Gap Year Startup Program in Bali

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Ashna Gap Year Program
Ashna Gap Year Program
Swimming Bali
Swimming Bali
Jess on Start Me Up's Gap Year Program
Jess on Start Me Up's Gap Year Program
Gap Year Program Students in Bali
Gap Year Program Students in Bali
Gap Year Program Students
Gap Year Program Students


If you’re like most people, you’ll want to travel, explore and do something constructive and eye-opening with your time away.
Start Me Up's Gap Year Startup Program provides an opportunity to learn about startups and build your creative and tech skills in Bali. Spend your time off trekking, rafting, surfing and exploring.

Our Gap Year Program comprises up to 8 workshops that cover everything from responsible travel to how to start a business.

We take a project-based approach to learning. The goal of the program is to work towards a final project presentation which can be anything from a business idea to a blog or a book. It will also provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to take part in our Startup Internship Program.

If you want to combine travel and learning, this is for you.

  • Training from leading tech startup founders and technical talent.
  • Excursions including Rafting, Trekking, Surf Lessons.
  • Developed in conjunction with tech startup founders and business school lecturers.
  • All food and board included.
  • Experience the digital nomad lifestyle.

Start Me Up is offering 100% remote internships in over 12 sectors including renewable energy, social enterprise and fashion

From Silicon Valley startups to social enterprises in Bali, we're now offering 100% remote internships in over 12 sectors including renewable energy, social enterprise and fashion. Intern in a range of roles from software engineering to marketing and communications, data analytics and business development.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sart Me Up in Bali!

My internship with Start Me Up was incredible! I worked with a really awesome local organization building them a new website and met SO MANY people while I was there. The networking opportunities were great and so were the workshops and dojo (nearly every night). Obviously, a huge bonus to this program is that you're in Bali! We got to work hard during the day on our internships and then spend our nights and weekends exploring the island and even other parts of Southeast Asia. This truly was one of a kind experience that you won't regret! The people and staff were amazing and you get work experience while you travel! My group was awesome and the accommodation was perfect, we were right on the main road in Canggu so we were walking distance to Dojo, the beach, and basically everywhere. It's also cool because the people in your cohort are from all over the world so you make friends that you can stay with when you travel. The food was the best food I've eaten in my life and I honestly would go back just for that! This opportunity with Start Me Up has really opened my eyes to the possibilites of working remotely and I am so happy I found it before I graduated.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Make the most of the networking opportunities! I was based at Dojo and met some amazing people that are super willing to help if you ask questions. Go to the workshop events and make sure you explore Bali on the weekends and you will not be disappointed.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Two month internship in Bali

The internship was great. I was working with a startup accelerator and part time on my own startup TX.
I was able to get involved in lots of high impact projects from creating marketing strategies, building websites, doing competitor analysis and research to creating a promotional video. I was also able to get tons of mentoring from industry professionals and could improve my skills in any way I wanted.
Outside work I got up to a huge variety of activities from volcano trekking and mountain biking to surfing and diving, and lots more!
Overall an awesome experience and one which has primed me for future challenges.

What would you improve about this program?
-perhaps more structure in the learning side of the internship. It was mostly self led which was good but it would be nice to have done guidance