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Students studying in Brisbane, Australia have the unique opportunity to choose between two international acclaimed institutions: Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland. Within Brisbane, students will find that the city has an energetic, urban atmosphere where colonial buildings stand side by side with skyscrapers. Students will find that this city is host to many activities such as strolling through the open-air Queen Street Mall, enjoying the sounds of local bands in the Valley, or even viewing the local indigenous works of art found in the many art galleries around Brisbane. While you study abroad in Brisbane, you will be in the company of students from all around the world, creating an eclectic and unforgettable atmosphere. Visit the ISA website to learn more about how you can study abroad at Queensland University of Technology or the University of Queensland.

In 2014, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad merged with International Studies Abroad (ISA), therefore, the GlobaLinks program reviews may not accurately reflect the new program structure, which has been greatly improved through the integration with ISA.


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Brissie: My Home-Away-From-Home

My semester in Brisbane, Australia, was the most unforgettable and exciting semester of my undergraduate career thus far. As a Zoology major, I chose to take classes unique to the Australian environment (like Coral Reefs) and had the amazing opportunity to conduct research with an Honors student based on gecko behavior. I crossed so many items off of my bucket list, from learning how to surf and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef to holding a koala and Zorb-ing down the hills of New Zealand’s North Island (basically, rolling down in a giant plastic ball!). Yet the most memorable aspect of my time abroad was undoubtedly the people I met—both from Australia and numerous other countries around the world, from Fiji and Singapore to Germany and Great Britain. Living at International House allowed me to step into and experience cultures that I am generally not exposed to at my home university; I was able to engage in many events that promoted this, including special ‘Bara Khana’ dinner nights and watching traditional dances being performed during talent shows. Without GlobaLinks, this life-changing experience would never have run so smoothly and effortlessly; even from the first leg of my journey, I had no worries about the logistical part of my experience. The incredibly long flights, orientations upon arrival, where to pick up my pre-ordered cell phone—all of this was worry-free, thanks to the dedication and guidance of the staff both on-site and back home.

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Still Dreaming About Oz...

This study abroad program, the University of Queensland, and Brisbane itself completely changed my life. I could not imagine my study abroad experience being any better than the one I had during Spring semester 2011. Everyone at AustraLearn, especially my advisor, Andria Lipkin, were flawless in supporting me in my study abroad endeavors. Bring someone that has a lot of questions about everything, they were patient, helpful, and efficient in every inquiry. I would travel with AustraLearn again and I definitely have and will continue to recommend this program to everyone that I know.
Everything about Australia is different than the USA, and AustraLearn and their one week orientation truly prepares you for that culture shock. The coordinators that are with you for that week help answer every question and give tips and suggestions regarding your entire experience in Australia. For example, my coordinator Jake, played rugby when he studied abroad in Australia. Being a rugby player in Washington, DC, I was interested in maybe joining a club in Brisbane. He showed me how the rugby clubs and programs were different and convinced me to play. And it was the best decision I made abroad! I played rugby for the University of Queensland Women's Rugby Club. I traveled to tournaments with them and met some amazing rugby players. I still talk to most of the team on a daily basis and am planning on playing with them again once I graduate!
The University of Queensland itself was incredible. The campus is stunning and the student body is thriving. The classes were challenging and it really tested my ability to adapt as a student. This taught me that I can overcome any kind of challenges, whether it was the different teaching techniques or the longer classes, I learned to grow and thrive at the University, joined the UQ Union and made some amazing friends along the way. Specifically, my experience in my International Business class has helped me have insight into global business strategy that has been a key asset in my interviews for internships and jobs in the DC area.
Along with my rugby team and Uni, Brisbane was beyond my wildest dreams. We had the ability to feel safe and secure at any hour throughout the city because of the helpful police force and kindness of the community of people. I lived in an apartment building on Tribune Street called Urbanest. It was about a mile outside of the heart of Brisbane but was secluded enough to enjoy the parks and lagoon on a quiet, sunny afternoon. I would not change one thing about my experience at Urbanest. I lived with the most incredible people, many of which I knew from the Australearn program but I also met many Australian students who took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. By the second month, I had made international friends! I had the most amazing time in South Bank, with their friday markets and booming night life, there was never a dull moment.
On terms of what I brought, I think I packed pretty reasonably. Maybe I could have left a few sweatshirts home, or maybe I could have brought more summer clothes. The weather was beautiful every single day, with maybe one or two rainy days in each month. Besides that, AustraLearn really helps guide you in each aspect of the trip, including packing.
I made some of my best friends while studying abroad in Australia. One of which, from England, is coming to live with me this summer in New Jersey before she studies abroad at UMass. Studying abroad was the most incredible decision I had ever made. My experience was extraordinary and every single day was an adventure, and I wouldn't have changed one minute of it.

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Fantastic Time Down Under

I had a fantastic experience studying abroad at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia through the great help of AustraLearn. AustraLearn was very supportive throughout my time abroad as well as organized prior to my trip. They also helped transfer my credits smoothly from uni to uni post studying abroad. I had a really wonderful time studying at QUT. My dance classes and rehearsals were very challenging both physically and mentally. I loved having the opportunity to perform in Brisbane through QUT. I'm really glad I had the chance to travel throughout Australia as well as surrounding countries such as Fiji and New Zealand. I meet some really wonderful people as well which made my study abroad experience unforgettable.

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Life at UQ and with AustraLearn

My time at UQ was amazing. I took four classes, but only had class Monday to Thursday. Because the Australian academic system is different, there was much less "homework" time, and I therefore had more free time to explore Brisbane and travel. My living experience at Urbanest in Brisbane really enhanced the international experience, which was set up by AustraLearn, too. The general friendliness of everyone involved, both with the program and on campus, really completed the experience.

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I loved being in an apartment and living in South Bank. I also really loved the huge and beautiful campus of University of Queensland. It looks like Hogwarts! I did have some difficulty in the beginning of trip making friends but I ended up joining some clubs at school and that was really helpful. I met people from all over the world - from Sweden, Norway, China, England and of course Australia :)

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Awestruck by Australia

Before I arrived in Australia, my Austra Learn counselor was extremely helpful and qualified, sending out reminders, keeping in check with due dates, and assisting me with any and all questions that I had in the process. I would highly recommend this program provider to anyone interested in a study abroad experience in Australia. After settling in for a good number of weeks, I have become comfortable with attending classes, working a job at a local pub, hanging out with friends I've met here, and enjoying the exploration of the cities around me. I can't compare this experience to anything else in my life thus far. It is completely refreshing, unique, and remarkable in so many respects. I feel very lucky to have a full set of teachers who are inspiring and cooperative, and a campus that's accommodating and friendly. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is adventurous and looking for new perspective.

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“Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” -Charles M. Schulz

The decision to study abroad in Australia was an easy one for me. I have always wanted to travel the world and immerse myself other cultures. Luckily, I was able to achieve this through AustraLearn's study abroad program at the University of Queensland.

Extremely nervous at the start of my trip, I gathered my bags and headed out on my flight to Los Angeles. My nerves calmed as I entered the LAX International terminal and met the other AustraLearn students that I would spend the next five months with. The atmosphere was great - everyone was so excited to start this adventure.

Once we arrived in Australia, we had a five day AustraLearn orientation in Cairns filled with tourist attractions (Seeing Koalas and Kangaroos, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, exploring rainforests) and helpful lecture sessions on how to be live the Australian life.

Following a quick and busy five days, it was off to Brisbane, my new home. Immediately, I fell in love with my new city. My housing arrangements set up by AustraLearn were incredible. Steps away from the Street Beach, public transportation, shops, restaurants, nightlife, and most importantly, a 15 minutes bus ride away from my new school, The University of Queensland.

Although the schooling system at UQ was different than in America, it was easy to adjust. I ended up taking several science classes that offered various field trips, (Fraser Island, Brisbane Forest Park, The Australia Zoo) allowing me to travel and see destinations I might have otherwise missed. Basically, the university of Queensland exceeded my expectations. From the numerous libraries at your disposal, to the ace teaching staff, to the numerous student organizations, there was always something to do and someone new to meet.

Studying abroad in Australia was the decision I ever made. Hopefully one day I can make it back to what I consider my second home.

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Brisbane: Home Away From Home

Study abroad was the best experience of my life. With TEAN’s specific focus and its knowledgeable staff, it is no wonder students have the time of their life. TEAN prides itself on answering prospective students’ questions as well as getting to know its applicants. When arriving in Australia, multiple TEAN representatives went around to the students to put a face to the name and to make sure everything was to their expectations.

In addition to TEAN’s personal touch, the organization also provides orientation, housing, and optional mid-semester trips. The orientation I experienced was priceless. Studying abroad in Australia, TEAN took its students to Sydney to stay in a breathtaking hotel with about ninety floors. TEAN’s tour guide was a native to Sydney, so he was able to give us the secrets to the city in addition to the well-known facts. During orientation, we went on a walking tour, petted koalas and kangaroos at the zoo, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and ate dinner on a harbour cruise, along with much more. The entire orientation, all the students could not stop smiling.

Adapting to a new country and culture can be difficult. Having housing already taken care of, was a large burden off many students shoulders. The accommodations available were more than satisfactory and were located in excellent places. Once we were all moved in, our housing representative would frequently keep in contact with us to make sure that everything met our needs and to inform us of the upcoming events occurring in our area.

I personally have been extremely satisfied with TEAN. TEAN has excellent relations with many different places, making study abroad experiences very personal and unique. Their sensitivity to students needs as well as their wealth of knowledge, made me feel confident that if I needed anything, TEAN could help me out. I enjoyed my trip so much that I am actually applying for my Master’s Degree back in Brisbane at University of Queensland through TEAN. Based on my trip, I would recommend TEAN to anyone considering to study abroad in those areas.