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Start Me Up combines entrepreneurial education with travel to incredible destinations like Bali, Australia and Thailand.

Our Startup Internship Program focuses on developing the key skills that will equip undergraduates and recent graduates with the skills they need to succeed in the future of work.

Specializing in remote startups, our programs combine in-demand skills learning (like UX and programming) with travel to some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Programs offer exposure across a range of disciplines, including marketing, business development, and programming.

We operate from emerging startup hubs in Thailand, Bali and Australia. In addition to organizing internships with startups, we offer support in country, transfers, training, accommodation and mentorship.


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I wanted to wait till my excitement and awe wore away before I wrote a review and I'm proud to say I still reminisce about my time in Bali.

I started talking in Clare in March with hopes of coming by Bali in the summer. I finally took the leap late August and it was perhaps one of the best decisions of my life! I had the choice of taking part of a project in Sustainable Social Impact or Blockchain and Cryptotechnology and I decided to merge them both. In just four short weeks I went from simply being an English teacher from Spain to recieving an invitation to take part in the second ever international forum for Blockchain at the UN's World Investment Forum in Geneva. However; I feel my biggest accomplishment to date is the huge network of support I've built through learning how to navigate an international coworking hub.

From the minute I landed on the tiny island I bonded with the people in my cohort, my mentor and had a chance to get to know Clare herself. From climbing mountains to long treks in rain or shine, there's so much of Bali that this program allows you to explore. But even the lush backdrop of this exotic locale could not compare to abundance of knowledge I acquired through simply listening and engaging both locals and expats around Canggu. Some of which I've reconvened with in other parts of the world!

Ultimately Clare does her best to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the support given to them during their program, but I especially advise interested students, young professionals or those aimlessly wandering like myself to understand that YOUR experience is YOURS for the making. I'm glad I took the time to tire myself out every day with excursions or workshops. Take avantage of this opportunity to completely reinvent yourself or try something new and scary.

I know I did. Many times. And I was made better for it.

Thank you so much to the StartMeUp crew!

How can this program be improved?
Some may say the cost prohibits many from realistically staying as long as they would like. I say even a month is worth it! You never know what parts of yourself you might find when you get lost on the other side of the world.
Yes, I recommend this program

I joined the program because wanted to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and startups while being able to travel at the same time. The social enterprise I worked with is creating a new initiative to promote sustainable tourism while protecting communities in Bali.
Being in a co-working space means you get to network with people doing all kinds of different things. I really enjoy hearing what other people are working on and the different skills they have.
I attended talks and workshops on everything from UX to lead generation, which is helpful for future careers or if I ever decide to start my own company.
Interning out here has changed the way I look at work because it has given me an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work remotely whilst living abroad. Not seeing your boss every day means you have to take a lot of initiative, which is refreshing because I feel sometimes you’re spoonfed in an internship environment.
All in all, interning in Bali with Start Me Up has opened my eyes to not only a range of skills and occupations, but also a new lifestyle - the digital nomad.
Interning by the beach - what more could you want?

Yes, I recommend this program

I’d just graduated from university and had an offer for a graduate program at the supermarket chain Lidl.

A lot of my friends were moving to London but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go down that route.
I was looking for something different then I stumbled upon Start Me Up’s internship program in Bali.

It was one of the best decisions I'd made. During my internship I worked with a company in Auckland that helps western businesses launch in China.

Their team is all over the world. They have people in New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Uganda and we all collaborated across timezones.

I was devising strategies to help them with business development by diagnostically assessing potential leads to generate custom approaches and proposals to turn leads into clients.

Before I came here I’d heard about remote work, since I’ve been here I’ve realised that so many people are able to work remotely. There are many different avenues - from marketeers and consultants, to people selling courses and startup founders.

It’s a great place to get an insight into lots of different ways of working. If you’re in a company you’re restricted to that one company’s culture. Out here, you’re exposed to a community of people who are forward thinking. This inspires you to think for yourself and about your potential to startup your very own business.

It’s a completely alternative way to look at work, and has opened my eyes to the possibilities your career can take.

Don't feel anxious about taking the leap, as the support you receive from StartMeUp goes above and beyond, softens the blows and gives you a very positive transition into a new community, way of working.

Thanks to this internship I have not only been inspired, but also supported to setup my very own Online Coaching Brand, something I would've never thought possible before.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I joined Start Me Up Careers for the 2 months internship program in Bali where I worked remotely for a company in the UK.

I decided to join the program because I wanted to experience the digital nomad life and to gain work experience at the same time, to see if it was possible to create a balance between work, personal life, and travel.

The experience was great because I found exactly what I was looking for and it helped me to start my career straight after my graduation. The team is very supportive and they help you to get comfortable and to get used to the new culture.

The best benefits of the internship were to be surrounded by inspirational and open-minded people with different skills and to have the opportunity to develop your personal goals, enjoying amazing views in a tropical weather.

I highly recommend this unique experience to anyone who loves travel but wants to be productive at the same time and explore the entrepreneur life.

Yes, I recommend this program

My internship through Start Me Up was incredible. The program coordinator was hospitable, friendly, and in tune with what we wanted to experience in the startup culture. I felt I was pushed out of my comfort zone and that defined my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Working with a startup forced me to think in a different way and opened my mind to new directions of conducting business.
The startup world is crazy in the best sense possible. Start Me Up did an amazing job pairing me with Travello (solo travel app). I really connected with the crew and founders but I also learned invaluable assets I can use for my future.
The founders and my supervisor understood my goals to learn more about coding, website design and programming, marketing, social media managing, and public relations. My internship focused on running a campaign for Travello so I witnessed the ins-and-outs of how to market, push, redirect, and analyze a campaign.
My typical day working for Travello was leaving an apartment skyscraper with my fellow housemates and heading to Travello’s home office. In the mornings the crew would discuss the daily goal and after lunch, I’d head to the workspace with other startup companies. My case was unique in that I got both an office and coworking space experience. After the workday ended I headed to an event in the evening which varied nightly: events included a pitch-off series, sessions on marketing techniques, AI, computer programming, medical research and technology, and so many more. The nightlife after the events was fun to observe as the city came to life.
Overall, this internship wasn’t your typical deal where you work for hours without supervision or goals to increase your skills. It was so much more in that not only were my desires to learn specific things catered to by my startup, but the relationships I built will last a lifetime.
It was more than getting information to throw on my resume. It was an opportunity to build myself as a person, create lasting relationships, and gain life experience that will take me toward the right career path.
If I had to go back and make the decision between internships again, I would choose the exact experience I did back in January upon hearing my acceptance to participate in Start Me Up’s program. After all the laughs, beach days, hikes, food tasting, live music, dancing, one of the best things is that in Queensland is you’re never far from nature. There are miles of beaches and incredible wildlife around every corner. As any visitor to Australia will attest, the highlight of a trip down under is getting up close to koalas and kangaroos and getting photographic evidence to prove it!

How can this program be improved?
Seeing as this program was extended to Australia for the first time there were a few bumps in the road. Communication could be improved but wasn't outrageous for it being the first-run in Australia. Overall my experience was great and I would recommend this trip to any interns looking to expand their horizons in life experience and build lasting relationships.
Yes, I recommend this program


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