Study Chinese in our small group program in Beijing or Shanghai
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Study Chinese in our small group program in Beijing or Shanghai

Go Abroad China’s unique Chinese Language Programs are designed to immerse participants in Mandarin Chinese through class instruction, after-class tutoring, language exchange with native Mandarin Chinese speakers, and wonderful electives, tours, networking events, parties, etc.

Whether you are a high school student looking for an edge before applying to college, a college student aiming to build your resume, or a professional seeking to build language skills and network, our programs are waiting for you!

Small class style learning format
Absolute beginner all the way through to proficient classes and an intensive Mandarin program
The curriculum can be customized according to the applicant’s requirements
Free electives to choose from: some are language based, others more cultural
Language exchange program with a Chinese Native Speaker
Free guided city tours, outings and other exciting activities
Accommodation: shared apartment or homestay

Small Group Mandarin Class

The study content will depend on which level of Chinese you, as a student are at. We have the usual grammar, listening, speaking and writing, the intensity of learning will also be determined by whether you apply for standard or high intensive lessons; apart from this type of structure, business or professional Chinese may be offered to those who specifically require it.

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Program Type
Degree Level
High School Diploma
Academic Year
Host Family
Online Application
Phone / Skype Interview
Starting Price
Price Details
Prices start from $1580 USD and will vary depending on how long the applicant wants to stay in China for.
Our package deal also includes:

- accommodation (home stay, shared or private apartment)
- experienced instructors
- take part in pre planned activities
- visa documentation
- orientation & airport pickup
- pre departure assistance

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Program Reviews (2)

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26 years old

My Small Class Chinese Program


I contacted Go Abroad China after discovering them on the internet and decided to talk to them. IN the beginning communication was very quick with them so I was satisfied and thought the program they advised for me was decent enough.

I was learning Mandarin in a relatively small class, I still remember my school was in an area called Wudaokou in Beijing. My lessons were standard but at times it actually felt like they were intense just because I thought sometimes the pace was quick. But if you do a lot of extra studying after class its easy to keep up to speed with everyone else. Just don't think that its a holiday and you will learn only occasionally. But I guess on the bright side at least you will be getting your money's worth.

Living situation
I stayed in the homestay accommodation with a Chinese family. Everyone was super friendly and its great to see how an average Chinese family lives. But I have to admit that I realise living situation in Beijing is not as cheap as I had thought especially if you want a really nice place.

Do I think the program is useful?
For me yes, I came to further learn Chinese and I got exactly that. I personally know that I have great improvement especially with my conversation and proper way to pronounce words.

How can this program be improved?

If there is anything for the participants to prepare before starting at Chinese school then inform them.

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26 years old

Small Class Program


I was in China just last year learning Chinese in the small class program organized by Go Abroad China. I signed up for 6 months study and they helped me enroll at a school in Beijing. Of course I like learning Chinese but sometimes it wasn’t easy; I have to say that a big part of studying in China I noticed is going over what will be taught in class, then actually going to class, afterwards reviewing the lesson once more. Most lessons were about the grammar and word usage because Chinese has some very specific rules! I remember 2 times a week there were listening classes; in listening classes usually we listened to different tape recordings of people having a simple conversation, or children songs and learned new words that way. It was fun trying to recognize the words we had learnt already! I got assistance from Go Abroad China starting with registration at my school, they organized my accommodation like we had agreed and I got to stay in a shared apartment. Some weekends they also organized stuff and I met a few other people who came with Go Abroad China as well. Once you get used to it, Beijing is actually a nice city to be in, there was certainly more foreigners than I had imagined at first.

How can this program be improved?

If there are special discounts then offer them.

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