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World Campus International organizes short term programs in Japan for students aged 17 and up. Programs can be done independently of each other or in conjunction, making your Japanese studies flexible to your needs, goals, and budget. Study Japanese culture and language in various cities across Japan and participate in not only classes, but also homestays and related cultural activities. There has never been a better time to study abroad in Japan!


4160-11 Arao
Arao, Kumamoto


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World Campus Japan is an amazing program! I have never thought to experience Japan in such a unique way. All my expectations were topped, day by day.

I got so close with my host families and felt so at home, although I stayed only one week with each. They are really kind and interested in you and your culture and it is great to show them your country and the way you live. Moreover, you experience the japanese lifestyle in the best way. I felt like being part of them, as I saw everything in a non-touristic way.
You have the possibility to discover every domain of Japan, like their delicious food, pop culture, nature. I got the chance to go to Akihabara in Tokyo, to see shinto shrines and to talk to the Governor of Ibaraki! And japanese food is the best food I‘ ve ever eaten (I swear!) I missed it so much back home.
And you meet so many great and interesting people. I made good friends and it makes me happy that they‘re from all over the world! We got all very close and I felt like being part of one big family.
The progam helped me to get more openminded and I developed a lot, especially in interaction with other people and in overcoming the fear of talking in front of a lot of people. You really expand your comfort zone.

I can only recommend it as you gain so much from this amazing program. I will definitely do it again and I‘m looking forward to discovering Japan one more time!

Yes, I recommend this program
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World Campus... When I write this it's been just over five months since my session ended. And I still think about the people I met in Japan last summer, about the things we did there, all the amazing experiences we had almost every week. It's an experience that stays with you, and can change you for the better. As I explain in the vlog, it got rid of a large part of my performance anxiety. And can you believe it?? I'm actually a part of a dance team now! So many nice team mates and so many fun moments with them, and it's all thanks to World Campus. But that's only the arigato event. World Campus has tons of other stuff to offer. Think shrine visits, traditional Japanese dance, host family days where they take you on a fun day out, visits to schools or universities, museums, and a lot of other things. And one thing that remains constant through it all is the interaction with the locals. There are of course the host families, but also the local volunteers who help make that particular week a success, random people you might meet somewhere, or people who make individual activities possible. After World Campus is over, you'll have gained a deep understanding of Japan, the Japanese, and their culture in the way a regular tourist never could have.

Another constant is the other participants. It's hard to imagine if you've never done something like World Campus, but it's amazing how close you'll grow to the other participants. Don't underestimate how close you'll grow to a group of friendly, like-minded people roughly your age from all over the world that you spend so much time and share so many amazing experiences with. The group truly fosters a great environment to have World Campus in.

And how could I forget. The wonderful staff! Travelling together with the participants are some staff members who guide the participants and are responsible for all kinds of things. They are very nice people and do an excellent job. Not only at organising and guiding, but whenever needed, you can always talk with them about whatever it is that's bothering you. They're not called counsellors without good reason ;)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Best decision I have ever made! Before World Campus, I had no memories of flying internationally as a child, and I would say that, that was my first time traveling outside the country and also on my own. I applied to World Campus knowing that I have a year left of undergraduate studies and I have always wanted to go to Japan. It was my dream and let me tell you World Campus has given me the best Japan experience I can ever receive. In just three weeks, I had three welcoming and loving Host Families, I traveled to three different prefectures, experienced Japanese culture and tradition in ways I know I wouldn't be able to experience as a tourist. Everyone was welcoming and you will make a lot of friends from all over the world because World Campus full of diverse applicants, that is what makes WCI so great.

AND Guess what? The program fee is reasonable and we did not have to worry about any expenses during the program other than your flight, shopping and gifts for host families. (There's more info on the fees and expenses on WCI website)
I have traveled to Japan as a tourist, although is is fun but before all the fun, booking flights, hotels, pocket wifi/sims, transportation, navigating restaurants, and activities to do are things you have to plan ahead of time. World campus takes care of all the planning and all you have to do is arrive to the airport. How great is that?

Aside of all of that, visiting schools, universities, temples, and festivals, this was everything I have longed of seeing and experiencing. I appreciated everything, everyone and all the opportunity given to us. I wanted to give back to the community by sharing a part of my culture back and thanking each and everyone in the community. Before the program I was told about the Arigatou event, I decided to bring a traditional dress and fans for a performance. I was able to perform a fan dance during the 2nd and 3rd Arigatou event, but the 1st event I was hesitance, as a shy person I was nervous to perform alone. I didn't build the courage until later and again World Campus made my step out my comfort zone only for the best experience, because you will never know until you try. It felt good being able to do something back for your host families and everyone in the community. I would join world Campus again if I had the chance to and I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for the greatest Japan experience ever.

Yes, I recommend this program
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In the year 2016 I had my first experience of Japan, and I’m very happy that it was with World Campus. It’s a while ago by now, so my review is a little late. But that doesn’t change the fact that I remember my time with World Campus as a very good and fun experience where I could learn a lot and meet a lot of new friendly people from over the world.

With World Campus Japan it’s possible to experience Japan in a way that you would never do if you go as a tourist. I haven’t been to Japan as a tourist yet, so I guess I can’t actually make a comparison. But I honestly think it would be incomparable (I will see in the summer when I’m going back to Japan as a tourist). What I know for sure though is that you don’t get the same experience as a transfer student; after I had been to the first session of World Campus Japan 2016 I went as a transfer student to Tokyo. And while I had fun in Tokyo as well and got to meet a lot of new friendly people, there is nothing like my time in Omura, Arao and Kumamoto with World Campus.

The way I got to be a part of Japanese families during my stay and in a direct way learn about Japan was my favorite part of the program. They gave me a place to sleep, a chance to try amazing Japanese food and the possibility to get to know and learn about them. At the same time though, visiting Japanese schools, trying to do Kyuudo(and failing…) and even visiting a Japanese sword smith along with all the other activities were all great in their own ways and gave a special insight into Japan. I never thought that I would rather be doing something else than doing the activities with the rest of the group.

I would recommend this program to anyone with an interest in Japan. I love it and while I haven’t had the opportunity to go again because of studies and work, I really hope I can go again soon!

How can this program be improved?
Not sure if this is possible to be honest. It already is such a great program!
Yes, I recommend this program

I have travelled with WCI every year since 2013, and since 2014 as a program counselor. I would like to share my experience with WCI after 6 years of travelling with them. Before my WCI days, I travelled to Japan two other times, once in an academic context and once as a tourist with friends. In my experience, World Campus is hands down the best way to experience Japan, and an opportunity to develop yourself as a person.

The first main feature of WCI I would like to emphasize is the host families. Each perticipant stays with one family for each week, and it is amazing how deep a bond can form in such a short time. I have made many life-long friendships with my host families based just on the one week I stayed with them, and am still in regular contact with them. Staying with a host family also gives you something you could never get as a tourist - a close experience of the real Japanese culture. I'm not talking about the "billboard culture" that is served to tourists, but the daily lives of Japanese people, and by staying with three host families, you will get a good picture of their lifestyle.

We usually have participants from over 10 different countries, and I have also made many international friends for life from our own participants and from the Japanese communities we have visited.

The second main feature is the hands-on curriculum. By living the Japanese culture and participating in the local Japanese communities we become familiar with Japanese culture by doing rather than by reading. By living like the Japanese for a few weeks we also become more aware of the peculiarities of our own cultures, in everything from your daily routines to the structure of the family and community.

I would recommend the World Campus - Japan program to anyone who wants to broaden their horizons, learn about their own and other cultures, and meet great people.

Yes, I recommend this program


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