connecting interns with both growing and established companies.

Aside from that, we will be doing more face to face recruiting all over the world. So many young people are more willing than ever to step out of their comfort zone and travel abroad. This is a great sign not only for business at Gi2C Group but also for the entire world. We are in the midst of a digital revolution.

Technology and globalization is changing the way we view the world and the way that businesses approach doing business. I believe that experience abroad is not just beneficial for young people, but it will soon become necessary to compete in this new global business environment.