Intensive 1-on-1 Chinese Language Program
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Intensive 1-on-1 Chinese Language Program

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That’s Mandarin’s 1-on-1 courses are available in Beijing and Shanghai. They offer flexible schedule and a variety, of course, curriculums that allow students to make significant progress in a short time. The student has the chance to practice Chinese as much as he likes in class and apply the language knowledge acquired in his daily life right after the class. Intensive students can join our cultural events for free in Beijing or Shanghai, which is a good chance to make new friends.

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  • Vibrant & cultural school life
  • Dynamic Chinese lessons
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Program Reviews (130)

27 years old

Great experience at That's Mandarin!


I highly recommend studying Chinese at That's Mandarin. My husband and I both took 1-1 classes this summer at the Beijing campus and thoroughly enjoyed it. We decided​ on the school after contacting several others and each doing a trial class. We found the sales process much more pleasant than others (less immediate pressure) and were impressed with the offering, including the ability to create customized curriculum with our teachers.
Personally, I found the school to be professional and well run. They've​ developed their own methodology, course materials, and accompanying software including a mobile app. They were very flexible with us when we needed to change some class times to accommodate weekend travel. I also found the teachers to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, yet personable. Every teacher has their own style but all teachers apply the same methodology. I found this to be very helpful as I was introduced to different speaking and composition styles. Lastly, and most importantly for me, I really​ had a blast getting to know all of the staff there. During class and on breaks, we discussed in Chinese everything from pop culture to politics, and I am even leaving with a stash of Chinese "dad jokes" :-D I can't thank That's Mandarin enough for this experience. If you are considering studying in China, I would definitely recommend them!

25 years old
King's College London

Chinese lessons


That's Mandarin are the best Chinese school i have ever been to! My laoshi is always prepared for my lessons and ensures the structure is engaging and fun but also tailored to the issues that I want my learning to focus on. The main office has also been very helpful if I want to change any lessons. Finally, the online portal which has all the materials from your lessons plus more helps you to stay on top of your Chinese. I would certainly recommend That's Mandarin to all my friends!

27 years old

Overall good private school


That’s Mandarin offers a unique approach for studying Chinese, putting much consideration into the student’s needs and goals and building custom-made plans accordingly. The teachers are very nice, always smiling and creating a good atmosphere. Each teacher puts much effort in preparing the lessons, trying to find the most suitable contents for the students and delivering it in a coherent way. In fact, many of the students keep in touch with their teachers even after they finish their studies. The school’s atmosphere is also quite nice, offering the students a large space for self-studying, chatting, drinking coffee and tea. The overall experience I have in the school is very positive and my language skills have remarkably improved.

29 years old
St Mary's University College

Learning Chinese - a fantastic experience


Being in China for a few years and having picked up the basics I decided it was time to try a new experience in a school. I noticed That's Mandarin when I was cycling past one day and decide to pop in. They were informative, welcoming and from the start I felt right at home. I was able to have an hour trial lesson to see if I liked it and here we are 60 lessons later. Having three hours a week and two teachers helped me to make links between the vocabulary I was learning and both focused on different skills. They communicated throughout and were amazing at gauging my mood and ability to focus during each lesson. Thanks to the flexibility, understanding and fantastic teaching approaches my Chinese improved a great deal this year and I am keen to carry on with the online course when I return to England in the summer. Thank you Wen and Guo Laoshi, I will miss you!!

32 years old

Make great progress


My 老师 is so much fun and easygoing. She's also great at creating good sets of notes on the fly, as we chat. She has a good feel for when to write down a word and stick in an example, and when to pass up so as not to overwhelm me. Just right. She's lively, interested in what's going on in my life, and easy-going while still teaching me quite a lot. The environment here is very cozy and warm, everyone would say hi to each other. Just love it.

41 years old

Great Experience with That's Mandarin


My children and I took classes at That’s Mandarin in Shanghai. I was a complete beginner and learned quite a bit from the excellent and patient instructors. My children also had very good instruction and had the opportunity to go on several field trips with their instructors to practice their Chinese. I would recommend That’s Mandarin to anyone looking to start learning or strengthen their Mandarin skills.

28 years old
Eastern Illinois University

That's Mandarin Beijing


Before That's Mandarin, I never seemed to be able to find a method that would help me learn Chinese. I tried books, listening, and even 1-on-1 tutoring, but the methods never matched with my strengths. That's Mandarin brings a new and innovated way to teach their students. I am a teacher myself and really enjoy their methods and resources. The school offers a wide range of programs, that will fit anyone's schedule.

How can this program be improved?

Continue offering different programs to all of the students.

33 years old
University of Oxford

Learn Chinese at That's Mandarin Beijing


"That's Mandarin" is a fantastic place to learn Chinese whether you are joining as an absolute beginner or (my case) with basic/intermediate Chinese under your belt. The teacher's are excellent and quickly identify your development needs (e.g. reading, listening, grammar etc) and tailor classes to suit you (e.g. conversational or business Chinese). The facilities are also excellent with TVs in every class room to watch films/listen to podcasts, and a print out at the end of the class of all the new words and grammar from that day.

How can this program be improved?

"That's Mandarin" relies on its web portal to provide students with example texts and listening exercises, rather than providing text books. Those wanting a more traditional structure to teaching may prefer having a text book method to teaching.

25 years old

Learning Chinese made easy


Learning Mandarin is a real challenge for Westerners. There is the difficult pronunciation with four different tones, words you cannot relate to any other language spoken in the West and of course the Chinese characters. But with the help of "That's Mandarin" you will be able to understand and speak Chinese very quickly. Professional language teachers design and prepare lessons according to your personal language level, aims, and difficulties. This way, you get the best support and guidance enabling you to master daily situations in China, be it in a restaurant, in the subway or on your working place.
If you take courses on a regularly basis and are keen to learn your vocabularies you will make great progress very fast. Therefore, although "That's Mandarin" might be a bit pricey compared to offers of other language schools, I highly recommend it.

47 years old
University of Nebraska- Kearney

Filling Holes


I've lived in China for four years, and I had a basic survival level in Mandarin. That is, I could speak certain phrases to buy some of the foods in restaurants I wanted and some I just bought because I knew the word for it. I could count money and tell a taxi driver which way to go by grunting at him. The problem was, as soon as someone spoke to me, I wouldn't be able to understand what they said. It was like there were endless possibilities of subjects they could be talking about or something. Anyway, I only understood certain words. There were serious holes in my ability to communicate with the world around me. That's Mandarin filled those holes. No doubt, I can actually hold a conversation with people now. Of course, I'm not fluent, yet, but I'm far better than I was just 80 lessons ago.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I can think of to improve the program would be to open a new center in the Wangjing district of Beijing! ;-P (That way, it would be closer to where I live.)

40 years old
Australian National University

My favourite part of being in Beijing


I've been in Beijing for more than four years and during that time going to regular classes at That's Mandarin has been one of most favourite things. The teachers are so friendly and patient, the class times are so flexible, the class content is well structured and interesting and the school environment is warm and welcoming (and there's coffee!). Most importantly, my mandarin has improved so much since I started studying there. I definitely recommend TM to my friends

36 years old

That´s Mandarin Experience in Beijing


That´s Mandarin is a great Chinese School. Since I am studying Mandarin at the Beijing Campus, my Chinese has improved a lot. For me it is a big help that I don´t have to take notes during class, but the teacher is directly typing all the new words into the online learning platform. All my materials are then available over the Mandarin Café APP, very convenient!
Due to work reasons, I just take one-to-one lessons. My teacher is very nice and competent. Scheduling and Cancelling lessons is very easy process and That´s Mandarin staff always shows a great amount of flexibility when putting together a schedule. The Beijing campus provides a very pleasant environment for learning Chinese. And when having a break, water, tea and coffee are there for free. So, this school is an excellent place if you want to study Mandarin and make real progress.

23 years old

A Successful Way to Lean Mandarin


My experience at That's Mandarin has been amazing. I have had four weeks of 1-on-1 classes and they have been really enjoyable and successful. I learned quite a lot, more than what I would have expected of myself in such a short amount of time. I now feel secure when having to talk to someone in Mandarin.
Also, the teachers are really great and know how to teach such a complex language. The great thing was that I had 4 different teachers, so I got used to hearing more than just one person talk. Otherwise, I would just get used to just one person speaking. They were eager to answer any questions I had, whether it concerned the actual topic or something more general.
The online tool Mandarin Cafe is great. Besides having my personal notes from class and the printed ones from the teachers, I can always go and review them online. Printing them again is also possible.

How can this program be improved?

I cannot think of anything which should be improved.

21 years old
Berklee College of Music

Learning in Beijing


I have ad an overall great experience. Have learned a lot during my stay in Beijing. The team has helped me not only with my vocabulary and learnig but also has given me great insight into the culture and way of life here in China. I would highly reccomend this course to anyone looking to improve or perfect their chinese. I have travelled all around china to visit new places. The team here has been flexible with my hours and have been able to switch classes on the fly whenever I felt like it

30 years old

A Student Of That's Mandarin


My husband and I were sent to work in China, we had absolutely no idea even how to say hello! We found That's mandarin and decided to go and spend three months (10 weeks of study!) full time to get our Chinese to a level that would enable us to find our way in China! We set ourselves a pretty hefty goal which the teachers and all the staff at That's mandarin help us achieve!

We loved the school, the teachers, the environment, the City, everything about our experience we loved and still talk about to this day.

After we left Beijing we moved to Xiamen, I set out to try out some schools, none of which had the vibe of That's Mandarin. I really like the way the teachers tailor the class to my needs, take on feedback and invest in you, they get to know you and how you learn, I think this is unique.

The teachers have become great friends and we chat on we chat all the time!

I highly recommend this school. It is a bit more expensive that others out there but its totally worth it!



27 years old
Portland, Oregon
Portland State University

Great Program, Awesome Teachers and Staff!


I brought my little sister to That's Mandarin for the two week long family camp to improve our Chinese. This program allowed both my sister and I to take Mandarin classes. My sister took classes in the morning and went on excursions with other campers in the afternoon while I took classes in the morning and in the afternoon while she was out.

I am impressed by the level of commitment the teachers at That's Mandarin had in helping me improve my Chinese. My classes were challenging and were right at my level; and unless absolutely necessary, they wouldn't speak to me in English which I immensely appreciated. Having not been to China in 10 years, I had lost a lot of vocabulary. Not only did my teachers help me fill in those gaps, but they met me right at my level and I I was able to quickly continue where I left off. I was only here for 2 short weeks but I genuinely feel that my Mandarin abilities have improved immensely and I will be back!

How can this program be improved?

My sister was put in a class with 3 other students. However, a student in her class misbehaved consistently but the teacher didn't do much about it except to send him out of the room to stand once in a while. This negatively impacted her learning in that her class time was wasted by this student's negative and off-task behavior. In the future, it would be helpful if student's behavior could be managed better, whether through parent communication or removal from the class so as the other students in the class aren't wasting their time.

46 years old
Broken Hill

Our "That's Mandarin" adventure


I lived in Beijing 20 years ago so I wanted to come back & see how much Beijing had changed. What better way to do this than to live here for a month with my son & improve our Chinese at "That's Mandarin".
We have many stories from our time here, but the best part was the relationships we built with our teachers - our classes were more like coffee shop conversations with a friend than a lesson!

How can this program be improved?

Not sure really. My son & I both really enjoyed our time here and feel that it has been of great benefit to our Chinese (although if we could stay a little longer I am sure we would be better students and do more study outside of class - so much to see and do in Beijing after class).

20 years old
Carleton College

That's Mandarin Intensive Chinese Program


I've thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Chinese with That's Mandarin. The difference in my knowledge and command of the language since the start of my program is incredible. The teachers have been wonderful. They're professional and accomodating, tailoring the program to my individuals needs and desires. I would highly reccomend this program to anyone looking to study Chinese in a welcoming, productive environment.

How can this program be improved?

I can't think of any improvements

31 years old

One on One lessons at That's Mandarin Beijing


I've been taking private lessons at That's Mandarin for 3 months and Overall it's been a rewarding experience. The school itself is located in the middle of Beijing in walking distance of the popular Sanlitun area. It's in a quiet backstreet area away from the noisy traffic. The school is well laid out, bright, clean and full of lovely staff! Everyone is friendly and eagar to help. I started lessons with the intention of improving my converstaional mandarin and now I can chat to my local corner shop owner every day! Overall i reccomend That's mandarin for it's local charm and very personable teaching methods.

53 years old

Early bird catches


Started every day at 8 a.m. to get most out of the day. What I learned in the morning in 4 hours of class kept me busy the rest of the day, which means plenty of new phrases, words and sentences which all covered my specific situation in China. The material used the following day always refered to my input resp. answers and ideas. Thus it became an ongoing story about my life in China. I'd liked that approach very much.
I also would like to emphasis the advantage of having three different teachers. Everyone had his resp. her way of teaching, which made teaching interesting and challenging.

How can this program be improved?

Because of the printed material I got each day I feel I missed out a bit on the smart lingo website which offers sound material etc. Well, perhaps that is for later - but I don't know whether I can use that website after finishing class.

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