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World Campus International

World Campus International organizes short term programs in Japan for students aged 17 and up. Programs can be done independently of each other or in conjunction, making your Japanese studies flexible to your needs, goals, and budget. Study Japanese culture and language in various cities across Japan and participate in not only classes, but also homestays and related cultural activities. There has never been a better time to study abroad in Japan!



WCI has been the best experience in my life and it totally got me as a sorprise.

I am a colombian student and I wanted to travel to Japan with my friend Natalia. It was an impulse, I just started to google summer camps and classes of japannese. I didn't know how, but I had to go to Japan. In one page I found WCI and it was PERFECT: the dates, the activities, all in english... It was even more than I was looking for.

We were able to travel to so different places in the countryside of Japan, and see cities and people. We were like rock stars jajaja. The japanese people is not used to see foreign people in places different than Tokyo. We appeared in television and in news papers. Everyday I had a TOTALLY NEW ESPERIENCE that reminded me as when I was little and they got to explain how the world works... something like that.

I went knowing NOTHING about japanese. I started to read my travel book in the plain just to learn two word hahaha and it was awesome how much I started to get. Maybe not to translate, but the last weeks I was getting the idea of what they were talking in japanese!

About the group of people in WCI, they were amazing! I am not that good at making friends, so I was relief I had Natalia (my colombian friend). After the first city, I was realizing I not just had the oppportunity to talk to all af the group, but that I was getting closer to them.

Well, for conclusion, if you like japan, or you are just curious of their culture, or if you just like to travel, and want a full inmerse experience with wonderful people, here is the place.

I feel there's so much more to say. If you have any questions, here is my mail if you would like to talk:

Nicole Rosero Samudio.

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For a long time it was a great wish to visit Japan. Then I learned about World Campus Japan and everything became better than expected.

The program gives only a hint of all the experience. It starts with the staff who organized the whole trip just perfect. And there is a lot of organization. Supported by local people and the families who allowed us to live in their homes.

I was really lucky with my two families. To me it felt, on both places, as I would be part of the family. They showed us their places, we were invited to their friends, we tasted many dishes and cooked it together. I felt welcome and pampered.

The program is a brilliant mix of culture, sports, nature, food and communication with people from every age group. We were invited to a tea ceremony, to a Kendo show, into a temple and so much more. We visited schools and a retirement home and a maple plantation. We saw an anime and after that we had the opportunity to talk to the filmmaker. The potluck parties at the end of every part were another of so many highlights. No, the whole trip was a highlight!

I’m grateful for all the experience I gained. Back at home it took me a while to process all the impressions. I still stay in contact with the families and most of the other people I met there.

This insight into Japan is really unique. I now nothing comparable that brings you closer to this great country. With all the colorful parts and friendly people. I was overwhelmed and still are, thinking of the time in Uda and Suita.

Thanks to Hiro and all his helping hands!
I benefitted so much from this program! It was worth every single Yen!

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I was originally looking for a study abroad program through my school. After learning that I was too late to apply for any school programs, I went online in search of other programs. That’s when I found World Campus International! I am extremely happy that I found this program rather than a school program. Instead of studying in classrooms, which is not why I want I want to visit Japan, you do fun and exciting activities in the communities bettering yourself and the community you are visiting. I met so many amazing people on my travels with World Campus International who came from places like Belgium, the Czech Republic and Israel. I can honestly say that the time I spent with them during my travels last summer, was the best summer I have ever had. If you ever thought about going to Japan, I highly recommend going with World Campus International.

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So this year (2017) I joined WCI Japan again, and I can honestly say that I had an even better experience than last time. So many fun and interesting people made the weeks fly by as if it was an instant. Some of my best friends I've made because of world campus. With crazy Czechs, Colombian pranksters and comedic Americans you will do daily activities like the field trips back from school days. Classical Japanese artforms like Kyudo, Taiko and Kendo, visiting schools from elementary all the way up to university, wandering deep into bamboo forests, shrines and temples left, right and center- it is a hands on curriculum for sure. Doesn't that sound great?- I tell you it is.

If you choose to join, you will enlarge your family- there is no denying it. I still keep in touch with my host families and I do get that warm feeling inside when I think of my time spent with World Campus International Japan. Finally a word of warning though. The culinary explosion of deliciousness on your pallet during your stay, might cause an addiction. For me it is soba, and I can tell you it is hard to find good soba in Sweden. //Daniel

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I came across this program by searching for programs in Japan on the internet, and i'm glad that i found this.
It was my first time ever going abroad by myself so i was a bit nervous but also excited. This Program is packed full of activities to do so you will never be bored and it also have personal days which lets you just explore Japan at your own leisure.
This Program really puts you out of you comfort zone and really changes you (for the better) by giving you new experiences and views of Japan and world. This program is also great for making friends from around the world as the other participants are all from different countrys from like Sweden, USA, Israel etc... and you can learn more about their countries and find you things you never knew about (which can either confirm or debunk stereotypes you had about them).
I would say the best thing about this program, i would say is the host families as they are amazing and make you feel like you are apart of the family and honesty you will probably cry (or close to it) as i did when you have to leave them though thankfully for the internet, i can keep in touch with them.
If you're thinking about going to Japan but not sure what to do, I recommend this program, believe me you wont regret it and also you don't need to speak Japanese whats so ever( but it helps).

Yes, I recommend

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