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The University of Western Australia is located in the amazing city of Perth, the hub of the mining and resources industry in Australia. Ranked #91 in the world in 2018, UWA is located 5 minutes from the bustling city centre and only 10 minutes from Perth's best beach, Cottesloe! We have around 25,000 students in total, coming from more than 100 different countries worldwide. We offer free airport pickup, counseling services, recorded lectures so you can watch again from home and more. We also have a dedicated Global Learning Office to support you before, during and after your studies!


35 Stirling Highway
Perth WA 6009

$5000 a year scholarship

UWA is offering an automatic scholarship of $5000 per year to students who are members of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) that apply to study their full Bachelor's degree at UWA! UWA's undergraduate programs are only three years, and more and more Americans are choosing to study their degree at UWA to save time and money while earning a fantastic education.



At first The University of the Western Australia was "just" one of the best universities of the country, that's why I choosed it. But arriving there on the first day leaved me without words: a wonderful structure in the middle of gardens, people from all over the world, confortable classrooms, beautiful libraries, units well organized, teachers and tutors open to help us with our necessities and apprenticeship. It was a challenge, but also memorable as one of the greatest places I have been. Thank you for the experience.

How can this program be improved?
Students could be more encouraged to do things outside the university, with other international and national students. I know there were some initiatives like that, but I didn't feel that was for me and now I feel sorry I missed it.
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Leticia Maria

I've studied at The University of Western Australia as an exchange undergraduate student supported by a scholarship program of my home country called Science Without Borders. I had the chance to improve English as a second language for six months before starting my undergrad studies on campus, so I've experienced Perth for 18 months. That experience was like no other in life. The University of Western Australia provided me more than all the support I could ever ask for. Teachers and staff have always been patient and receptive with me and any other foreigner students. Beyond excellent classes, the university supports social, cultural and academic events on campus, so every week there is something new to experience as a student. I strongly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to study overseas! If I ever have the opportunity to study again in Australia, I definitely will!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Studying abroad may be a little scary at first, but it's also one of the most rewarding experiences a college student can have.
I remember when I first arrived in Perth... I had trouble adapting to the city, the language, the culture (and the jet lag, of course!).
But as soon as the classes started, it began to feel like home. The university embraced the new students by promoting social events, lectures, orientations for exchange students, Counselling and Psychological Services, everything with great affection to make us feel like part of that community.
Even when I had a little accident trying to skate, the school’s nursery assisted me in the best way they could.
In a place like that, all I wanted to do was to study, explore and unterstand the culture of that amazing country.
Today I see that studying in a different education system has provided me knowledge I would never get back home. It also made me more independent and self-confident because I had to adapt to all types of situations.
But most of all, in this program I gained life experience: friends all over the world, amazing sights, new foods, great stories.

Thank you UWA, for the unforgettable memories!

Yes, I recommend this program
Luiz Henrique

I stuided for a full Year in a Study Abroad programme from Brazil.
I found the installations to be Fantastic at UWA, as well as the Professors and the hole Team from this University.

I just felt very welcomed in there, since we had an Orientation Week wich allowed me to get to know the Campus and gave me tips in subjects that went beyond the University, such as "How to find a residence", besides the welcome Parties wich helped to get to know a wide virety of students.

I would surely, if I had a chance, have another experience at UWA.

Just Fantastic. :)

Yes, I recommend this program

The University of Western Australia (UWA) was a pleasant experience in my academic life and Perth for my well-being. The reason why I choose UWA over other Australian universities was due to its reputation and the fact that UWA has been recently admitted as one of the best 100 universities in the world. As I am planning on to major in mining engineering having a degree which is recognized overseas would be an essential to increase my chances of having a well-developed career.
UWA has a very active social scene which allows the easy making of many, diverse friends. However, it is very hard to make friends through classes or any academic situations. Although most people are friendly, they just don’t seem to have the time to make friends. The best way it is being part of one of the various sport clubs that the UWA offer, so you can hang out with friends of different nationalities and background.
The campus is quite nice and serene. It is surrounding by a peaceful suburban besides the beautiful Matilda´s bay and there is also some native woodland (Kings Park) which puts a bit of a dampener during the rush time of exams. The public transport is very convenient – on semester weekdays buses come every 10 minutes and around every half hour on weekends. There’s also a well maintained public cycle path you can use to get into the city.
The lecture theaters are well-equipped, and the campus provide many libraries and other facilities to students. It also has a very conducive environment for students to do their research and studies.
Overall it was a great experience to live in Perth and study at UWA. I am sure that it will enhance my job prospects besides the memory of the beautiful landscapes from Western Australia that keep on my mind!

Yes, I recommend this program


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