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A semester in Prague is a perfect blend of academics, social activities, and rich cultural opportunities. Come study at the leading Czech university for management and economics: the University of Economics, Prague. You can truly take your studies to the next level with world-renowned professors and thought leaders. The unique Czech Buddy program matches you to a local student who will help you navigate the University and Prague. As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague boasts thrilling history, magnificent architecture, a thriving nightlife, and a dynamic arts scene. Moreover, it’s one of the most well-connected cities in Europe, putting the rest of the continent at your fingertips!

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  • Academics 9
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.6
  • Safety 9.2
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Great program for the best price

First of all, I really loved the price tag of this program. It's one of the most price-conscious programs I could find anywhere from any provider that still included housing, excursions, and on-site support. Prague is a beautiful city, with a really cool history and tons of stuff to see. It's also really cheap. Most everyone speaks English, which is helpful as well. I also loved our on-site coordinator. Leah was so helpful, she never skirted around anyone's questions, which is really important when you're in a new environment like this and really need something. She went above and beyond all the time. There was nothing to complain about with academics, the teachers are all very professional and knowledgeable. The Buddy System events and benefits on this program were phenomenal. There are so many things in place at VSE to make sure you interact with local students and have fun social stuff to do with your friends. I highly recommend this program.

Yes, I recommend
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Travelling to Prague - Not a want but a need

If you are considering studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, I highly recommend you place it at the top of your list. Many people oust it because they think they want the popular hot spots like Rome or Paris, but I strongly disagree. While these places are fine cities, they aren't as livable as Prague is (plus, Prague is waaaaay cheaper). Many people don't even know where Prague is, and this is why I debated sticking with it. I also had the mindset of wanting to go to a tourist hot spot city, and thought Prague was random and ultimately wouldn't be that fun. I was wrong. Choosing Prague was the best choice I could have made for several reasons.

Like I mentioned earlier, Prague is cheap. Very cheap. Of course no one chooses to go somewhere strictly on how expensive or inexpensive their grocery bill will be, but given the costs of studying abroad, it really is a nice bonus. Another way it's cheap is by its traveling costs. The Czech Republic is very centrally located and landlocked, making it inexpensive and very affordable to travel to surrounding and close countries. Though bus rides tend to get lengthy and uncomfortable, you can travel to almost any European country by bus for dirt cheap (this is the way to go. You will soon realize that 14 hours on a bus is nothing).

Another reason Prague is great is because of it's sheer size. Prague has a population of 1.2 million. This means that there is always lots to do. And since everything is so cheap, you can afford to do more for less. Given the size, you would imagine you would feel unsafe. I had one encounter that I was uneasy about, but other than that I never felt unsafe, even when I was alone in the city. Leah, our coordinator for the CISabroad program, was another reason I never felt unsafe. She was such a great guide and made sure that we always had access to her if we needed anything, and she showed us around and made us feel at home. Safety is an important factor when choosing where to live, and it also helps put your parents at ease. Prague is overall a very safe city.

Finally, Prague is a beautiful city. It's landscape is something I never grew tired of, and still miss to this day. The city is so beautiful, and my friends and I would often walk around just to explore and find beautiful new places. We could spend an entire Saturday walking around the city with no plans in mind. We were still tourists after months of living there, and it always seemed just as beautiful as the first day we arrived.

For all of these reasons and so many more, I hope that you choose Prague and fall in love with it like I did. Studying abroad was the best experience of my life, and if I could do it again I would in a heartbeat. I fell in love with the city and Europe itself so much that I am choosing to go back next year, and hope to someday work there. Wherever you choose to go, you will surely love it, but Prague is a definite recommendation.

Yes, I recommend
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The Dream That Came True

Hey guys! I studied abroad in the Czech Republic spring semester last year and it hands down the best experience I've ever had. There was many fears and biases I had before going (unfortunately) but the minute I got there, I was embraced with warm smiles and acceptance. Prague is a beautiful city and definitely filled with adventure and enough events to keep you going. The Czech culture is very rich in history and neat traditions. My personal favorite is eating those wonderful Trdeknik's and being in the town square during easter weekend. On top of the wonderful education at VSE, I learned so much about myself, independence, and gained mental security in life. I grew a lot in a short period of time and I can say that going to Prague was the best decision I've ever made.

How can this program be improved?
My only concern was that I have a very unpleasant roommate and maybe if the process was a bit more selective.
Yes, I recommend
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Best time of my life

Prague is a prime place for college students to study abroad. There are many universities in the ciyy that offer arts, business, etc. The exchange rate for their currency is GREAT - everything is inexpensive in American standards and much cheaper than any other country on the euro. There is TONS to do in the city. Lots of events, outdoor activities, bars, clubs. Just walking downtown you get to enjoy all the unique architecture and many small stores and restaurants. You can't get lost and it's a super super safe city. Our program didn't have the nicest housing and it wasn't located near the center of the city, but the program is inexpensive so you get wjat you pay for and it's not the worst. Public transportation is also super cheap and convenient in the city. Great food too and LOTS of fascinating history. If you want to travel, Prague is a great location for taking a bus, train, or plane to anywhere else around. The classes are fairly simple but sometimes frustrating with lack of communication of expectations from the professors. Overall I would HIGHLY recommend going to Prague for a great unique experience because there are lots of adventures to be had and many opportunities to expand your thinking and horizons.

How can this program be improved?
Keep doing what you're doing!
Yes, I recommend

"Czech" Out Prague!

I got lost. Completely lost. But that's what happens when a girl with no sense of direction goes to a foreign country. All I wanted to do was take a walk in the center of Prague and explore this beautiful city. My phone was useless in helping me get somewhere. At that point, I just shrugged my shoulders and kept walking.

When it comes down to it, it's just you and the world. I said, "Here I am world. Show me what you got." Completely unplugged and not distracted by friends, I went to see what the world had to offer. I wasn't disappointed.

Strolling around Prague was a European adventure every young person wants. You gaze up at the stunning, old architecture, visit a church or two, listen to the melody of a different language, try and fail to speak said language, eat a pastry, drink a cappuccino in the main square and listen to the street performers, cross a river full of boats, hike up to the castle, and sit on a wall overlooking the entire city while lost in thought.

Everything is slowed down. I became hyper aware of all that surrounded me. On the ancient wall, I soaked up the simple beauty of life.

Through CISabroad's site director Leah's help, I was able to fully immerse myself. She pushed us to go out there and try things because you won't get a second chance like the one in front of you. We ate flavorful, traditional food. Made conversations with strangers. Got lost and got found. Danced all night and meandered around the city all day.

Prague is charming and seductive. You will always be fond of it, always think of it. And one day when luck blows your way, you will come back and fall in love all over again.

How can this program be improved?
Better evaluation on student applications. Some students were not suitable for a study abroad experience.
Yes, I recommend


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