Pre-Health and Nursing Shadowing Placements in Prague
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Pre-Health and Nursing Shadowing Placements in Prague

Thanks to the CHP Program I made up my mind (Joseph, 21 years, UMass Boston)

"I had a great time, all the mentors were really nice. I get to learn a lot from them. Being in the OR for the first time was frightening but I also feel like I learned a lot. Had a great conversation with my mentor, doctor Martin Bláha. He taught me a great deal of stuff that I would never get a chance to learn back at the US." Read the extensive review below.

The CHP Program offers to English speaking students from 17 to 26 years old international specialty work experience placements in a variety of fields the whole year long. Only with us you know all about the specialty departments and your mentoring teams before you apply. Get familiar with the schedule of mentors you'll shadow. Choose from these specialties:
• Anaesthesilogy, Resuscitation and IC Medicine
• Cardiology: Catheterization Unit
• Cardiovascular Surgery
• ER for Adults
• Children´s Heart Center
• Internal Medicine: Infectious Diseases Division
• Neurosurgery
• Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Physiotherapy: Cardiac Surgery & Pulmonology
• Physiotherapy: Neurology & Physiotherapy Unit
• Physiotherapy: Spinal Surgery, SCU & Orthopedics
• Pulmonology
• Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
• Resuscitation Unit for Adults and Children
• Spinal Surgery
• Urology Intensive Care
CHP Program runs all year long.

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Your package includes:
✓ Shadowing your mentoring team 25 hours per week minimum in the largest hospital in Central Europe
✓ 3 more hours of Tutorials on latest research topics and Excursions to our specialized centres every week in addition to the shadowing hours
✓ Study Materials to extend your specialty knowledge before your placement starts
✓ Accommodation nearby wonderful Prague Castle and Food
✓ CHP System to control your trip with just a click
✓ 24/7 CHP Team support

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professional service, a choice i won't regret

I did a 2 week program with CHP in July 2016 for a supplementary experience for my medical school application in UK. I compared a few different programs, but CHP really gives me a feeling of professionalism. The program takes place in a large, modern hospital in the centre of Prague, doctors are very friendly and I was treated like a medical student in specialty training. Accomodation is very nice and quiet, easy to travel around the city and to the hospital. There is really nothing to blame and i had a delightful and inspiring two weeks!

Yes, I recommend
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A great opportunity for young students - future healthcare professionals

I helped with the launch of the Czech Hospital Placements Program, and I will do my best to ensure that the entire process of student placement in our teaching hospital goes as smoothly as possible. I believe that the CHP Program is a great opportunity for both students and mentors. Students who want to get familiar with their future profession will see real professionals in action as well as the everyday realities of having a job in a hospital environment. This experience will surely help them in choosing the right field or specialty. Mentors, who once were students themselves, can share the details of their everyday work in a prestigious hospital. They can explain to students the personal fulfillment they feel as healthcare professionals and show them how important the decision between the various specialties is. This sharing of experiences and personal bonds among experienced professionals and promising young students will consequently bring benefits to our patients in the form of improved treatment and quality of care.
- MUDr. Otakar Buda, Head of the Quality Control Department at University Hospital in Motol, Doctor in the ER for Adults

Yes, I recommend

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CHP Program offers specialty clinical insight experience to English speaking students from 17 to 26 years old all year long. Only with us you know all about the specialty departments and your mentoring teams before you apply (such as Neurosurgery,...