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ITTT offers a wide selection of online TEFL courses ranging in length from 60 to 250 hours. Our standard course options include our 60-hour TEFL course and our full 120-hour TEFL certificate course. ITTT’s specialized online courses include our Certificate in Teaching Business English, Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners and our advanced TEFL Diploma course. All courses can be taken with or without tutor support and are internationally accredited.

Studying online gives you the flexibility to study where you want when you want and our low course prices mean that getting qualified to teach English won’t stretch your budget. All graduates will receive an internationally recognized, embossed certificate and lifetime job support. We also offer a combined course option which allows you study the theory online before completing the teaching practice component at one of our centers in Phuket, Barcelona, Rome, New York, London or Paris.

  • Internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA)
  • Access to a vast network of schools worldwide
  • TEFL courses for native and fluent English speakers
  • More than 25 Years in the Teacher Training Industry

Popular Programs

60-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate Sample

Our 60-hour introduction to TEFL course is particularly popular with people who are looking for an insight into the world of EFL teaching, as well as those who are planning to work as a teaching volunteer. One of the most popular features of this online course is its flexibility which allows you to work through it at a pace that suits your circumstances. Graduates of this course will also have access to our unique support services for the duration of 1 year.

120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate Sample

Our 120-hour online TEFL certificate course is extremely popular as it includes high-quality course materials and results in an online TEFL certificate that is internationally recognized and welcomed by employers in all parts of the world. The course is also popular as you are able to work through it at a pace that suits your personal learning style. All graduates of this course will also have access to our career support services for the duration of their EFL teaching career.

170-hour Certificate Sample

Our 170-hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language with Online Specialization has been designed for those who would like to gain a qualification to enter the TEFL/TESOL employment market and wish to maximize their options. Through this course we will give you the knowledge and skills needed to teach English in both classroom and online settings. Upon completion, you will gain access to a unique graduate network, connecting you to many of the major employers in online teaching.

220-hour Course Sample Certificate

The 220-hour Master Package with tutor support offers three courses in one, all conducted online with full tutor support. The Master Package comprises of three parts. Part 1 (the 120-hour TEFL course) must be taken and completed first, though parts 2 and 3 can be taken in any order after that.

Questions & Answers

Hi Sherwin, You are welcome to take any of our online courses at the moment. TEFL/TESOL certificates are academic qualifications and valid for life. Please view all of our courses at

Hi Janae, we provide a wide range of TEFL/TESOL courses including a 170-hour TEFL that includes specialised training in teaching English online.…

I'm not sure if there is a different certificate required to teach English in Greece but I do know the certification I have is called the TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Maybe that's what the person will need to teach English there, in addition to other documents.

We help all of our ITTT graduates to find EFL teaching positions around the world and online. Our staff are available to all course graduates and will work to ensure that they get a job in the location of their choice. Jobs are plentiful, all of our graduates can expect to receive multiple job offers upon completion of the course. Feel free to check out our job section:


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Yes, I recommend this program

120-hours + BE and TEYL

I completed the basic course of 120 plus the Business English and Teach English to Young Learners courses.
I found them all well structured, giving you a very good background.
You will be equipped with a deep well of language knowledge and teaching skills ranging from lesson planning to classroom management and beyond.
At the end of each unit there are exercises which you can practise before taking the test to move on to the next unit.
I highly recommend taking this course if you want to teach abroad.
I think I will also enrol in the 250-hour diploma course.

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Yes, I recommend this program

120-hour cerificate

Amazing course! super complete, dynamic and professional. It covers every possible scenario of teaching, problems you might encounter, types of students, different teaching methods, etc. It gives you great up-to-date tools to provide outstanding teaching.
I truly believe that the course covers absolutely everything you need to know about teaching. I would totally recommend it to people looking for superb on-line training. I was impressed by how well explained everything was and how every single detail was covered. Although there were many things that I had already studied, the ITTT course showed me a different perspective to it, it gave me new and fresh ideas on how to teach the difficult areas of the English language.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Nothing! I truly believe that the course covers absolutely everything you need to know about teaching.
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Yes, I recommend this program

ITTT 120-hr TEFL course

I have just completed the 120-hour course. The site is user-friendly and the course is quite comprehensive. You will observe that the units were written by experts. The exams really test your understanding and the summative task is challenging and somehow makes you proud once done. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives to ITTT but this is legit and accredited world-wide, so it's worth every penny. I'll certainly become more confident in teaching English. Overall, I am satisfied with my TEFL course at ITTT.

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Yes, I recommend this program

ITTT 170 hour TEFL Course specialising in online teaching

I have recently completed the 120 hour TEFL course offered by ITTT, and I am half way through their 50 hour course for specialising in teaching online.
I found it very clear and easy to navigate through the course content, and had no issues accessing the units or videos.
I did struggle with some of the grammar units and do wish a little more explanation was included for some of the more difficult concepts.
Otherwise I am very satisfied with what I’ve learnt so far from these courses, and am very impressed with the amount of additional information via external links that has been provided, especially with relation to finding jobs.
A little advice for others considering these courses, would be to pace yourself and try to work on the course regularly. I started mine during lockdown when I had plenty of free time, then became busy with work and travel, and found myself rushing at the end to complete everything before the six months was up.
In conclusion, I highly recommend the course and ITTT.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I highly recommend taking this course if you want to teach abroad.

Taking this course has enabled me to work abroad in a language school for over 8 years and is now enabling me to be my own boss and work online via a language teaching/learning website. It provided me with the information and tools that I needed in order to feel confident enough to pursue a career in a field that I am passionate about. I was a complete novice and had little to no knowledge of the theory or practical side of teaching English as a foreign language but the course was extremely informative and gave me all I needed to know to begin my career and take my first steps towards being an experienced teacher.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
The most nerve-racking thing for me was when I had completed my course and began my job as a teacher. Standing up in front of a class of students for the first time isn't the same as planning and preparing but remembering everything I had learnt during the course got me through it and I am still teaching, more than 8 years later.
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Response from ITTT TEFL

Thank you for this excellent rating, Charlotte. We are so happy to hear you enjoyed your experience with ITTT and have had a successful career in teaching English for over 8 years. We wish you all the best for the future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

High quality 120-hr course!

I took the 120-hour course (w/o tutor) and I found it really informative and helpful. The modules were not too long, but not too short either. The handouts are very organized and well-made! I'm happy to have the handouts to look back on when I finally start teaching. They explained the concepts really well and I liked how they gave clear examples for the topics they discussed. I also liked the fact that they had worksheets at the end of each unit, I feel that the worksheets helped me in retaining the information that I learned. The website is also very easy to use so I appreciated that. I don't regret spending for this course, I feel that the quality of the materials that I got were well worth the money.

What would you improve about this program?
The program is actually really good already but I would have liked one or two more sample videos of teachers in the classroom.
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Response from ITTT TEFL

Thank you very much for your review, Angelica! We are happy to here you enjoyed your course experience with us :) All the best to you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

ITTT 120 hours TEFL Certification course

Hi! I am Harini Sivakumar. I am from Chennai, India. I completed my 60 hours- 120 hours top course. I first did the 60 hours TEFL certification course and really loved it. So, I took up the 60 hours to 120 hours top up course which ITTT suggested. I loved a lot of things about the course.
The overview of the course helped me plan my studies. I loved the way the course is structured and there is a flow from one chapter to another. The course is not too easy to do, or too tough to handle. The grammar concepts were explained with examples. The chapters are self-explanatory and if needed the option of contacting a tutor whenever you need helps.
I liked the way the chapters were not too boring to read from or look at. There was a balance between pictures and words. Each concept had ideas which the teacher can use in her class and the problems that she might face. This helped me plan my classes better. The end of task sheet helped with knowing if I had understood the concepts or need to go through again before doing the unit tests.
The unit test consists of 12-25 mcq questions depending on the unit. There is a summary task at the end of each test that asks you to summarize whatever I have learnt in that chapter. I like that part of the unit very much because it serves like a revision and helps me with retaining what I learnt in the chapter for longer duration.
What I would like to suggest is if there is anyway to have a practical experience of teaching in the course, topics like lesson planning and handling learners can be put to use. It will help me find where I have to improve and how I can improve. I had an excellent experience with ITTT. I am going to join the Tesol diploma course and look forward to learn a lot from this amazing platform. Thank you so much ITTT!

What would you improve about this program?
I would really appreciate if there is a chance of practical experience in the course, where we might be able to take class to real students and get feedback from ITTT. Concepts like Classroom management and explanation to students can be put to practical use and it will help improve me as a teacher in various aspects.
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Response from ITTT TEFL

Thanks for your wonderful recommendation Harini.

All the best with your teaching plans. Please contact us at any time if you would like some assistance finding employers.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Experience

My boyfriend and I recently completed the 120-hour TEFL course through ITTT using the combined package for couples. The process was smooth from beginning to end. When ever I had any questions, I knew that my tutor was only an email away. Not only could I email ITTT for any queries but they were also extremely thorough in their responses and always responded within 24 hours. Thank you ITTT TEFL for the wonderful experience. I look forward to doing some additional courses to further my knowledge and qualifications.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that I would improve is the quality of the test questions. Although they do test your knowledge of the English language, I do not feel that they were enough of a challenge. Although maybe the course information was just THAT informative that you do not not need to struggle with the tests.
Did you find this review helpful?
Response from ITTT TEFL

Thanks for the great review and your constructive comment Gina.

We are glad that you and your boyfriend enjoyed your courses. All the best with your teaching plans. We'll be happy to provide you with a discount off any future courses.

Please reach out to us at <> with any questions.