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Did you miss out on true Chinese culture when you were in China? If you think the "Chinese dishes" you ate and travel to the Great Wall means you got a good taste of Chinese culture, think again. There is so much more to China than just using chopsticks!

The wisdom of thousands of years, Confucius, Taoism, Buddhism, Taiji, YinYang, the list goes on. And it all can't be truly understood without learning classical Chinese language.

By ancient teaching way of ‘SiShu’, a family style classroom, you will quickly have the key to enter the world of true Chinese culture, not only a western culture that past on a lots of Chinese elements.

Further, you will naturally pick up Mandarin while learning this true Chinese traditional language with traditional life activities. This is why you could open your wisdom minds when you learn the square characters of Han.

Sign up today to almost the unique Chinese classical language and traditional culture learn program in this world.

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Enlighten the value of life

Why do people live in the world?
60 years ago, an undergraduate once mailed this question to Einstein. The great physicist wrote bake to say, the true meaning of life is to meet others’ needs and live in harmony with them as far as possible. On this issue, the achievement of enlightened ancient Greeks and Oriental philosophers is far greater than our university now.
You should be how to spend your life? This problem requires a lot of thinking and self education consciously. ChuShan Institute is a Chinese traditional culture society, which can enlighten the value of life and help you to understand why and how to implement this.
The Institute preaches the classics of Oriental philosophers, leads us to live as the ancient way and communicate with the temple Chan master to gain wisdom. Everyone here lives in harmony and has gotten the heart pure, kindness and profound.
In my learning career here, I have read many classics of ancient China, such as Classic of triple-words, Hundreds of family names, Verse of one thousand words, Rules for Confucius students, etc. We also commemorate the folk festivals, cook Chinese foods. During these activities, we experience the sages’ true thought, get the temperament of them, our mood turn into gentle, amiable and joyful, our heart and appearance also become tall and handsome.
Every person studying in ChuShan Institute will get the enlightenment of life by the ancient saint. So, I think study here is very worth well.

How can this program be improved?
Like democracy and freedom are often restrict each other, I am learning with happiness and freedom here, but also took a long time. So, I hope I can learn more efficiently at ChuShan.
Yes, I recommend this program
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This place let me miss my family. I love it.

In ChuShan, I can know of the Modern China and the Ancient China. I love this Private House-Class of Chinese Traditional Culture.
On 1st October, we celebrated the birthday of Confucius and we learned the Classic Confucian teachings. It let me feel that I have become a smarter person. Meanwhile we tasted the delicious Chinese tea. I felt the peace of my mind. At last, We took the teamwork to prepare dinner and enjoyed it, like a family.

How can this program be improved?
I hope more activities can be taken.
Yes, I recommend this program


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About ChuShan Institute of Classic Chinese and Traditional Culture

ChuShan Private Institute was set up in 2009 and focuses on teaching traditional Chinese culture and classical language utilizing classic teaching methods and theories. ChuShan hopes to share and instill with the people of today the traditional...