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Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic and the economic center of the fertile Cibao Valley. The Septentrional mountain range is visible from most points of the city. The Yaque River flows through the city en route to the Atlantic Ocean, a mere one hour bus ride to the north. Santiago has a relaxed and refined atmosphere and the most vibrant Carnival in the country. Whether strolling though the shopping district of Calle del Sol or dancing to the rhythms of merengue and bachata, Santiago has proven to be an ideal location for study abroad.

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How Veritas changed my life.

Six Weeks. Once such a daunting number, now not enough time. Once a thought that made me want to curl up in a ball, now a period of time that is done and over with too soon. I never thought that I would be one to go and travel to a place where I knew nobody. How insane that I am sitting here now, on the other side of that big calling, having finished the race that God had set for me.
Veritas was the gateway to me being able to find myself. It allowed me to set aside my fears and live in a different country for the summer. The support that this program provided me was insanely amazing and not to mention the fact that I got my very own mentor while being there.

A normal day in Santiago: For me, I would wake up a bit early around 7 to the sound of my host mom knocking on my door. It was always quite a surprise when, after trying to roll out of bed, I realized I was inside a large mosquito net! After getting ready, I would eat my home-cooked breakfast and head to the university until mid-afternoon. From the university I would catch 2-3 conchos (public transportation) to get to the community I was working with that day. After a small 20 minute hike up the side of the mountain I would arrive at the church I worked with and be greeted by all the sweaty, dirty, beautiful children that I was blessed to work with. I taught bible study and attended their church service in the evening. I would then get home around 10 pm to find dinner waiting for me on the table and my sweet host mom waiting to hear all about my day:)

I am so excited for any that are choosing to look into this program! I once looked at it as just another study abroad program provider, but I now see it as people who really want to see change and growth in my life. I am currently planning my trip back to the Dominican Republic and can't wait to reconnect with the family I discovered on my study abroad trip last summer.

Yes, I recommend this program


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