Teens Chinese Language and Cultural Immersion Summer Camp, China
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Teens Chinese Language and Cultural Immersion Summer Camp, China

Join The Best Chinese Summer Camp In 2018

Every year, RISH&BLCU organizes the high quality full-immersion Summer Camp in China's top university. We offer students 10-18 years old from Worldwide the best experience in China combining learning and travelling.

Greetings from RISH&BLCU. We would be happy to meet you in China in 2018!

Chinese Language and Culture Full-immersion Summer Camp in China

Full-board Chinese camp in Shanghai, with intensive language classes and culture-enhancing activities, unique and tailor made program for teenagers to have fun learning and language skill improving in a relaxed, motivating and educational atmosphere.

Program dates
Session 1: July 01 - July 15, 2018 (15 days)
Session 2: July 15 - August 01, 2018 (18 days)

10-18 years old

Our intensive Chinese courses emphasize speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a well balanced way. The teaching materials we use are written by our language professors specially for Chinese camp students. We ensure a wide variety of fun teaching methods and individual attention to each student in a small-class setting.

  • Total Immersion Experience: Fully immersed in a Chinese-only environment, improve language skill and explore the Chinese culture in a real-life setting.
  • Diversified Activities: To motivate students to learn we arrange: themed Chinese workshops, 1-on-1 tutoring, group assignments and more.
  • Fun and Educational Trips: Culture-enhancing excursions to various famous attractions and historical sites in China.
  • Secure Campsite: Comfortable rooms in university owned on-campus hotel. School cafeterias provide nutritious meals.
  • 24/7 Supervision: We have a group of experienced counselors to ensure safety and assistance. To make your camp life easier we provide free services such as airport transfer, laundry and more.
Program Type
Direct Enrollment
Subject Areas
Asian Studies
East Asian Studies
Airport Transfers
Travel Insurance
Online Application
Age Requirement
Health Requirement
Visa Requirement
Price Details
- Tuition:
Session 1: 19,000 RMB (about 2,880 USD)
Session 2: 22,500 RMB (about 3,400 USD)
- Group Discount: You enroll together with your friends/siblings: RMB 1,000 off per applicant
- Returning Student: RMB 1,000 off
- Early Bird Discount: RMB 500 off
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  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
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Summer camp with RISH

I’m from Ireland. I joined the camp in 2015. The camp has very good activities and very fun field trips! We went to Shanghai Bund, Yuyuan garden, Tianzifang, Shanghai museum,etc… and Hangzhou, Wuzhen. The morning classes are very helpful, the teacher has very good skill to teach, I really learnt a lot. And I knew a lot new friends, thanks to RISH. I really like this camp and would happy to recommend it.

Yes, I recommend
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Thanks RISH Team, Good Job!

I had a very happy summer with RISH Chinese summer camp. I have been to other summer camps in Shanghai before, but RISH is the best. The campsite is really nice. We live and study in a university campus so everything can be found easily. Classrooms are awesome, sports fields are spacious, and you can chat with local college students to practice Chinese. The Chinese courses are very useful and activities are very fun.Great experience!

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome experience

I was very worried about food before I came to Shanghai, because I do not eat pork but I heard that a lot of Chinese dishes are made from pork. But finally with RISH Chinese camp this is not a problem! They have several school canteens, each one has a lot of dishes. We can choose anything we want for each meal. RISH counselors always very carefully explained to me which one is made from pork and which one is not. I tried a lot of different Chinese dishes and I love niu rou bao zi ! Thank you!

Yes, I recommend
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I like everything in this camp!

I have learnt Chinese for 5 years, and participated in the RISH summer camp last year. The campsite was in the Shanghai Fudan university, top 3 school in China, I was so happy to be here to study. After the assessment test I was put into a group with 3 other students. Each morning we had 3 hours general course. Then we had lunch in school cafeteria. We always had a lot of choices of dishes. I was very satisfied about this because I loved Chinese food so I could try different dishes every day. In the afternoon we went out for excursion or we had Chinese classes like debates, role playing, listening exercise etc. After class we had sports like football, basketball, table tennis, and some special Chinese sports like collective rope skipping, ti jian zi. We had to do homework after dinner. Tutor helped me to do some revisions, or answered my questions, or did some themed reading. All this was 1 on 1, it was so great! Finally we had a trip to Hangzhou and Wuzhen. I adored the musical show on the West Lake! I wish I could come back to this camp again, everything here was just so great!

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience in Shanghai

It was my first time to go to China, everything for me was mysterious. When I arrived at Pudong airport, there was a very friendly RISH staff holding a pickup board with my name already waiting for me outside. Then he sent me to the campsite by car. He knew that it was my first time to China so he talked a lot about the camp, the city and so on. It made me less nervous because of far away from home. The reception hall is at the lobby of a university campus hotel. When I arrived, there are RISH staff helping me check in and introduce my roommate to me. In everyday life, the camp counselors are always there to help me with everything, which makes me feel at ease. Many thanks to RISH summer camp team! I will recommend this camp to my friends!

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience in RISH summer camp

I am 15 years old from Germany. It was my first time to travel alone. Before I come to this summer camp, I’m afraid that there will not many people with similar age as myself. However, the age range of students in this camp is very similar to me. I was very happy in this camp, and made a lot of friends from Ireland, France, Canada, Indonesia, Spain. It was an amazing experience that everyone comes from different countries, but they all speak Chinese!

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Excellent summer camp!

It was a unfogettable summer camp that I join. We stay in a university in Shanghai. I have all the thing I need for living. The accommodation is the univsersity's hotel. It's well fuinished,every thing is perfect. Every moring, we have Chinese courses, and in the afternoon, we have varous workshops to help me practice my Chinese. After classes, we have sports time, we had soccor, basketball and badminton. Every evening, I had an 1 on 1 Chinese tutoring to do exercie of speaking Chinese. This summer camp makes me very happy. Also, we went a lot places interesting in Shanghai. In the end, we had a very nice field trip. We went to Hangzhou and Wuzhen. These cities are differnts to Shanghai. I like them very well. Thanks to RISH Chinese summer camp. I will recommend my friends to come next year.

How can this program be improved?

Nothing, everything is perfect.

Yes, I recommend

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