UPCES Study Abroad in Prague

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chocolate egg shape. wrap by different colors
chocolate egg shape. wrap by different colors


UPCES courses are designed to inspire, challenge, and motivate students to discover new topics and different perspectives.

UPCES students enroll in 5 courses (including Elementary Czech Language) for a total of 16 academic credits. UPCES courses are listed under the Charles University Faculty of Humanities.

UPCES offers courses in a wide range of subjects. All courses are taught in English. Students of diverse majors will find courses at UPCES that meet their academic interests and requirements.

All UPCES courses are designed specifically for Juniors and Seniors and correspond to the upper-level credit distinctions provided at most North American universities. UPCES courses are not assigned specific course numbers because this system is not used at Charles University. Please feel free to contact the UPCES staff to determine where UPCES courses would fall in your home university's numbering system.

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