Intensive and Part-time 1-on-1 Chinese Language Programs in China
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Intensive and Part-time 1-on-1 Chinese Language Programs in China

That’s Mandarin’s 1-on-1 courses are available in Beijing and Shanghai. They offer flexible schedule and a variety, of course, curriculums that allow students to make significant progress in a short time. The student has the chance to practice Chinese as much as he likes in class and apply the language knowledge acquired in his daily life right after the class.

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Program Reviews (147)

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Effective classes with useful curriculum

I take one-to-one classes. I used to go in person but recently my company moved far away so now I take online classes with the same teacher. In the two months that i have been going, I can see a definite improvement in my Chinese level. Compared with my old school, TM has allowed me to improve my skills more effectively. The topics I have gone through so far have helped me in my daily life in China (eg. ordering take away or a taxi). TM is very organised!

How can this program be improved?

More locations

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience

I absolutely loved my experience in Beijing. I would personally recommend the 1-on-1 classes since the benefits you get from having a teacher that accommodates what you know and don't know is extremely beneficial (students in group programs often study Chinese in different ways and have significantly-varying strengths and weaknesses in different parts of the Chinese language). The city of Beijing itself was the safest cities I've ever been to and I have never at any point felt unsafe or uncomfortable when visiting different parts of the city by myself at night or during the day.

Yes, I recommend
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That's Mandarin Intensive Programme

That’s Mandarin is an excellent language school catering to students of all ability. With a unique teaching style of taking notes on PC during lesson and printing these off for students to revise from, I was able to grasp the Chinese language in a rather short period of time (albeit, I participated in a 6-hour, 5-day a week programme). While I was a little worried when informed I would have to experience changes in teachers and schedule halfway through the programme while the school moved locations, it is a testament to the professionalism of the school that I was largely unaffected – particularly given that all the teachers are trained in the same style of teaching.

How can this program be improved?

Wider activities outside the classroom that provide an opportunity for students of all ages and abilities to intermingle.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing learning experience with truly attentive staff。

I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Beijing to learn Mandarin and chose the That's Mandarin school based on their stellar online reviews. And I was not disappointed! The entire staff at That's Mandarin made the whole experience truly exceptional: from the initial registration process (Thanks Holly for building a personalized program that fit my budget and schedule), to the brand new location and equipment, to the classes themselves where the teaching staff (special kudos to Meng Meng and Xiao Dan!) adapted the speed and content of the courses to my progress, while keeping every class fun, lively and ultimately super productive. I now feel prepared to go out and do much better than just survive in Beijing. I'll definitely come back to further learn about this amazing country and culture, and I already know in which school it will be!

Yes, I recommend
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My experience with That's Mandarin

I like my classes at That's Mandarin. I'm focusing on spoken Chinese so I usually pick a subject together with my teacher to discuss during class. This way the classes are always interesting.

That Mandarin's teachers are really good. I've had a couple of teachers and I've enjoyed the classes with all of them. They are very good at adjusting the level and class content depending on my needs and current knowledge.

The staff is also very nice and always helpful. Due to an extremely busy work schedule I sometimes have to change the class schedule but there are never any problems.
The reason I decided to start studying at That's Mandarin is that they instead of using a textbook customize the classes for each student. The classes are very flexible and the teachers always adjust the topic of the classes according to my needs and wishes.
This way I've learned a lot of new expressions that are useful but you won't learn if you strictly follow a textbook.

when I first started studying at That's Mandarin I was living in Beijing so I had classes at the school but when I moved back home they helped me to arrange online classes. Even though it's more difficult to study abroad where you don't have as many opportunities to practice Chinese I've managed to improve my Mandarin level.

Yes, I recommend
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Great school to learn Chinese

I have been taking classes at That’s Mandarin since 2014 when I was living as working in Beijing. I returned to Australia in 2017, but have continued taking classes and have a face-to-face lesson once a week using the school’s online portal. This is a testament to the excellent teachers and online resources at That’s Mandarin. I would particu like to commend the dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. Not only did they teach me about Chinese grammar, but they also taught me about Chinese culture and history.

Yes, I recommend
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Online Class

When I decided to start taking online classes with That's Mandarin, I didn't really know what to expect. I had heard from some friends who had tried online classes elsewhere that it was a waste of time and that the student was not given enough attention. But I am glad that I followed my intuition and enrolled for That's Mandarin online courses! There are so many advantages that I just don't know where to start! First, I have to point out the quality of the service and teachers at That's Mandarin. From the moment I got in touch with them, they have always been prompt to reply while at the same time delivering complete information. As for the scheduling of sessions, they really try to find a time that would fit your timetable. I started the online lessons when I was still in the U.K and then pursued them once I got to China; and even with time difference, they were able to find a proper time for me. In terms of the quality of classes, I can honestly say that I have been more than satisfied. The teacher are competent and attentive to your needs. They design the lesson in a way that will help you improve in the domain you want to work on. My experience with That's Mandarin's online classes has been great so far and I intend to continue learning with them in the future.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Mandarin School in Beijing

I am 47 years old and arrived in Beijing with no Mandarin. However, only 7 months of part-time classes at That's Mandarin helped me to manage everyday life situations.

My teachers’ approach responds to my immediate needs. From the beginning I was able to practice in shops and restaurants, with neighbours and bank clerks. My teachers encouraged me and made sure that little achievements counterbalance the frustration that inevitably occurs when learning a very difficult language.

The one-to-one-classes are very focused, lively and often funny. It is obvious that the teachers are responsive to individual learning styles on the basis of years of teaching experience. Their sound expertise enables them to apply a range of different teaching methods, which cover structural grammatical knowledge as well as playful exercise. The classes deepened my interest in Chinese language and culture and they motivated me to pursue my studies. A thousand thanks to the school and to my teachers for this great gift!

Yes, I recommend
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Family camp at TM, great summer course

As for the whole program , teachers and staff at That´s Mandarin have been very kind and the online system I think is very useuful, as we can review every day lesson.

Morning excursions are very fun,
I think 2 hours of class per day is not enough, I would introduce more classes, writing, listening, etc..
As for the teacher, she learnt more the first week than the second, maybe cause the group she was in was more advanced
In general she was very happy about the teacher.
It was very kind of you to give them the final day presents and the certificate...

Teacher was pretty good and I learnt a lot. She also helps me moving around Beijing. Online system is very good.

Yes, I recommend
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I had a great Summer Camp in That`s Mandarin

Places:We went to the Great Wall, The Forbiden City, The Zoo, National Museum of China, Fake Beach and we also went to a different shoping places and other.

We have eaten amazing chines food and we also had pizzas , sushi and many other delicious types. I loved going to many different places on the week, after school me and the kids in my apartment and in the school went out to play sports, go shopping, go to the movies and many other places that i forgot the name of but had amazing experience. The classes are fun we have a 45 minute class than we have a brake for 15 minutes till the hour is other. During those 15 minutes you can do whatever you would like to do, you can play outside, listen to music, go to a market and ask a teacher before you go so they would know where are you. The teachers are usually very very nice including the master but master can sometimes be stricker than other teachers because she is the rule maker and you have to get used it and just listen, by the rules that she made the school lives for 12 years even more! The Great Wall of China is very hard to climb but it’s amazing experience and you have a slide down if you are very tired. The Fake Beach is fake because instead of the ocean it’s 4 to 5 different pools and 5th one is the biggest. The Forbidden City was great but the garden is very very beautiful. And just saying i went crazy on the souvenirs and because of this i had to buy another suitcase but that will be a carry on! And i will be back for sure next summer:)

Yes, I recommend
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Engaging, enjoyable and effective learning

I am enjoying my 1-on-1 classes at That's Mandarin Beijing. I do them part time, so not really intensive, but it suits me well having 4 hours of class a week.

I find the school very well organised, and easy to communicate with. The class structure is very flexible allowing for me to continue even when very busy, and the process if I need to cancel is simple.

I find the teachers very skilled and patient, and excellent at motivating me and also at mixing it up and creating tailored content (as well as following a curriculum).

The Smart Lingo website and app are also great – and just keep improving with new features. It is excellent to be able to revise anywhere.

How can this program be improved?

More written exercises (even if pinyin not characters) and structured "homework" to help students study between classes would be good, but it's really a 'nice to have' because if the student is motivated they will do it!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Learning Experience in That`s Mandarin

I am very pleased with the integrated approach of That’s Mandarin. It has helped me a lot to pass HSK3 and now to prepare for HSK4. The big advantage as that the progress is recorded in personal files in That’s Mandarin self developed IT and in this way speaking, writing and memorizing new words is dealt with in a very effective way. The teachers are also very committed and diligent in helping the students to make progress. Availability of the teachers is flexible with allows for changes in the individual programs to adapt teaching to changing working times.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Learning Experience in That`s Mandarin

I really had a wonderful experience over the past four weeks studying the Chinese language under the tutelage of my two instructors: Song Yu and Xiao Dan. They are both competent, patient and knowledgeable. I have learned a great deal and plan to continue learning Chinese. I expect to come back to the school to improve my language skills and to continue studying on line. My two teachers provided me with the skills I needed to continue my studies.
You were also a great help in facilitating my trip to China.
I extend my sincere thanks to all of you.
J. Yves Charles

Yes, I recommend
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I like my private lessons

I have been very please with the instruction that I have received from my That’s Mandarin teacher. They have been very professional, very helpful, and extremely diligent in preparing for our classes. The school offered a welcoming environment, and the staff have been helpful in arranging classes, especially when it has been necessary to re-schedule or change plans.

The teaching methods have been useful and well suited to my needs. The teacher has been flexible and willing to take the conversation wherever my interests lay. Overall, I have been very satisfied with my experience at That’s Mandarin.

Yes, I recommend
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I like the Camp! (13 years old)

I think this summer camp in Beijing has made me feel way more comfortable in speaking Chinese. Even though I live in Beijing, and speak Chinese (not fluently), before I didn’t speak up when I was speaking in Mandarin. Now it is much different. Also, most of the places that we went to, I had already seen, but it was different this time, because I actually learned more about the history and culture behind the place. Overall, the camp is really great to make friends from around the world that are in the same situation as you. They are learning Chinese, and are interested in the culture. It is a fun experience!

Yes, I recommend

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