Is there a validity period for the TEFL certificate? Does ITTT offering online courses at this time of the pandemic?

Posted by Sherwin Santos 3 years 10 months ago


ITTT does indeed offer courses during the pandemic, I believe that during this time they are even running a discounted price. They also have special offers for courses for people wishing to learn how to teach online.
To my knowledge, there is no validity period for the TEFL certificate.
I hope this sufficiently answers your questions.

The ITTT TEFL certificate is for a lifetime. The certificate has a reference number which you can check the validity of the certificate.
Yes, ITTT is offering online courses and it can be done absolutely from home, and it's also a good time to get certified I think.

Hi Sherwin,

You are welcome to take any of our online courses at the moment. TEFL/TESOL certificates are academic qualifications and valid for life.

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