How soon the certification is provided at the completion of the online course? And do you also offer placements?

Posted by Ankita Roy 4 years 2 months ago


As for me, I`d got both certificates rather soon. Something about week or week and the half. It was delived by DHL. About placement - I didn`t get any offer from ITTT. But I didn`t ask them about this. I was looking for a job at their website. And even got invitation from English school.

You are spot on Anna! Please let the ITTT staff know if you need any assistance finding teaching positions in the future.

Hi Anna, please contact the ITTT admin staff at any time in the future if you would like some assistance finding employers and available teaching positions. .

Hi Ankita, the certificates are produced and sent to the post office within two working days. As Anna mentioned you can also purchase DHL delivery if you wish.

Our staff are available to all course graduates and can assist them to find employers and available teaching positions in the country/area where they wish to work.

I got the certificate within ca. 2 weeks after I completed the course.

To me the certificate came in less than 2 weeks.
But i’m assuming it might depend on where you
live, so if you want/need it to be delivered sooner
you can request a faster delivery service for a cost.
Hope i could help,