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Located two hours from the Pacific ocean and three hours from the Caribbean, Tico Lingo offers a complete Spanish immersion program curated by our expert Spanish professors. Utilizing groups of no more than six students per class, we submerse out students in 4-5 hour classes every day, Monday through Friday in a true, non-touristy Costa Rican expereince.

In addition to Spanish classes, Tico Lingo offers a Homestay program where students live in the homes with nearby families, share two meals a day with them, and continue to further practice their Spanish skills. Additional activities include Latin dance classes, yoga, cooking classes, culture tours, adventure tours, and memberships to our conversational club with English students.


50 metros sur del Gimnasio de la Escuela de Barrio Fátima, entre las calles 8 y la avenida 11 y 13
Provincia de Heredia, Heredia
Costa Rica


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As I live in Costa Rica and only had a very limited time, I sent a special request to Tico Lingo for a Tailor-made program for 10 days. My request was answered by Chris very personal and we quickly found a special program which was exactly what I wanted and fitted my time frame. Due to the short time I had, I went for private classes three hours a day and added an hour of yoga each day. The class was completely adjusted to my requests and the daily yoga practice with Karen, was the highlight of my day.
I believe that for most people the classes in small groups and the stay with a local family is a great choice. For me, the private classes, combined with staying in a hotel nearby was perfect and gave me the enough time to pursue my online work, while getting the most out of the classes.
I can highly recommend Tico Lingo and hope to come back, soon!

Yes, I recommend this program

This trip was amazing! My host family was welcoming and my teacher was so helpful! I only was able to go for the three week teen program but I totally wish I could have gone for longer. The weekend trips were so much fun and I definitely was able to improve my Spanish! I was able to go to Manuel Antonio which was an amazing national park and I was able to see monkeys, sloths, and iguanas. That was super cool. I would highly recommend purchasing a waterproof pouch before you go. These are definatly memories that I will take with me for the rest of my life. In my host house there were two other girls and just down the street there were two other kids in the program. My street had so many little kids and I had an amazing time getting to know them and help them with their English homework.

How can this program be improved?
By making the teen program longer and by having board games for students to play
Yes, I recommend this program

Originally I just needed to get away from life. The day to day grind needed a break. I researched several volunteering options around central America and found myself being drawn to this one. I had not set out with intentions on learning Spanish. But after looking closley at the project it was clear to me that this was exactly what I needed to do. Do good for the earth, do good for me. I was nervous at first, but quickly all my anxieties diminished. The Spanish immersion I felt was the most effective way to teach me a new language. Jump right in with both feet! My home stay was such a wonderful experience. My host family showed endless patience and a grand since of humor! My time with them will be cherished a lifetime. But that was only half of my amazing adventure! Pairing the home stay with Tortuga Feliz turtle conservation is a brilliant combo! My time at the project was filled lots of laughs, hard work, baby turtles, and plenty of sunshine! I was so impressed with how organized and well ran the project was. I was hands on and very involved with the conservation efforts going on at the location. The satisfaction of witnessing almost instant results from our efforts is a feeling I still hold today. Not effort good things can be said about my entire experience. I'll be back, and I most definitely recommend this program to anyone needing a little self challenge/love. Do it for the turtles. Do it for the community. Do it for You! Thank you to all the working hands behind the scene and on the ground that make this opportunity possible.

How can this program be improved?
In my personal experience, everything was flawless. Thank you!
Yes, I recommend this program
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My time in Costa Rica changed my life and it can yours if you want it to.

I was nervous about absolutely everything before booking this program but can honestly say it was the best experience of my life to date.

I loved that everything was so organised which allowed me to just get on and save turtles and learn Spanish. It helped me so much being met at the airport as it was my first ever long haul trip.

Highlights were getting back to basics on a tropical Caribbean beach surrounded by baby turtles. Learning to speak Spanish in an outstandingly friendly atmosphere and being in such an awesome country..
Lowlights were saying goodbye to all the amazing people at the school , down at the beach and especially my homestay family.

Gracias amigos!

100% recommended

Yes, I recommend this program

My main goals when travelling in Costa Rica were to be able to volunteer with wildlife in a program that genuinely made a difference and to be able to learn Spanish while doing so. The Turtle Rescue and Spanish immersion program could not have been more suited to me! Not only did I get to fulfill a dream to really make a difference and help both the turtles and give back to the local community but I also learnt a lot of Spanish, so much more than I expected to in the month that I was there and made friends for life with both my fellow volunteers and my lovely tico family during my home stay, a home away from home. As a huge nature and animal lover, the highlight for me was observing and assisting in the nesting and protection of beautiful turtles and releasing their hatchlings (leatherbacks, greens and hawksbills) in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Yes, I recommend this program


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