Central College Abroad - Study & Intern in London
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Central College Abroad - Study & Intern in London

Central College Abroad in London uses the city as a classroom, emphasizing fieldwork as well as traditional academics. You won’t want to miss a play at the Globe Theater made famous by Shakespeare or a riverboat ride down the Thames – the lifeblood of the city. Meet people of all nationalities – from the Afro-Caribbean neighborhood of Brixton to the Bengali population in the East End. Learn practical skills as an intern that you can transfer to your future career – wherever in the world it may take you.

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Cultural Studies
English Literature
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What's included:

•Guaranteed housing in Woburn Place, a central London residence including double rooms, shared bathroom facilities, and common kitchen, dining, laundry and lounge facilities
•24-hour staff and reception
•Computer/internet access
•Week-long orientation
•Excursions and cultural events such as a weekend trip to Stratford-upon-Avon
•Internship and service-learning opportunities (optional)
•Discount card for travel in central London
•A commemorative photo book
•On-site resident director and support services
•Personal Central College Abroad Advisor for pre-departure support
•Optional online pre-departure and re-entry course
•Central College Abroad Student Survival Guide and Parent handbook
•Supplemental travel insurance, including mental health coverage, emergency evacuation and more
•International student ID card provided by INEXT
•Transcript from Central College, a U.S. institution fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission


For many students, scholarship funds make a real difference between participation and staying home. For students who attend a school that is part of Central’s cooperative council, additional scholarships are available.

Central College Abroad provides scholarship opportunities for semester and year program applicants for both Central College and non-Central students.

Scholarship applications are made after acceptance into a Central College Abroad program. Application directions and forms are accessed through an online acceptance account.

Pay attention to scholarship deadlines; some allow you to apply for the scholarship even if you have not officially been accepted to the program yet. Note that scholarship deadlines operate independently of program application deadlines.

Apply, apply, apply! It never hurts to try. Studying abroad is an experience that will enrich your undergraduate experience. Don’t let cost hold you back. Research your options so you can begin this life-changing journey!

Central College Abroad scholarship deadlines:

•March 15 — fall and year programs
•October 1 — spring programs

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Program Reviews

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  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9.7
  • Safety 10
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Best Time of My LIFE!

Although the classes I took at London Met. were less than challenging, the experience of simply living and working in London was invaluable. My internship was fantastic, and the program excursions fascinating.

Yes, I recommend
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Woke up in London yesterday, found myself in the city near Piccadilly...

I studied abroad in London during the spring of 2011 with Central College Abroad. This experience was truly one of the best things I have ever done and I only wish I could do it all over again. While I was there I made so many wonderful memories and friends that I will have for the rest of my life and I would encourage anyone and everyone to do it! The Central College Abroad staff did a wonderful job of placing me in a marketing internship at Demarquette Fine Chocolates, where I had the opportunity to help in marketing research, as well as event planning. I took three classes through Central, two British culture classes and a theatre class, which was by far my favorite. Each week we had the chance to attend a different show and then spent class time discussing what we had seen. Our program director, Mark, had many weekend excursions planned for us, to places like Brighton, Cambridge, and my favorite Bath. These trips were so much fun and were a great chance for all of us to bond as a group. We spent some weekends in the city of London, exploring parks, museums, and local markets. One of our assignments was actually going to a few different markets just to experience them, and it ended up being a lot of fun, one of the best assignments I’ve ever had! The other weekends we were off experiencing the rest of Europe. One weekend in Paris, the next in Spain, and spring break in Italy, by the end of the semester I had visited 8 different countries! Central College Abroad does a great job of helping students acclimate to living in London, such as how to use public transportation, safety tips, where to get the best food and entertainment, but at the same time they give you plenty of space to grow and experience Europe for yourself. I am so thankful to CCA for all of the wonderful opportunities I had while abroad. Now I am just counting down the days until I can go back!!

Yes, I recommend
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Life-Changing Experience

Wow! I just finished a semester in London and I can’t even describe how amazing and life-changing it was! I have learned so much about the British Culture, many other countries I got the experience to visit, and about myself as a person. I grew up by being placed in a culture that was extremely fortune, and with the help of the staff and other students, I successfully became a part of it. We were given opportunities to see musicals, watch football games (soccer), a rugby game, stay a weekend in Bath, and visit the gorgeous seaside town of Brighton along with many more things. And those were only events that we did together as a group. I traveled to so many towns within England and many other places outside of England including Sicily, Malta, Genoa, Rome, and Tunisia Africa (that we all experienced on a Mediterranean Cruise) along with Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and many more. Needless to say, I’m sad that the time has come to an end!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Program Overall

This program was very good because the staff was very informative, they gave us plenty of time to travel, and took us on fun trips. The only way that this program could be improved is to house the students somewhere that allows them to interact with fellow students more. Overall, I thought the program was a great experience.

Yes, I recommend
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London Program

The London Program is a great place to study abroad. It offers great opportunities for internships. The city of London is very fun and easy to navigate. The program staff is very helpful. It is very easy to travel to different areas in Europe from London

Yes, I recommend
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Best semester

I had the best time while I was abroad and if I could I would go back in a second. The location was perfect being in between Buckingham Palace and Parliament (I know it is changing though). I couldn't have gone with a more perfect group of people.

Yes, I recommend
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A wonderful experience!

During this program, London became my real home. My typical week included Morley Chamber Choir rehearsal, internship at Little Angel Theatre for two days, ULU Fencing Club, and the two required courses. I got to utilize the rest of my time exploring the city, the country, and Europe itself. I only traveled to five countries total, but it was worth every moment. The required courses combine the teaching styles of both the UK and the US. Teachers and directors were always great at answering questions, giving travel ideas, and just being there for us. I loved the location in the city (5 minutes away from every main sight), and I did actually feel quite safe there. As a professional, I developed skills not only through my internship but also from the experience as a whole. It opened up my eyes to the greater world and a new culture. While the differences weren't always drastic, everything I learned will stay with me for the rest of my life. Simply an amazing chance of a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend
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Once in a Lifetime Experience

Studying abroad in London was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The housing was in a great location just down the road from the Queen and next to all the major sites in London. Every day felt like a new experience whether it was the food, the people, or exploring a different area of London. London is so large and diverse that it is impossible to see everything in just one trip.
However, London isn't the only exciting part about studying abroad. The best part is travelling around the UK and Europe. I went to so many places that I never expected to go. The London program provided adequate amounts of time to go and explore other places, and I am so glad they did.
Ultimately, your experience is just that, YOUR experience. My experience resulted in me making life-long friends, becoming a world traveler, and having memories that will be with me forever.
My suggestion? Go to London and have a once in a lifetime experience!

Yes, I recommend
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Time of My Life!

I had so much fun during my semester in London through Central's Study Abroad program. I learned so much about myself, gained teaching experience through an internship, met lots of new friends, and learned a lot through my classes. I was able to travel all over Europe on the weekends and during spring break. These experiences are ones that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!

Yes, I recommend
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Memories to Last a Lifetime

Studying abroad in London changed my entire outlook on life. While abroad I learned independence, self-management, and spontaneity. I took part in an their internship program where I worked three days a week in a PR office. My internship really allowed me to be fully immersed in the culture of England. I also took 3 college courses while abroad. I had 3 day weekends ever weekend which allowed me to travel to over 7 different countries. To top it all off I met my husband to be! I couldn't be more pleased with CCA and would recommend the experience to anyone who asks!

Yes, I recommend
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Love CCA Study Abroad!

CCA helped all of their students every step of the way! The staff in the office is friendly and the staff abroad were so knowledgeable!

I got to experience the culture while living in the center of London. The program paid for multiple excursions to different English cities (Liverpool, Chester, Canterbury) as well as to two theatre shows and a football match!

I also had the chance to watch greyhound racing with the program and go on city walks to get integrated into the city.

LOVED my experience with CCA and would recommend anyone give CCA a chance!

Yes, I recommend
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Trip of a Lifetime

My experience in London has been exciting and new. Monday-Thursday I attend classes that actually take you places so you can get a first hand experience with what you are learning and the cost of it is included in tuition fees. For our long weekends I usually take that opportunity to explore the city by walking or finding events to attend. I shop in the markets, ride the tube (subway) like a native, and I can even feel myself understanding more of the British language. The highlights has been all of the festivals London offers and the fantastic countryside views. The only downfall is that the standard of living in such a popular city is quite high when looking at the exchange rate. Other than that I have been enjoying myself. Trying all of the delicious baked goods, meeting some amazing natives as well as foreigners, and becoming a much savvier traveler. The staff here are supportive and just excited as we are about the classes and our individual adventures. The most disappointing thing about my time in London is that it is flying by, but so far it is the trip of a lifetime.

Yes, I recommend

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