Learn French at NYU Paris
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Learn French at NYU Paris

Broaden your knowledge of French at NYU Paris, where study of the language is complemented with courses in French history, politics, society, and culture. In Program I, beginners gain proficiency through French language courses and take courses in English. Language workshops and walk-in tutorials are also available. Students may also take some courses at several French universities. In Program II, students with prior language experience take all of their classes in French, including courses like Writing Paris and France and the European Union: Europe in Crisis. Program II students can also take courses in art history, cinema studies, French and comparative literature and linguistics, history, sociology, politics, studio art, and more. Learn more and access the online application on the NYU Global Programs website, and secure your spot for an amazing semester abroad!

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Program Reviews (4)

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21 years old
New York
New York University

NYU Paris


I love going to school at NYU Paris. My French has greatly improved and the school does a great job at creating a fun educational atmosphere. We go on trips around France as well as excursions in Paris that help us really take advantage of the perks that come along with being in a new country and culture. The classes are nicely interactive with lots of great conversations and we often take the learning outside of the classroom by going to art shows or exploring a part of Paris related to what we are learning.

How can this program be improved?

Nothing comes to mind, except maybe a couple more creative classes.

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20 years old
New York University

Fall at NYU Paris


The NYU Paris semester abroad program is amazing! The amount of immersion you have with the language and the culture is up to you, but the staff and faculty are amazing and always willing to help students find the best experience for them. Paris is centrally located to be able to do a lot of great travelling, but there's also so much to do in the city that it will be hard to decide whether to stay or go on the weekends! NYU gets students tickets for a variety of cultural events like operas and concerts throughout the semester that are great; there are a few overnight trips each semester too that always include a multi-course French meal. Academically, the classes are demanding but manageable, and many of them will utilize the museums around the city in the curriculum. The program is pretty small, especially in the fall, which is a nice change from NYU in New York. I would recommend this program to anyone - this program is definitely once in a lifetime and I will never forget the experiences I had and the people I met here.

How can this program be improved?

There were a few issues with housing like rooms not being cleaned/ready for students when they first arrived and the heating shutting off pretty often. For this semester in particular, NYU just started using a new residence that had just finished being built, so there were quite a few issues with that throughout the semester. Academically, I can't think of anything that could be improved - the professors I had here were some of my favorites of my whole time at NYU.

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28 years old
University of Notre Dame

Paris is awesome


To those of you who may be on the fence about studying abroad, do it! My time spent in Paris can only be described as incredible! It is a great city to live in (museums, parks, teather, concerts, nightlife...), as well as to travel around. With airports, trains and buses the whole of Europe is easily accessible. During daily life I got to indulge in fresh, buttery breads, rich cheeses and fine wines. I not only observed the hustle and bustle of daily life but actually lived it; experiencing the city as any French student would. I was welcomed by a warm and friendly community wherever I would go and I met many people whom I would consider friends for life. The NYU Paris staff did a great job of making this easy by organizing all the logistics behind the scenes so that I could truly focus on the experience. They were always there to help whether it be for a major emergency or just to provide a smiling face and a place to chat over a cup of coffee. Meeting students who came from all corners of the world really helped give me a better global perspective and the teachers are all invested in the success of their students.This has been by far one of the most influential experiences of my life.

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20 years old
New York
New York University

Great experience


This program has an exceptional staff who do a great job at making students feel at home overseas. They offer trips to other countries, cultural events, and a top notch teaching department. The dorms are within 25 minutes by the RER and the school location is in the beart of Paris. We're five minutes from Notre Dame and right by the RER which gives access to most of the city. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to spend a semester in Paris

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