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To provide unique & meaningful work & travel opportunities where people can immerse themselves in a new culture, make new friends, & discover the diverse and beautiful landscape of Thailand. All the while, making a significant impact on the lives of Thailand’s Young Generation!

We have over a decade of experience providing salaried & stable teaching jobs and processing the complicated paperwork required for foreigners teaching in Thailand.

We provide a teacher training program in the beautiful province of Sukhothai, Thailand with a full-time teaching job upon completion. The teaching job gives you the chance to earn money, experience a new culture & meet new people, whilst the training program ensures you are fully prepared for the classroom.

"Kids English not only provides a great opportunity to jumpstart your career as a teacher in Thailand but also introduces you to the country's culture & puts you through a training that prepares you to face any challenges" -Alex


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Yes, I recommend this program

Kids English

A very cool program that allowed me to open new horizons for myself. If you want to change your usual lifestyle and see real Asia, and not just tourist regions, then this program is for you. a sea of ​​motions, acquaintances and impressions is waiting for you. Seeing and experiencing a new culture and new people, plunging into the world of Asian food and courtesy - all this can be acquired by becoming a member of the program. If you do not want to sit in one place, but want to try yourself in a new role - you will not regret it, you can be sure!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Good Program with supportive staff

I've been working through Kids English and it's been a great experience so far, starting with a couple days of training and info on Thai life and work culture was a great way to get used to the country before starting the job. They've also continued to be very supportive after I've moved to my teaching location, quickly answering any question I have and helping me sort out everything I need for the work permit, medical check, and other immigration stuff.

They also organised my travel to the training location from Bangkok as well as travel to my job location, which was a lot of help, and found an apartment that suited what I wanted. It's been easy and quick to ask questions I have about things I find with food, etc, and they're always glad to give a response really quick.

One extra thing however is that you might want to bring a little more money than they recommend (especially if you're buying a bike or scooter) since it might be a bit before you get the first full month's wages, depending on when you arrive.

I definitely recommend it though, especially if it's your first time in Thailand like me since the training had a lot of useful info about the country which I didn't know before.

  • Very supportive staff
  • Useful training days to learn Thai culture
  • They arranged the transport and an apartment that suited my needs well
  • maybe bring a little more money than is recommended, depending on spending habits
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Anna Wudeama
Yes, I recommend this program

The title is quite simple to understand

I had a unique experience with the Management and Staff. The Team was quite supportive with orientation, training, and interaction.
I had a serene environment for learning, and I made good friends.
My horizon was widened and it made me feel excited to meet the world in the area of education.
I was impressed with unique English Educational Camping Program for students at the high school which left and students and school yearning for more.
The experience was worth it and I urge you to give it a try.

  • The Organisation offer to ensure the best way to stay in Thailand.
  • It teaches how to fit in the area of interest; education, travel, teaching profession, exploring sites if attraction etc.
  • It has values of respect and good character.
  • Prohibits
  • anything
  • negative
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Yes, I recommend this program

Science Teacher

As a first-timer working abroad is kinda a little bit worried because this is my first time. I found this agency/company that thought me a lot about the process from the start of my application. I felt comfortable and worried less. Until I came here to Thailand specifically in Sukhothai all staff are very friendly and approachable and you cannot feel that you were just like an applicant they showed and treated you like a family. I really like the way they assisted you and I really recommend them to work with. If you are looking for an agency that wants to guide you on your application here in Thailand I can tell this is the best company. Please continue your excellent service.

Thank you! KET

  • Approciable staff
  • Very good and comfortable accomodation
  • They offered free Thai class with certificate of completion
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great help for first-time teachers

Kids English and their contacts throughout the country provided step-by-step guidance on all the logistics of getting established in Thailand: job placement, documents, apartment hunting, etc., and this assistance was essential during the complicated travel situation in 2021. In addition, KE's initiation program provided a great primer on language, food, banking, shopping, Thai culture, and more, all of which significantly eased the transition to my new position and set me at ease in my new city.

  • Greatly eases the burden of getting established in Thailand
  • Good English-speaking staff
  • Extensive network throughout Thailand
  • Sometimes a lack of transparency about placement details


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.


Job Title
Foreign Teacher Coordinator
Yada came to Kids-English Thailand as an intern and showed great potential and was then offered a full time position.
Yada wearing a grey sweater with dark hair tied back and smiling

What is your favorite travel memory?

I haven’t had much chance to t ravel, y family was very poor during my childhood and travelling/holidaying wasn’t a thing I experienced. However, I do remember going to a different province in the south of Thailand to visit family members and visit a few local places like temples, caves, and national parks. I had the opportunity to swim at the foot of a waterfall and trekking through real a real Thai jungle. I cherish the memories from that trip because that is essentially the only trip that I had that was like a holiday.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I came to Kids-English as an Intern, and I quickly fell in love with the working environment and the culture. Kids English Thailand attempts to facilitate growth of the team and the organization. This gave me an opportunity to learn and grow. I was able to excel in my strengths and I was provided the opportunity to develop my weaknesses. This allowed me to grow and develop into what I believe is a more empathetic and mature person than I used to be!

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

My favorite story or experience because I see it as more of an experience than a story. We had a teacher working with us at Kids English Thailand and he was assigned a student to help prepare for a debate first the teacher was a slightly anti the extra responsibility, however, after talking to Matthew who is the mentor for all foreign teachers he leaned into the role and the student won the northern completion, then went to Bangkok and won the overall completion. The teacher experienced a sense of achievement beyond anything they had ever felt.

I feel there are so many lessons in the above experience that I could write for hours, however I will leave it there!

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

Well, this question has already been answered in my bio. I was part of the Kids-English Thailand Internship Program for Thai University students. I came to Kids-English Thailand with a mindset that I felt was set in concreate, it was only slowly over time that I began to embarrass my new environment and new culture that I realized my perceptions and mindset are aspects of humans that evolve and develop. I am highly grateful to Kids-English Thailand for the opportunities they provided me with and for the personal development I underwent, because I feel I am a better person then I was before I set foot in Kids-English HQ in Sukhothai Province, Thailand.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

In my opinion what makes Kids English Thailand special is their ethos and undeterred approach to maintaining their core values. The mission of Kids English Thailand is to provide unique & meaningful work & travel opportunities where people can immerse themselves in a new culture, make new friends, & discover the diverse and beautiful landscape of Thailand. All the while, making a significant impact on the lives of Thailand’s Young Generation! Everything that Kids English Thailand does on a day-to-day basis is to make this mission a reality.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I believe the biggest factor in being a successful company is the examples set by the senior members of the staff team and the managers. By setting a good environment and showing people do as I do not as I say this facilitates an environment that is ripe for success regardless of the mission statement. This mindset is something I hope I can continue to foster and keep working on throughout my life and when hopefully one day I can become a parent and encompass this same perspective and ethos onto my future parenting skills.